For the past 5years I have had dreams that I never really had before. Almost like they were REAL, or GOING to be real. Or it has or will happen. SERIOUSLY. I have dubbed them Sight Dreams. There were times I would dream about the things my Childrens mother would be doing or is going to do that she should'nt be doing. After time passed, I would learn that these things had came to pass. Am I Really PREDICTING or Seeing, like Lion-O's Sight Beyond Sight. Or am I not knowingly programming my self somehow to want to know whats happening in my personal life (Conscious# while im not in the person/ persons presence and going to them physically #Un-Conscious# In-Dream? #Now that i know im a constant Lucid Dreamer)

I'm sorry I. Have SOOOOO many questions. Im full of emotions at the moment in this EDIT since i learned im a Lucid Dreamer, things are kinda starting to make sense, so please be patient with me.

I know one thing for SURE, I do not want this Lucid thing to stop.

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Sorry I don't know enough about this to offer you much assistance here, but I can feel your need for answers. I hope someone can help you. I do know that our dreams are often a way for our subconscious mind to give us information that is often not within the range of our conscious awareness... however, only you can interpret what those messages are :)

(01 May '11, 20:36) Michaela

@Michaela Thankyou, and it feels like exactly that, like the Universe or something is giving me the information that i seek or need to know. I am now InLove with InwardQuest

(01 May '11, 20:49) unplugged1
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One way of looking at dreams - not necessarily the most accurate way though - is that they are partial manifestations or pre-manifestations.

Thought, when thought on for some time, manifests into Thought-Form and then, when thought on some more, manifests into Physical Reality.

So we get...

Thought --> CONDENSES INTO --> Thought-Form --> CONDENSES INTO --> Physical Reality

Using this paradigm, your dreams would fall into the area known as Thought-Form.

At this stage, it's just an indication of what may manifest if you continue your current line of thinking. And since many people do not change their line of thinking in response to a dream, it can seem like the dream is predicting the future when all it is really doing is suggesting a probable outcome based upon your current vibrational offering to the Universe.

I tend to think of it like a train running on railroad tracks.

alt text

The thought-form of the dream is the track you are currently running your own train of life on. And if you carry travelling down this track, you will eventually reach the station that the track is leading towards. (The physical manifestation)

But you can, in response to your dreams, alter your vibration and thereby choose a different track to move your train onto.

So, if you are having dreams that make you feel good, you are going to enjoy visiting those stations the track is leading towards, so all is well. But if you are having dreams that make you feel bad, it's time to switch tracks :)

So, are you seeing the future in your dreams?

I would say you are seeing a probable future...a probable railroad track.

But there is no fate. Everything in your universe is under your complete control and you can change your future anytime you wish through the application of some deliberate thought.


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and a probable station .. new track new station?

(16 May '11, 13:55) ursixx

Yes, new track ==> new station

(16 May '11, 19:15) Stingray

A useful analogy... thanks :)

(16 May '11, 23:43) Michaela

You're welcome, Michaela

(17 May '11, 07:07) Stingray

How do i know i changed my fate i saw bad visions of my wife what look like a divorce but i changed how me and her treated each other. I know this isnt my forum but ive been having weird stuff that is relating to the above forum

(17 Feb '18, 13:26) Theguppyfish
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Since every now (waking or sleeping ) precedes ALL POSSIBILITIES, you can say we are always at the point of all possibilities. An infinite amount of "you's" all at once in one moment.

Since all possibilities abound then it can be said that some of us have the ability to live (see) that (A) universe before that string is played.

Dream state is an avenue for some to reach that precognition easier than others. So yes, you are seeing a possible future that is dominant.

But you still have free will and choices ahead of you so there is no guarantee that that is the outcome.

Sounds like you are having fun....NICE :)


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I really like this :)

(16 May '11, 23:44) Michaela

being lucid is greath you will see lots of stuff and experiance lots of stuff that not many people experiance! there is many kind of dream some creation some symbol some things are true!going over time! reading people though!etc. and sometime those dream can mix together then it is a puzzle for you to know what is what! but with time you get more experiance and it get more easy!to know what is what only you can do that! symbol are tricky best place to study it is in the dream! well enjoy unplugged! and unpluggeg what you see is things you need to see!you will see!


answered 02 May '11, 08:50

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