All my relationships so far has been unfortunate ending with the man choosing another girl. This time every moment I had spent with this guy was a blessing to me.

I knew him since an year and we were just friends who would go for a film or drink once in a while. Then it happened- the first kiss, oh I cant forget this moment...and then we started to meet regularly. I had such warm feelings for him , he was so sweet, keep his word all the time, gentle, caring and saying and doing everything in the way i loved... When we were intimate he was so gentle and loving.. I wanted to cry of joy.

However we never spoke of our feelings towards each other. We only telling each other that we enjoy our company.

Till the day when I asked how he feel about me and he said he has been thinking of this the last two weeks and he thinks he needs time apart to think and we have to stop seeing . I reacted horrible...tried to convince him that he is not right ( oh I regret so much of doing this, I know you can force people to love you...) For the first time I got emotional and cried in front of man, he got upset as well, he cried because he hurt me. He said that it is his fault that may be he cant be with anyone , that he has to find that right person...and so on.

I left him feeling such pain because I made him cry...since then I want so much to contact him , to write my apology , to tell him how bad I feel, but I am scared to approach him. I cant find rest, two weeks can not think of anything else.

I can not believe that what happened made me feel so bad about myself....

How can I find rest ?

I can't stop thinking that he might be the last man I can ever like so much.

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Chances are that he is not the only one for you. yes,t his is a difficult time. Read these answer/question - contact these people here, see how they have come along...


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Been there Marki..know the pain.

I used to think there would never be anyone like my first wife....until my second wife....and then the third. Every time i thought i couldnt possibly find anyone to match the previous one.And every time i did,and they got gooder and gooder.

There are 3000 million people of male and female gender on this earth.Theres such a massive variety that an omnipotent God,who contains all knowledge and all power ,would surely have no difficulties placing you with your perfect mate.

Your perfect mate exists as soon as your desires tell God/Source you want someone.Lets face it Marki,Source isnt short of available material.

Your only thoughts away from this.Read "Ask and it is given" and when youve read it begin the process of changing your thoughts.Its easy and with practice will get easier.

The simple practical pointers in this book will begin to change your within,with that pointing right side up your love life will AUTOMATICALLY follow.It has to.

You cant change the without, without changing the within.When youve done this the mate problem will dissolve.

Sorry ive not peppered this with a lot of sympathy and emotional clap trap. I sense you dont want want results.



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Monty Riviera

Thanks Graham. However I still can not find an answer why and how to give up if you believe that this person is all you have ever wanted...How to know what is right for you?

(23 Feb '11, 08:04) marki

You know Marki,he just may be the one,i dont know. BUT the universe/God does most definitely know. I would commit the whole issue to the creator.Keep an open mind and leave it. The leaving bit wont be easy.The thing that Esther does with the little box...putting the request in and leaving it.Such a hard thing for many to do,so simple for others..but SO powerfull.I would try as hard as i could to trust the omnipotence of God.He knows both parties SO well.

(23 Feb '11, 09:14) Monty Riviera

I ordered "Ask and it is given" and will see if this time i get what they manifest...I have watched so many times the Secret, every morning thank for what I have and envision what i want, but actual results...i`ve been doing it for year now. Actually I thought one of my dreams came true , but it is gone now... So putting the request and leave it... does it mean we shall never make effort for getting anything ....?

(23 Feb '11, 13:51) marki
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You believe that this person is all you ever wanted... right now. This is your state at this moment because you're suffering from loss of pleasure that you desire.

...and you will feel this way about every pleasure you have in life that, inevitably you will lose.

The fundamental truth of our existence is that everything changes... We suffer, we grow, we have insights, we have delusions, and everything keeps changing.

A great book for you to read is "No Ordinary Moments" by Dan Millman []

The way you can deal with your suffering is to do things for yourself that help you grow... read good books, exercise, go hiking, take dance lessons, take a class, go out with your friends... do things for you... this is you-time.


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either you will be fortunate enough to spend a long amount of time with one person (all is temporary) win!


you will be fortunate enough to allow yourself to share the company with a few or many (all is temporary) win!

by allowing either situation to be, you can not lose as long as you do not force either one


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