I suffer from depression. I have found that if I can get myself to do just one thing, I often can move on to another task, and another, and perhaps another.

But lately, I seem to have lost that initial "push". What do you suggest I do?

Blessings, Jaianniah

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I think ursixx's advice is great Jai - one baby step at a time.Sometimes you just have to force yourself to take that first step :)

(08 Feb '11, 03:08) Michaela

I get emails from a guy that calls his business "bum marketing" was one of those site you leave an e-mail address and get a pdf of some sort and every now and then the gentleman sends some pearls of wisdom.and this was one that I saved .


I fight daily with one ugly enemy named PROCRASTINATION.

She's a tough cookie too.

I can't reason with her.

I can't pump myself up and try and trick her.

She's got fangs and rips into me so deep I feel paralyzed at times...and she loves it!

She takes glee in robbing me of a lifetime of fulfillment, health and happiness.

With such a formidable foe...

You'd think you'd need just as formidable weapon to beat her?


I've found a weird way to beat her regularly.

I suspect it's almost as weird as how garlic wards off vampires?


Even though my way is weird...

In the last few years I've beat her enough times to:

  • Go from weighing 227lbs to 187lbs
  • Shred my body fat from 20+% to 11% (I'm 42)
  • Build my business and bank account to where I confidently quit my job.
  • Build and maintain very profitable business for the last 3 years
  • Oh...yeah...I quit smoking 4 years ago.
  • Pay off all my debt (I keep a mortgage because rates are so low.)

I won't go on because it makes me seem jerky, but my point is...

I think I'm on to something?

Here's the weird way I beat procrastination.

Whenever I feel procrastination's breath on my shoulder, I ask myself?

What's the smallest step I am willing to do?

(The smallest step in which I won't trigger procrastination to bare her fangs and try and fight me.)

Once I know the smallest step...

I give myself permission to do just THAT ONE STEP...no matter how small or tiny...without judgment if I don't go past that step.



Here's what NORMALLY happens...

Let's say procrastination is trying to trick me into giving up my health priorities and is telling me I have too much to do to go out and do something as silly as jogging 4 miles today.

Here's what I do...

I may tell myself... "okay...Let's just put on our running shorts and shoes, we don't have to run, let's just 'suit up'."

After that...

If I don't feel like doing more...I DON'T!!!!!!!!!


You know what happens most times?

I fly underneath procrastination's radar and all of a sudden...I almost automatically say...

"We're already suited up...let's just go outside."

"Don't have to run...just go outside"

So I go outside and suddenly I catch a breath of fresh air that MAKES ME FEEL like running.

if not...

I might say...

"This feels good...let's just walk up that hill once"

so I do...

"Next thing I know...I'm jogging?"


That's one example...

Another that happens VERY OFTEN is I have something to write and procrastination has me under the "I don't wanna" spell.

What I do...

Is I say...

"Do I feel like just OPENING Word?"

"Sure...we'll just go the PC and open Word and if we don't feel like doing more...we'll stop."


I open word.

Many times that is enough to get me writing like a mad man.

If not...

It's okay!

After Word is open I might say...

"Let's just come up with the headline, doesn't even have to be good...then we'll stop."

Then...(Bet you know what happens?)

I get so EXCITED by the headline I've got to finish.

Well my friend, that is the weird way I beat procrastination.


To be frank with you, there ARE TIMES when I sit in my house for hours suited up for my run and never go out to do it.

and I don't make myself feel bad about it, as long as...

I've done that ONE TINY minimum action.

That's the KEY!

I'd love to hear if this 'garlic' helps you ward off your procrastination vampires:-)

Live, Laugh, Love, Travis



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Great advice ursixx :)

(08 Feb '11, 03:05) Michaela

I like that Ursixx that sounds so good because it is hard just to get going sometimes and baby steps sounds the way to go. I am glad you have done very well for you self keep up the good work; have a good day ursixx!

(08 Feb '11, 03:27) flowingwater

Mark Forster's (free) time management systems are effectively this idea in a way that is usable on a day-to-day basis: http://www.markforster.net/autofocus-index/ ...it's what I use :)

(13 Feb '11, 12:48) Stingray
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Please put yourself first. Do something you enjoy first thing in the morning. And thank yourself for taking the time to care. You are a precious innocent worthy one. The only time there really is is NOW. Anything that has gone before, been done to you, that you have done is GONE. Anything that could go wrong is NOT here NOW.

Breathe... Breathe... Breathe...

See the little beauties all around you. Like the subtle halo of colors whispering among the grey, grey, grey snowy winter days. The tiny birds hopping around in the snow (especially if we put out seed :)




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I love your empathic nature :)

(13 Feb '11, 23:06) Michaela

Travis, I like what you have to say about PROCRASTINATION, as I find myself in that space. I agree that getting into your running clothes, is a strong NUDGE... "I have to work out" I sort of lost my way towards exercise...the above used to work for me. ...I must allow myself to feel that "nudge" again.

Also, I am struggling to get back into writing and painting ...we shall see/think.

Thanks for this.



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I agree about the tiny steps. And also about being kind to yourself, although to be honest when I was in the grip of depression that wasn't even on my radar.

I also learned though that it's not really about determination. The only way out is through. When I fought it, it stuck around longer. Sometimes you just need to let it pass through you until you feel stronger, and can start taking actions to raise your feelings, like a little bit of exercise (even just a walk), or doing something creative, or spending time with someone who loves you.

I used to follow my mum around the house like a duckling sometimes just for the comfort of being near her while she got on with a 'normal' life I couldn't even fathom being able to participate in!

I do believe though that expecting yourself to get through it without some form of therapy - whatever form that takes for you - and maybe medication (but not medication without therapy) is not your best option. Depression takes away all your ability to take care of yourself, so you have to hand that over to someone else until you're strong enough to do it on your own.

I hope you are feeling better already since posting this though Jai. :)



answered 27 Feb '11, 20:20

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EFT Emotional Freedom Techhique is very helpful at eliminating emotional traumas. It is a simple tapping technique that uses the meridians of accupuncture. There are many helpful resources out there, videos to show you how.


answered 27 Feb '11, 04:53

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Fairy Princess

Have you tried Spiritual Counseling, and healing, or have you tried Cognitive Therapy and psychological Counseling?

Both, one of them is very good, and you will indeed benefit from it. In essence you are your own worst enemy, so with the help of Cognitive Therapy you will be able to problem solve, and to move forwards successfully!


answered 28 Feb '11, 02:30

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