When we dream about a certain person , that we don't know and we never met does that mean that the person's spirit is trying to connect to you? Do dreams really come true and would you ever meet that person in real life?

Thank you in advance.

Peace and Blessings

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Well listnen to this. It helps you understand better. This is quote form this post.

Dreams are one of two things. They are a manifestation of your fears or wants, an actual soul making the surroundings,, OR it is your soul living in the physical realm, so your soul is traveling around in the physical world, These ones seem more real. You need to also understand that your soul is not JUST limited to this reality and this time. Your soul doesn't feel time like we do. The greatest material that I EVER have heard is a channeler called Jane Roberts. She describes ( Seth really does ) dreaming to a perfection , If u REALLY want to understand dreaming better, Please, please listen to this.. and this, and this love n light,



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nice to see you again Rob. how is it going now i suppose it is going better for you.

(15 Sep '11, 02:15) white tiger

much better ,,,,actualy,, just wrote my book,, about my source great 2 see u agian,,, lobe nm light

(15 Sep '11, 14:32) TReb Bor yit-NE

Hello May, i love your question "do dreams come true"...dreams, ideas, emotions and thoughts are all from the same realm...our thoughts and ideas create our reality, conscious dreaming is visualisation and is one of the technics of creating reality. It is well known that we can practice playing golf for example, physically or in the imagination, and get to the same level of training using this method...personally i believe that when i think of someone in particular, i enter into communication in some way with that person and can transmit feeling to that person, whether they are conscious of it or not.

Peace and Blessings


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well May i can tell you that sometime i dream about people and it happens even over time. like someone will think alot about me and i will dream of them and why they are thinking about me. some other time i can dream about someone and what will happen to them in the future. so maybe that person you don't know is someone that know you or as seen you and think alot about you. or it can be someone you will meet in the future. experience and enjoy.





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I'm not going to rule out that this is a real person that you are connecting with through dreams, as I do believe it is possible. Do you get the sense that you will meet or that you have just connected somehow in your dreams? Also, have you considered that it may be way for your Higher Self to connect with you? I also know from my own experience, that when I'm dreaming of someone they often do not look like they do in real life, but I know who there are in the dream. I'd think the inverse would be true also.

You don't give any details about the dreams, so these are only my guesses, but I'd say that you will only meet the person in real life if it is necessary for them to be part of your life. We tend to draw the people into our lives that we most need. I also think that if you go within yourself, you can find the truth there.

Wishing you peace and love :)


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Hi May :) from my preferred life structure, close to what AH teach, - dreams are the same manifestation, expression of our vibration, as our thoughts, emotions and physical reality are. Same way as emotions on thoughts show us a preview of how this vibration will feel to us, - dreams, also show it. So if that is your vibration, and if you don't change in it anything but just continue to gain momentum, then yes, I believe you may meet this person as the physical manifestation as well. And in that series of static frames, forming that parallel reality it's possible that that person will also be thinking of you before - because if you meet, you're also of the vibration that he manifests :)


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