I having been using Focus Blocks for a certain desire and now I'm very very sure that this desire will manifest, my vibrations on the subject are somewhere around 4 - positive expectation / belief. However I have waited so long for this to happen that I'm really impatient about it. I keep thinking this is how it will happen, that is where it will manifest etc . Is this hurting or helping? And how can I stop being so impatient about a manifestation?

asked 30 May '10, 20:41

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I Think Therefore I Am

I know you said you are at Positive Expectation/Belief (No. 4) for the thing you want but if you read what you have written, doesn't it suggest you are really at Frustration/Irritation/Impatience (No. 10)?

So you've probably answered your own question about whether it is helping or hurting.

alt text

All that's happening is that you are noticing that the manifestation hasn't happened yet and that vibrational mismatch is dragging you back down the emotional scale.

Don't beat yourself up for it though. It can take a bit of practice to really get the balance right between wanting something with enough specificness to bring it faster and holding onto that want a bit too much.

Have a read of this answer...I think it provides the solution you are looking for: Why is my manifestation taking so long?


answered 30 May '10, 21:36

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How do I separate Hopefulness from Impatience? Doesnt being hopefull bring about a bit of impatience?

(30 May '10, 22:06) I Think Therefore I Am

One feels good and one doesn't. It's really as simple as that. The rule of thumb is get as specific as you can about a desire until it starts to make you feel bad...and then back off into generality again until you feel good again. That's how you know you've reached the limit of what your beliefs are allowing at that moment

(30 May '10, 22:22) Stingray

I think of it this way,it is like you put your order in for something. So say you ordered a book , you know it is on the way it will get there when it gets there, do you think which route the mailman is gonna take or keep reordering thinking they didn't get the order cause it not there yet, or are you just thinking oh yah the book I want is on the way !


answered 20 Jun '10, 04:18

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