I am a beginner in visualization. But my energy level and state of mind has changed since I started 2 weeks ago.

Having experienced positive state of mind, I get frightened when I have negative thoughts/visuals (like insecurity or jealousy) triggered by trivial stuff.

And I get anxious and I try to quickly visualize positive images, and get more anxious and fearful about not being able to get back into the positive state of mind.

Example: when my partner is sharing with me what her colleague said, my mind starts visualizing things like.....this colleague is too interfering? disrespects our relationship? and I get irritated. In the past, my partner and I may end up arguing.

And recently, I am able to immediately realized that I am visualizing negative and I am frightened why I even visualize such negative things. I try to visualize positive stuff to replace the negative (untrue) image. It makes me anxious that I am not in the positive state because I love feeling good.

You know what I mean? Anyone experienced this and how do you tackle this?

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Less and less. I know I will feel good soon. Yea, I wish I could avoid the fearful negative thots that go along with talking to certain people.In time, with practice ...and i desire soon this will be old history not my now reality.

(16 Nov '12, 02:20) clearheart
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Thoughts are thoughts. Some have a higher vibration than others but they are all just thoughts. Refer to Abraham's Emotional Guidance Scale. YOU, are actually above your thoughts, so be the observer and the witness to your own mind. When you notice that your thoughts are moving towards frustration and anger ie: Fear, just say to yourself, "This is interesting", then move into your heart, Smile and Love. Look at the situation objectively as if you have no personal attachement. Learn about yourself and make the change within yourself, because you can not change others. The more you observe yourself the more you will stay in a happy place. Peace


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I do not get frightened as such when I have negative thoughts. I just know from personal experience that if I carry on with this negative thought long enough, then I will see the physical manifestation in my life to match that vibration.

However, because of the way the universe has been designed, there is a time lag between having a thought and a physical manifestation matching that thought appearing in physical reality. In other words, there is no instant manifestation which is why I do not get anxious or frightened as I know as long as I make an effort to actively feel better and move away from a negative thought, it will not affect my dominant vibration and ultimately my physical reality.


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Pink Diamond

Remember most thoughts aren't even OURS!- they are programmed into our subconscious mind from the outside world ( mass consciousness)- and if the programmed mind isn't clear then the conscious mind isn't clear and thats why you will have little pop up thoughts of negativity that your higher awareness doesn't agree with- and thats why you feel you are battling your mind and emotions. The truth is that we have an intellect and we can ovverride our subconscious programming with new habitual thoughts- so that our conscious thoughts then become automatically positiive or helpful.

The process for doing this is when a negative thought comes up thank it for showing you whatever false belief has been programmed and then immediately dismiss it and replace it with a more empowering belief

for example- say I'm a dog walker/service provider or something and I'm walking dogs for a living and one of my clients drops me from 5 walks a week to 3 walks---->

Negative thought arises "Oh no, I must be a terrible walker. I guess my clients don't like me or want my business"-- say thank you for that thought but recognize its not truth and just automatic programming and then immediately put in a replacement:

replace with "Oh they must be experiencing some financial trouble. Thats ok though because it allows me more time to have new clients come into my life, and thus frees me up for more committed and more financially prosperous clients. If they really don't appreciate my work then maybe I can drop that client at some point to allow space for a more dedicated client in, in fact I know that I already have a new client- because I have gotten so many clients in the past I know it is already done!"

and automatically you feel better and more hopeful and expectant of a better result. Before you know it new clients will come in or new circumstances or whatever result you are looking for as a result of that positive thought.

Hope this helps!


answered 19 Nov '12, 11:23

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This is good.thankyou. I see that it's even more important for me to think for myself and stay focused on my own stream of consciousness rather than say a "group concious". This way I will only allow what's best for me if the GC is insane!ha!

(19 Nov '12, 11:36) clearheart

All the negative thoughts are created from FEAR.

Insecurity can be fear of judgment, of your value of who you are being compromised. Because you draw your sense of who you are from opinions of others.

Jealousy can be fear of losing someone, of losing part of your life on which you have built it. Because you again you take your value of who you are from things around you.

Paradoxically, fear is not to be feared. It is to be understood.

It is through understanding the nature of fear that transforms it into confidence or courage, depending on situation.

And the more into detail you go, more clarity you get, which further strengthen you.

If I have a beautiful girl and she flits with another guy, I cannot get jealous, because her attention towards me doesn't equal my own worthiness. And now that she flirts with someone, it is not saying that I'm all of sudden something less or worse. She can walk out with him if she wants, because my life doesn't revolve around other people. For I know we're forever alone. Not necessarily lonely, but alone. And so from my own solitude, from the silent of my heart I know who I am.

But you see here, it goes way deeper. If I were to tell you just to think of something positive, put on some nice music, have an affirmation ready. That's all nice and working to some extent, but so superficial and basic level.

If you need to try and beat the resistance, then you know it's not right. I was never in favor and never stopped to do things with effort. Because if you have to use your will power, it just ain't right thing to do. It must be effortless. And yes, even actions that seem to require will power can be turned into effortless ones. Through UNDERSTANDING. Because things you resists translate to YOUR SOUL NOT WANTING TO DO THEM FOR THE REASONS YOU WANT TO DO THEM FOR (the bold part is very important in the whole scheme). It is not natural to do them, and so many fears and negativity is drawn from them.

So read and listen, gather all the knowledge and wherever your questions lead you, be open minded. For a single book can answer all your questions and thousands more.

Gain knowledge through understanding and you'll be well on your way. ;)


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Thank you for your reply. So you mean we are who we are, and if we feel fear, we are letting others determine our worth? So whenever my negative feelings of insecurity or jealousy arises, I should try to understand why I feel that way or what am I thinking? Although I have heard of what you said before, I am going to try to digest what you said.

(30 Aug '12, 03:58) mskityin

@Mskityin, you can base your value either on your outside or your inside. Outside world is in your indirect influence, inside world is in your direct influence. The songs, affirmations, beautiful pictures or encouraging opinions of others aren't with you all the time. Only you are with yourself all the time.

In life, there's nothing to fear. So whenever you fear, it is because of your self created reasons. You can take any fear and I can tell you why it silly to be afraid of it...

(30 Aug '12, 04:27) CalonLan

...but it is better each person finds out for themselves. Through their own way of understanding. Because even though I may provide you an explanation, it might not be fully understood, since you're looking at it from a different point of view. And as I said earlier, if learn and understand about the universe. Will know HOW to do anything.

But the base line is always the same. There is nothing to be afraid of. Period

(30 Aug '12, 04:28) CalonLan

@Mskityin, Visualization is in a way working through resistance. If you wouldn't resist the idea of happy thought, you'd need not to visualize it. It would be always there, naturally, effortlessly.

You don't get in life what you want, but who you are. See, I dream of learning to surf. But I don't visualize nor wish for it. I traveled down into my heart and found 'the surfer me' in it. I'm the surfer, and I vibrate as a surfer, there everything about surfing takes over my physical body...

(30 Aug '12, 04:38) CalonLan

...and my vibration is that of surfing. Every cell in my body vibrates with love towards surfing, and everything I do in regards to it only magnifies the love within me.

And because I'm of a certain vibration,I'm drawn to things of that very same surfer vibration and they are drawn to me.The universal law of attraction at work.And when enough money will have been saved,I'll jump on the plane and fly to an ocean.It's inevitable as long as I'm the surfer in my heart, it will manifest.

(30 Aug '12, 04:45) CalonLan

@Calon Lan - I agree UNDERSTANDING for myself has been the key for me. I first heard Seth say (in a book, I wasn't actually channelling) "You create your own reality" ten or fifteen years ago and have heard the same many times from Abraham. It was only recently when someone on this site explained what Bashar meant when he says "circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters" that I finally "got" it ...

(30 Aug '12, 13:38) Catherine

... even though I had intellectually "got it" and could have articulated it prior to that ... it is, imho, ALL about your personal understanding about the nature of reality. The good news is that mskityin has come to the right place and is in a great position to take it to the next level of understanding.

(30 Aug '12, 13:40) Catherine

@Catherine, I wholeheartedly agree with you. We all have to get these things in our heads in our own specific ways, don't we? Internalizing knowledge is personal, individual alchemy, but IQ is a magnificent cauldron for the brew. :)

(30 Aug '12, 20:37) Grace

Thank you all for your reply. I will internalize and digest... I do what to understand. First, I need to tame and quiet my mind...

(30 Aug '12, 20:55) mskityin
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