I have read from many different sources , Neville Goddard , Genevieve Behrend , for example that in order to manifest one needs to think not "of " but "from " .

Visualisation isnt my best skill , however in the last couple of days I put together a photograph and overlaid it with another , inserting myself into the scenery. Last night after briefly looking at it , I closed my eyes and actually felt myself start walking down the path in the pic and turn the corner then start climbing the rear steps of this house . Virtual reality , or not , it felt great, it's the first time I have ever been able to "feel" with this particular desire . I can manifest parking spots with one quick thought( Universe I'd like a spot there ) and currently coins are popping up all over the place , so wondering would anyone like to share if they easily have the I AM there feeling ?

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@Starlight - I have never been very good at visualisation but it was only recently when I read something LapizLazuli (I think) had written about visualising as actually being yourself experiencing something rather than watching yourself experience something. I had never really thought about it but of course it has to be more powerful. Good reminder - thanks.

(14 Jul '12, 13:04) Catherine

You are welcome Catherine and thank you :-)

(15 Jul '12, 12:23) Starlight
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In my opinion, Neville Goddard was a great teacher of many things, including: digging and finding the actual intended meanings of what was said in religious scripture and helping us to understand conscious, deliberate reality creation.

He was the fist one who pointed out to me that creation is already finished, although I didn't really 'get' that until I'd reconciled the fact that the 'now' moment is eternal and thus, creation is and always has been complete, because, really, there's no linear time in which anything can be created as a step by step process.

Later, Bashar pointed out that reality consists of eternally unchanging snapshots or pictures of reality and that the idea of 'time' generates the illusion of growth or movement, but, really, we're seeing a series of unchanging snapshots of reality, billions of times per second.

Neville taught that rather than visualize yourself in a scene in your imagination, as though looking through a camera; visualize yourself from the perspective of actually being in that scene in your imagination and feel as if you're already there.

For instance: if you desire a new romantic partnership, visualize yourself talking to the person from the perspective of being in the scene as the other person and talking and feeling as you actually will feel in that scenario, were that scenario real.

Now, based on what's already been said, realize that if you can imagine something, by its very nature, that something is real, but in order for you to experience it, you must, as Neville said: Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled...

Thanks Neville :)


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@Eddie- Thankyou for updating the real way to do visualising- as if it were real!

(15 Jul '12, 06:25) Nikulas

Thanks Eddie , thats exactly how I felt ,"as if ". was kinda freaky , but good , now I just have to find my way into this space again and again , regardless of what the desire may be and yes Thanks to Neville too :-)

(15 Jul '12, 12:29) Starlight

Thanks guys, happy visualizing :)

(15 Jul '12, 21:21) Eddie
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Not sure what you mean by think not "of" but "from" but I certainly relate to being able to "feel" with a particular desire.

When I'm really deliberately "locked into" the vibration of something, it's almost like the rest of the world fades away and I'm in a deep, zoomed-in focus.

The best way to illustrate it that I can think of is the "dolly shot" scene in the movie, Jaws.

That weird zooming sensation tells me I'm right there in that thought, vibrationally speaking. And when I'm there I know that the vibrational work I'm doing at that moment is powerful indeed.


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Mr Stingray :-) what I mean by "of" is similar to observing someone eating an icecream compared to "from " licking it yourself, lol

(14 Jul '12, 08:34) Starlight

This is a difference of thinking of something as yours as compared to thinking of something you would like to have.

For example you think of the hot green spots car and think oh I would like that, I'll visualize that car. NO, don't visualize that car! Daydream (fantasize) what it would be like having that car! This is the difference when I see something I want I look at it and think wow I like that I am going to get one of those. Even when it is too expensive I think of having it and enjoying it I get excited over it and think "Wow would this be great!!!" "I have to get one of these!" This excitement doesn't die out as time continues on, each day you think of that car and how great it would be driving that car.

It will come to you and be affordable maybe you see it used in a news paper or a car lot. Just keep thinking of enjoying it and how great it will be to own it.

When we pray for something, know that it has been heard then be excited. Think of it as you made your Christmas list and handed it to your Dad. Now get excited as Jesus said, "Who asks his father for bread and receives a rock or a dog and gets a snake?" "If your own father treats you so well as to give you what you ask as a child how much more so will your Father God be as good to you?"

Get excited think about how great it will be having that car, think of how much you will enjoy it. When you speak of it say this is the car I am getting, feel it and know it. You asked now be excited like the kid that can't wait until his birthday or Christmas because his parents asked him what he wanted.


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