I had a dream about a family member who passed years ago when I was 13.

It has been so long and I was so young that remembering him always seems distant and hazy.

However, I had a dream where we met in person for about 5 seconds.. "as soon as he walked in the room" I woke up.

It felt so real like he was right there. It had so much clarity that when I woke up, I had never felt so close to him since he passed as right then.

It was like we actually met in person......that's how I felt the day after.

How is that a dream felt extremely more real than a conscious memory?

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It depends on how you view dreams - I believe that dreams are really part of our broader consciousness. I would say that your cousin showed his presence for a purpose but obviously did not want to communicate. Maybe there is a message in that for you.

(17 Sep '10, 17:01) Drham

i feel conflicted when i am about to vote up your question. i have ONLY ever seen your name with that msgical number by it. so i am afraid i can no longer assosiate your name with 5555, lol i am sorry but this IS a ggod question! love n light n srry for this!

(25 Apr '11, 10:18) TReb Bor yit-NE

please, feel free to check out my other thought provoking questions and up vote them too! haha

(25 Apr '11, 23:56) Back2Basics
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It may be helpful to actually think about how vividly you remember you experiences of every day moments. It has been said many time by many wise people that as much as we would like to think otherwise, much of humanity spends nearly all of their hours believing they are truly awake when the reality is that they are far more passive, more reactive, and only think that they are thinking. Many times only those memories that are most meaningful, odd or emotionally charged are given sufficient lasting power and detail to remain vivid and "real". Plus, we deal with the real all the time, so all too often does the detail and awe-inducing nature of reality seem dull and diminished because we are simply exposed to and filtering it all the time.

Likewise, the very nature of dreaming can very often grab your attention because not only is the context strange and unfamiliar, otherworldly even, but the very processes of consciousness are working within a different context. Some areas in your brain are functioning at a higher level, some at a lower, so in some ways the mechanism for perception, for memory, is in itself novel.

Another thing to keep in mind, though I'm not positive how relevant it is, is that dreams are merely (or more obviously) a construction of your mind whereas waking reality is at least slightly more fixed. In a dream your brain is providing all the stimulation and response, while awake the external environment provides the stimuli and all your brain has to do is try and make sense of it. Perhaps the more intimate connection to the root of the experience, the fact that you are subconsciously creating your surroundings, the dream characters, events and actions make it easier to have a deeply connected and more vivid experience of the dream.


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It sounds like a lucid dream. I have had lucid dreams before; they are extremely vivid.

There are some who believe that you can enter a state of awakening, especially during meditation or other spiritual practices, where you see the world with the "veil drawn back," as it were. During those times, the normal waking state can feel like being asleep in comparison.

These kinds of spiritual practices have gone on for many millenia, in all human cultures.


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During dream sleep, the sensory and emotional centers of the brain are very active and respond to the dream as though real. when you are awake, a memory held from earlier in life competes with countless other mental stimuli for influence on those centers.


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I really enjoyed the post on your website about dreaming, Riley, which I encourage everyone to read here: http://radicalundoing.com/news/musings/you-awake/

(06 Dec '10, 08:54) Hu Ra

maybe that if you did not wake up right away he would have talk to you! understand this also in this world we are limited in the present! on the other side we can move anny place in time!now the fun part is what is real this side or the other or both! plus some dream are the veil of the mind if you think alot about something before going to sleep you will dream about that! what part of the dream is the veil of the mind and what part is real!if i tell you that in some dream it is like 10 time more real then in this world would you believe me?


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white tiger

Because dreams ARE real. simply out you are leaving your body. listen for the best explination!

love n light,



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