The concept of sacrifice is a common thread in religion. Whether this sacrifice is a bowl of rice on a Hindu altar. Tobacco and spirits on a Vodou altar. Jesus on the cross. Animals in ceremonies.

Even in our world of technology, how do you fix an airplane? Sacrifice The above link shows the depth that some people believe sacrifice works. When you read this please stay on topic of this question.

I have a friend who is a CPA in Java and Australia. Not a particularly religious person. He makes a small bowl of rice and places it by his computer every morning. He has never had a computer glitch or failure of any kind. He is not sure the rice sacrifice works, but he is unwilling to stop doing this.

Why do so many people feel that the Universal God (in some form) wants these sacrifices?

Dictionary Defines sacrifice as: The act of offering something to a deity in propitiation or homage, especially the ritual slaughter of an animal or a person.

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The definition of sacrifice in our society unfortunately has been bastardized into a fear or negative based thing-or societal expectations- similar to the definition of service. So as I understand it , I'll clarify somethings how I understand it in a positive way:

1) Service is NOT sacrifice- service is doing what comes naturally to you- shining your light and being your best self in a way that allows you to give or show your best to others. When you dont want to serve- then don't. There should be no shoulds involved.

2) Sacrifice is not about doing things you don't want to do- i.e. getting a job because you "have to" support your family- being there for your parents because you "have to"- those things are not sacrifice- those are shoulds

3) true sacrifice is getting rid of the elements in your life which are impeding you from being and giving of your true and best and highest shining self. True sacrifice means saying no to things that drain you- things that impede on your time or people who take your energy away. In this light sacrifice is a very positive thing- an Example of good things to sacrifice so you can step into your highest self in this life- getting rid of abusive or expecting family members, draining job, commitments that don't feel good to you- meetings etc. Again sacrifice is not about should or martyrdom- both those things are forms of manipulation either put against you or put into action by you- i.e. not positive, good or right action- i.e. resistance.

hope this helps!


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@Kanda good answer! It seems to me that "saying no" to things, does not fit the Law of Attraction. When we say "no" we include them in our vibration.

Is it considered a sacrifice to give up, better said, to replace the above in your vibration with something else? Are you sacrificing "getting rid of abusive or expecting family members, draining job, commitments that don't feel good to you- meetings etc". How is this a sacrifice?

I think that you are onto something, please take this further.

(28 Oct '12, 17:33) Dollar Bill
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