Some times I feel depressed and irritated for no apparent reason.Meditation gives temporary relief.The low feeling may continue for one or two days.Why such thing happen?What can be done to get rid of this tendency?

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For me, the only thing that has worked on a long-term basis for low moods (like depression) is to get to the root of what is bothering me.

To do this, throughout the years I have been involved in support groups, therapy, talking it out with friends, writing exercises etc...depending on your background, there are so many things that may be useful for you. I got involved in Alanon (12-step support group for people who have been affected by someone's drinking) and it changed my life.

Writing always seems to help me get to the root of the issue..for example, one of my favorite exercises is writing with my non-dominant hand..I am, I take a piece of paper and start writing (without thinking before I start the writing) whatever comes out..this always helps me get in touch with my unconscious stuff (if you are having trouble, you can write a question on the top of the page such as "Why can't I let this worry go?" Then you can take your pen and start writing with your non-dominant hand.

At the end of the day, I have had to do a lot of work on myself in addition to applying the law of attraction. To be honest, the law of attraction is what helped me completely get free of depression and related issues.

Of course, on my way to "dealing with all my issues" there have been times that I have needed to take medicine. Do not be afraid to take medicine if the doctor advises for a period of time. It saved my life when I needed to take meds..through all my work, I don't take very much anymore (and I used to be on a lot!) Miracles happen everyday!

Esther Hicks would probably say you have launched rockets of desire to feel differently...your source has already become you just have to let the rest of you catch up to your source and who've you've become!

I'll keep you in my prayers..take care!


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Thanks for answer and encouragement.I will try writing with my left hand(Non dominant hand).How do you keep some body else in your prayers? Does it help the other person? Gopal

(04 Jun '10, 07:27) Gopal

I totally agree with Manifesteasily. Prayers for others help you and do help the other person. I suggest you get one or more of the Abraham-Hicks books, and follow the instructions to get from where you are at now, to a person who is much more happy and one who has moved past being moody and depressed sometimes. I am thinking, forgive me, that the dwelling on "what might be wrong" is perhaps only making things worse. The Hicks books will be a big help to you and are very pleasant reading. (and there are some writing exercises to help, although you will find them to be more positive than the ones you are now doing!) Please see what you think of their books. I suggest "Ask And It Is Given" most of all, followed by "Vortex".


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Wow! I have definitely been there!!! There have been so many times when I feel like the wicked witch of the west (not because of PMS, I assure you!) so your situation is not new to me! :) It's always a good to have an idea of some common things you can do to regain a little a favorite book, a notepad to write in, music, or just getting some fresh air if possible.

When I have my moody days, I can't easily bring myself to think logically about my problems, so I have to take a little time to cool off and allow my mind to settle (I'm not as mature as Manifesteasily!). When you can accept your bad mood and say, 'okay, I need to calm down', you can take some of the pressure out of trying to figure everything out.

There is a lot of junk in most people's brains that will surface at unwanted and unexpected don't beat yourself up about it when it puts you on edge! If you have a positive friend, family member or someone you know that can create humor out of just about any situation, you should definitely visit or give them a call.

Just remember that you don't have to overanalyze your emotions when they seem to hit you out of the blue...sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up to lift your spirits! Maybe after that sifting through your feelings will come to you easier.

Good luck for both of us!!


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Peace, i think that maybe your issue could be a result of several cases. as a female, there is normally times when you feel depressed and sad and that is before your monthly cycle, and sometimes after birth- if you are married. It could be totally different. Maybe there is this bitterness and rancor in the soul that's calling out for something. Maybe you need to focus more on your morals and faith, apart from indulging in the lusts and fading glitter of this world, then you will probably be a happier person. Try reaching out for those who are poor and suffering , those who are undergoing hardships, and when you do you will sense a delight in your heart-so long as your deeds are sincerely for Allah(God) pleasure, and not to show off or try to gain any reputation from it. Look at the glass half full not half empty, in order to realize the many countless blessings you're in and when you do a good deed intend it for seeking only God's pleasure and acknowledge that this is your thank you to Allah(God) for the many good things He does to you and continues to do, even though you might now fully comprehend the wisdom beyond them due to limited knowledge and insight about everything in this world, because definitely, Allah(God) wants the best for His servants> May Allah help us all, as we are all in need of Him and He if the self Sufficient. Last advice is for you, me and all of us to ask God to help us, sincerely from our hearts and out trust in Him. In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate Most Merciful. ((And your Lord wishes not injustice for the world)) The Glorious Qura'n


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