I find that when I'm building a focus block some times i don't know what to write in the "How do you want to feel?" block.

Maybe there is some resisitance towards putting the effort into figuring out what it is I do want. I'd like to hear your thoughts about it.

Is it important that we know how we want too feel before working through the focus block?

asked 10 Dec '10, 06:37

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Chris 2

Personally, I don't worry too much about figuring out what the end result should be i.e. how I want to eventually feel.

In the various Focus Blocks videos, you'll notice that I tend to treat that question as more like "what do I want instead?"

And even then it's not something I concern myself too much with - apart from reminding myself that I'm not doing the process for the manifestation but only for the enjoyment of it...which, paradoxically, then results in the manifestation anyway.

The reason I don't concern myself much with the target feeling is that there is a particularly useful shortcut to molding vibration and that is...

...always reach for relief

Whenever you are focused on any subject and are reaching for relief on it, you are always heading towards what you want even if you don't know consciously what you want.

This is because the manifestational potential already exists in the moment that the desire was launched and your Inner Being/Higher Self has already expanded into that potential. And so, just aiming for feeling good on the subject (i.e. aiming for re-alignment with your expanded self) will tune you into the frequency that will match the manifestation and thereby let it enter your physical reality.

So, even if you omit the target feeling completely but still aim to make each Focus Block statement give you relief from (at least) the starting statement of the block, you will still be heading exactly in the right direction.

But if you do this, be sure that you are staying "on topic" for the Focus Block. Without a target (at the top of the block) to stare at occasionally when your mind is drifting, it can be easy to allow your Focus Block statements to veer off the subject you are trying to mold, especially if it is a painful or sensitive topic.

Summing up, the target feeling can really be thought of as just setting an intent for the Focus Block rather than having a direct impact on the actual vibrational molding process itself. So I tend to view it as a nice-to-have rather than an essential-to-have.


answered 10 Dec '10, 07:30

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