When things don’t go to plan... Or when things have to be cancelled because of natural causes... Are these just bumps in the road? I have heard that Disappointment is Opportunity in Disguise but sometimes it’s hard to see the Opportunity.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

going through a little disappointment and just found this question again. Wonderful responses. Thanks IQ.

(19 Sep '15, 12:11) Inner Beauty

Am happy to say that after posting this question 3 years ago I am much more accepting of disappointment as part of life's exciting journey. Each day brings chances to grow. Lovely to read all your answers again. Hope this helps you Inner Beauty.

(20 Sep '15, 02:45) Tisca

Thanks for asking the question @Tisca, and this definitely did help. Glad to hear you're doing well.

(20 Sep '15, 03:03) Inner Beauty
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Expectation will often lead to disappointment. It causes you to expect things in a certain way, and feel negatively if they do not happen exactly how you imagined.

If you're expecting things to be a certain way, you could be missing the chance to appreciate the unexpected things that happen.

The ego can only perceive how things will happen based on what has happen. What if things could actually be better than you imagine if you would be open to it? Expecting things a certain way is like saying I will only accept gifts that fit in a box this size; no smaller, no larger. If you're open to receiving any gift, you can appreciate the value of any gift you receive.

Be open to what is there instead of only allowing what you think needs to be there.


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great answer! @Symbiotex ,many truths.Welcome to InwardQuest :D

(22 Oct '12, 18:37) ursixx

@ursixx Thank you! :)

(23 Oct '12, 11:21) Symbiotx

@Symbiotx - Well said!

(23 Oct '12, 16:38) figure8shape

@Symbiotx- Could you give me/IQ a crash course on how to drop expectations once you already have them up strongly about a particular event?

(24 Mar '13, 09:17) Nikulas
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Dissapointment is opportunity in disguise, even if you cant see it for quite sometime... Just know there is always something better waiting for you around the corner, even if you are still resting with the residue of the sting. The symbol 'crisis' in chinese contains 'oppourtunity' within its definition. All problems contain their own answers, but its usually an inverse perspective, or on the margins or a tanget perspective you have to seek the answer from, its all there to jump start our creativity or our patience facilities. Sometimes it helps to ask "what is the lesson I am supposed to learn from this?" It could be forgiveness, patience or even just upping your vibration to expect something better (if you got what you thought you wanted and it ended up distracting you from something even better would you still have taken that first opportunity if you knew you would miss out on the best one coming soon after?)- sometimes we have to remember the universe works out in our favor even if it doesn't appear so at first- its a tricky thing! Also disappointment is also a way for you to know what to expect or believe or work on better for next time- especially when it comes to relationships. You dont want a relationship where the person isn't willing to work out something with you long term do you? Who would want to settle for that kind of treatment? Pretty soon you will find it and not only is it great, but its willing to communicate and work with you, compromise and communicate clearly with you, see value in you in ways others didn't in the past. Number one rule you got it right is that you don't have to justify your value/greatness to someone else- they already get it and dont take it for granted, and even more that person or thing or oppourtunity- if its right for you it would NOT just let you sit in your disappointment. This is crucial to know.

hope this helps!


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Feelings like disappointment come from a place of not feeling good. When we feel good and are in a dominant happy state, we do not experience disappointment.

I see this again and again in my life. When I have put in the effort to do the vibrational work and get myself in a happy place consistently, then it does not really matter what happens around me. I find things to be happy about in spite of the physical manifestations around me. Even if things that I thought I wanted do not come about, I don't make a big deal out of it and trust that if I maintain my positive state of mind, then something better is bound to come along and it always does.

However, I will say that this trust and confidence that things will automatically fall into place comes after some life experience and practice.

Like Abraham Hicks have said many times: "Words don't teach. It is life experience that teaches."


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Pink Diamond

I just remember past depressions and periods of sorrow, past defeats, and the benefits and growth that ultimately came about because of them.

Example: A girl I'm crazy for breaks my heart at the end of high school (May 31), throwing me into a depression that possibly even tipped my sanity a bit, but by October, I was a much stronger, more composed person, I was in drivers training, scheduled to be baptized, had resolved countless conflicts and overturned several negative beliefs I'd long battled or didn't even know about, all because I was forced to press onward. Not too long after that, me and her ended up back together, to boot.

It is my belief that things like this happen because we need them.

My mom says that when we're out of Alignment, it's because our higher selves have already moved on while our earthly selves are still in the same place, and what we're feeling is the resulting discord. In The Lord's Prayer, the lines "Your will be done/On Earth as it is in Heaven", I believe means "May our Earthly selves stay aligned with our Heavenly selves" and asking God's help in this.


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@ExistentiaLux - I love your interpretation of that prayer. That is just wonderful. You have a lot going for you, with awareness like this at such a young age. You are in for a great life! :)

(31 Oct '12, 12:19) Grace

I like what your Mother said......Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing

(01 Nov '12, 06:40) Tisca

I think there is and i believe that our REACTION to the perceived disappointment is vital in the way our life will pan out.

The point where we hit the disappointment is the most crucial T junction in our lives. We have two choices, we either "believe" that all has gone wrong and then put ourselves on a life track where we will get more reasons for dissapointment....OR realise that in fact we can choose to think that were on the verge of something spectacular. And when this is predominantly believed you will be transported to a life track that will give you more and more reasons to believe this, and the results.

The Junction which arrives at the point of disappointment is your doorway to a better life track.

In fact i would go as far as to say that when this perceived obstacle,failure or blind alley arrives ( or you arrive at it ) i get so very excited. Its a sign to me the theres an open door ive simply got to walk thru. And when ive done this i wont have to "manifest" or "create" anything. It will overtake me and jump all over me like a tramp on chips.

Look forward with anticipation to anything which doesnt go your way....dont be fooled by this seemingly negative information, choose and decide that this is positive. DECIDE that it is.

And something else to add i would like. When this happens the life track change is so very very quickly realised as we understand time . The disappointment is the nearly last step to the change in life track...its the penultimate step..not the first of many weary ones.

When life gives you this junction your a step away from your open door of opportunity.

Hope this helps


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Monty Riviera

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@Monty Riviera, great answer. How you respond to the disappointment determines what happens next.

(21 Jan '15, 03:37) Inner Beauty

@Monty Riviera, "DECIDE that it is" ...that's the trick, isn't it?

(21 Jan '15, 17:11) Pano

@Monty-Riviera, "The disappointment is the nearly last step in the change", that's a great insight. Really resonates. Thanks!

(20 Sep '15, 14:22) corduroypower
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When we are disappointed, it means that we had a pre-set idea about how our lives should have gone...In other words, we expected everything to go according to our own plan!

God already has a Plan for us and our lives. Try to see it from God's point of view. He knew us before we were born. "He knit us together in our Mother's womb." (Psalm 139:13) All He asks is that we put all our Faith in Him.

It sounds easy, but sometimes, it is not! We lie awake all night, worrying about this and that, instead of trusting that everything is going exactly the way God planned for it to go...If we have that Trust, of course. This translates into believing totally in the Universe and the absolute positivity of The Law of Attraction.

Say prayers of Thanksgiving. Tell God you just know that he will come through. Tell Him "Thank You" in advance. Be already grateful that what you want is on its way....And then...

Let it all go! Trust! Rejoice! If you are with God, nothing can be against you!

If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31, among many)

In Love,



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Accept the way the life unfolds in front of us. It is easy to say but very hard to practice. It is very difficult to face dissapointment, but over the period of time we can practice to be resilent in our mind. Train your brain it becomes easier for you though it is difficult in initial days.


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Thank you for the helpful insightful answers from you all. Each answer is helpful and thought provoking. Love this site and the loving people who make it happen....

(31 Oct '12, 05:49) Tisca

I think it's important to acknowledge that you feel disappointed. Not cling to the disappointment, or justify endlessly why you're right to be disappointed. But I have noticed for myself that I tend to try to blow past the honest acknowledgement of and presence with my disappointment, which just doesn't work, it's the freeway to Resistance Town. You know what I mean? So right now I am trying to:

1) Acknowledge where I am.

2) Try to remind myself that I have a limited human perspective that tends to label things as "bad" or "good", but that in deep reality, everything is always working out for me. I might not be able to see it right now. But it's always working out to my benefit.

3) Change the subject.

For myself, it feels much easier to let go of my resistance if I acknowledge that I feel crummy and then try to shift how I feel. Rather than pushing against the experience I am having - the disappointment - which makes me dig in my vibrational heels, really. I'm still working on this, but so far it seems to be helping. It's hard to just be where you are when you've had a habit of pretending to feel better, but I do think that the fastest way out is through - at least according to my current understanding.


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