My dreams are rarely if ever symbolic. I can tell when they are being symbolic and random. This is something I believe is the truth.

I have a dream world that I could probably map out parts of it because I know it so well. Some places are variations of places I've lived and others are places I've never been to in my waking life. When I dream of these places, I explore or go back to places I've been to.

For example, there is a place I dream of that has a road that is located by a lake. There are trees all around the lake and a couple of cabins where people I don't know are around. This place is usually busy with the people using the lake in recreation. s Sometimes I go down to the lake and walk along side it. There is a path that I can follow along the edge that takes me to a clearing filled with meadows and trees. It is quite an open area filled with sunlight.

Sometimes I choose to walk down the road, but there is a house up there on a hill that is abandoned. I've only been in there twice. The first time I went in there, I felt uncomfortable as the house is in a terrible state of disrepair with vines growing inside, dead leaves and abandoned items from whomever used to live there. The upstairs is the worst. I've only been up there once - there was something up there I did not like. The second time I went to the house I remembered what happened the last time and opted to stay away from the upstairs. The third time I dreamed of this place, I didn't go to the house at all.

An example of a place I have been but is modified would be my old house I used to live in. It is essentially the same place: A brown country house about a mile off the highway sitting in the middle of 600 acres. There is an old weather worn wooden shop situated by two big fields.

I have a deep connection with this place, so I really like dreaming on this place. The modifications can vary though, depending on the version (I suppose?) that I am visiting. The back of the house, which normally has a bunch of woods, is different. I've walked back there before and I discovered a field instead with a large single tree off in the distance. It is made of light and rainbow leaves.

The front of the house has a huge old oak. That area can vary, sometimes it is a bunch of mudslides and water (fun). Sometimes it is full of whatever plants grew down there when I was living there.

There are various roads that lead off into the woods. A lot of them were made by the oil companies that drill for oil around there, some of them are less obvious. These roads in my dreams vary, and I spend a lot of time walking in them. A lot of times, there are people living around my old house, usually somewhere off these roads. Sometimes I can even see them from the house.

Off to one side of the house was a place sort of dug out where an oil derrick sat and would go up and down all day and night. In my dream this place is changed into a river and a waterfall. The river is a road that went down into where the derrick sat, and the waterfall is on the edge where the forest met the clearing. After the waterfall, the river continues deep into the woods. This is one of my absolute favorite places to explore. I can't map this river, since the woods and the river changes a lot, but the application is the same.

I do a lot of walking and traveling around in the woods at night. I never feel afraid or alone. I've met some gypsies camping out in one of the fields once. Sometimes I just walk down the road back to the highway. This is always an interesting experience because the woods run closely next to the dirt road and there is always a deep calling to go in. Sometimes I morph into a wolf and run around. Mostly I stay human, though.

These are just a couple of examples of places that I visit and I can navigate somewhat consciously. I make conscious decisions when it comes to things, like I know where certain people live (and the do stay in the same place) and where certain experiences can be had, and where monsters can live (sometimes). I've actually told people that were with me on these visits not to go into certain areas because it could be dangerous.

These particular dreams are long and fluid. My symbolic dreams are patched together from just random things that make no sense. I also tend to forget these more easily. The other dreams, I call my traveling dreams, continue for what I can only assume is all night. They will also continue where they left off is I woken up, even if this happens several times. I also have very little trouble remembering these dreams. I remember details such as colors, feelings, smells, people, places, and things. I can even remember things I've read, though those rarely make any sense.

This has lead me to believe that these places I visit and travel are actual places that exist in some form. My friend has said this could be like astral traveling.

Can anyone else relate to this?

asked 31 Oct '12, 14:52

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@halcyon - hii.., can u just tell me, how u make dreams happen consiously?

(03 Nov '12, 09:40) supergirl

I'm not really sure how exactly, but in the past I've gone to sleep with the desire to have a specific dream. For me, this doesn't always work (hardly ever actually). Is that what you mean? Or do you mean like the ability to travel around in them consciously? For me it just happens naturally. It's usually easier when you recognize something in your dream that is familiar.

(03 Nov '12, 16:55) Halcyon i meant tht only..,i thought u do some dream-programing to have these dreamz,so..asked..

(04 Nov '12, 09:02) supergirl

No, I don't. The reason why I am so curious about these dreams is because they come completely unbidden. All of my dreams, whether they are these sorts or ones with messages or even the just plain weird ones with purple elephants are all very detailed with color, smells, tastes, textures etc.

(04 Nov '12, 20:54) Halcyon

halcyon i have a trick for you to fall back in the same dream.but it usely work up to 1 hour but 30 to 45 minutes is better. after you have wake just need to beaware of the dream that you add until you fall back asleep and you should continue the dream or make the same one.and you could even change what is happening in the dream.

(04 Nov '12, 21:11) white tiger
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This is a return to what is expected. As we become familiar with a place through memory we come to expect the same things and so experience what we expect to experience. This is going to blow your mind but think of it this way; you are walking around a house and feel I know this place around the corner there is a cherry tree! You go around the corner and yes you were right there is a cherry tree. So far so good but here is the weird part! You experienced seeing a cherry tree because you remember seeing a cherry tree there and so you expect to see a cherry tree there. As you expect to see a cherry tree there when you go around the corner you see a cherry tree.

As we remember and expect we are making groves in reality of the dream world of what is there every time. In other words each time we expect something and find it our faith that we find it there grows until we feel it is not faith at all but a fact that cherry tree is just around the corner.

Now here is the really strange question, is this different from our waking reality? Are you so sure of your answer? Meditate on it.


answered 03 Nov '12, 18:32

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Wade Casaldi

edited 03 Nov '12, 18:35

I think you are probably right. I think this applies a lot to the dreams I have of places I've been to in real life. But what about the ones that I've never seen before? I think it applies here too but I'm still wondering if these places exist because they exist or only exist because I've dreamed of them? These are places that I've been going to since I was a child, so a lot of them are really old. I think that it is no different than reality in that aspect. :)

(03 Nov '12, 18:41) Halcyon

I believe the way Jesus did miracles is simply, he fully chose to believe and expect something entirely different than what was in need of change. Indeed that is how we are taught to pray, it really makes you wonder who is creating what we experience if we get to choose what we experience.

(03 Nov '12, 18:51) Wade Casaldi

yes i can tell you that sometime you can travel some place and you can cross a door to fall in to another zone or dimension usely there is a guardian close by that may ask you where you are going and for what reason you are there. you can think about those guardian as border patroll or custom. so if you go to the same place and it is not the same there is a reason it is for you to find it, is the place a creation that you made(try to change something in your enviromment the color of the house etc. look at the result: did it change as soon as you wanted another color? or was it very hard to change? are you passing through object when trying to grab something? or do you pick them up?) those should help you determine where you are when you are incorporal you cannot touch physical stuff you will pass through it. if you control things very easily you are in a creation dream often there is symbol in there. also another thing you could do is try to find the door that lead to one place to the other(when you say it is the same but it is different.)there must be some where that you are passing by that make that difference happen. also the symbolic image might relate to something that is on your mind or your though if you prefer. try to learn from them in the dream it is more easy then out of the dream. you could also go deeper looking behind the symbol to have more info. i see the symbol has to much information to relate to counsciously but in the dream you have more time to explore those symbol and analyse how all those symbole relate to each other if there is a relation between them. so experience and enjoy. and you did not told what you did not like upstair in the house.what was it?


answered 31 Oct '12, 18:37

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

I don't think I've ever had a dream where I couldn't touch something. As for changing things, I'd have to think about that a little more. I know I have changed things, but it's an unconscious thought, maybe. I have a very conscious way of waking up from nightmares. So much so that I have told people in my dreams to do the same (which for me was blinking really hard and then I would wake up). I think I know about those doorways, though.

(01 Nov '12, 10:40) Halcyon

Oh and in the house, it was an entity. Something I couldn't see but I just knew was there. I really don't dream of anything bad, so things like that stick out a lot to me.

(01 Nov '12, 10:42) Halcyon

once i have dream about a room where we where a small group and there was a darkness there that we where fighting against it as happen very fast and i was the only one to get out of that room and continue the voyage,then i have rewind the dream and pass the dream in slow motion and the darkness add grab all the other. then i was outside of the room and morphed in a raven and fly away. to the sun next to the sun was a golden cobra twice the size of a old building to my left.

(01 Nov '12, 13:07) white tiger

then i went down next to the building and re-morphed in my own shape and walked a bit and there was a statue to my right before the end of the building,the statue turned its head light was coming out of its eye and asked me what i was doing there ,so i told the statue i was exploring and visiting,the statue told me that i may pass,then i have open the door of the building and went in and i was now in a building similar to where i was at the moment in physical form.

(01 Nov '12, 13:13) white tiger to give idee the sun was right in front of me the cobra was to the left of the sun,is face to the right facing the sun,and to the left of me and left to the cobra from my point of vien or opposite side of its head in its back was the old building a fee store high that arrived to the top of the coiled base of the golden cobra.

(01 Nov '12, 13:26) white tiger

That sounds really interesting, especially visualizing it in my minds eye. Do you dream of golden cobras a lot? I see a lot of wolves and cats in mine. Maybe it is like a guide, like you said earlier, sort of like a guard, but maybe a guide as well.

(01 Nov '12, 14:08) Halcyon

golden cobra only 1 time. cats i have seen a bunch of them in the clouds that where afraid of me once i have climbed the rope to get there.and i have asked them who send me the rope and they pointed to a door. i have open the door in the cloud and inside was a garden with a old man and women smiling. once i have also dream of 2 white tigers talking to me using there eyes like telepath.they told me that they would all ways be close by i only need to call them. also my dead dog would come by.

(01 Nov '12, 18:06) white tiger

I can't remember if the wolves have ever talked to me. I have seen pets I know longer have before. I also have a dead friend that visits me sometimes.

(03 Nov '12, 13:38) Halcyon
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Yeah I believe so. I believe your travelling dreams are particularly significant and could exist in some form as they are so consistent and very memorable.

I also like to think that the places in the dream world actually exist in some form, and sometimes I feel as if there is some greater meaning to my dreams, as if I am searching for something while in my dreams.


answered 01 Nov '12, 13:51

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Yes, that is what I mean. It's just sort of "knowing" there is something different to the places you are traveling, especially when you become familiar with them. Also, you are also right about the 'searching' part, because that is what I seem to be doing a lot of the time as well as exploring.

(01 Nov '12, 14:31) Halcyon

Yes, I also feel that some dreams are significant because they can produce a lot of emotions in me and although they are otherworldly there is often something familiar to them, like similar to a place in real life or an important place in your past.

(03 Nov '12, 11:36) alfangor

I have never had any very consistent "travelling dreams" as you call them, but I have been to places in my dreams that seem very significant to me but also very mysterious, as if there is something more to the place that I do not yet know. And I hope sometime to revisit these places in my dreams to find out more.

(03 Nov '12, 11:36) alfangor

I feel the same way as well. Sometimes before I go to sleep I ask to visit one of those places especially ones that I find beautiful or alluring, in my case probably the forest with the creeks, rivers and lakes running through them. I'd be interested in knowing about some of your places. I've been dreaming like this ever since I could remember.

(03 Nov '12, 13:36) Halcyon

Thank you, I may try that next time when I want to revisit those places. There are a lot of places and dreams that have felt significant to me, but the most recent one I remember was when I came to this old stone temple place on a slanting hill. There was artwork on the ceiling that kind of reminded me of a cathedral.

(04 Nov '12, 08:05) alfangor

At times it was actually quite dark and frightening cause I saw a dark figure on the hill that I couldn't tell was a statue or an animal or a person and at the end I felt there were ghosts in there, and I ran out of the place.

(04 Nov '12, 08:05) alfangor

But I have also had more pleasant dreams. I frequently dream about places that seem similar to my grandma's house. I remember one time I had a dream where I was in a place like that and I was looking through these old books and in my dream I believed I was actually accessing the past. Another time I had this dream where I was sleeping in these soft cosy beds that had warm blue comforts with pictures of wolves on them, in a secret room in this big house, and I felt very safe and comfortable.

(04 Nov '12, 08:05) alfangor

Wow, I actually like all of your dreams. Those are exactly the types that I like to have. Nothing necessarily really happens, but you have an experience just the same. It's the very details that make them so awesome to have and places to visit, especially if you are the type to wake up and remember a good majority of them. I had a dream blog a while ago (that fell into disuse because well, I got lazy, lol) and I would type of each of my dreams in detail. Very useful to look back on later.

(04 Nov '12, 20:59) Halcyon

Yeah, it varies how much I am able to remember of my dreams, but I find if I don't write them down then I usually forget them, so I usually try to write down the details just when I wake up when my memories are freshest. I don't write all of my dreams down but if I really enjoyed the dream or found it very strange and imaginative, then I will write it down.

(05 Nov '12, 11:32) alfangor

I do the same. Now I usually type them into an email and send them to my friend. I'm looking for one right now that I seem to have misplaced, but I can still remember a lot of it. Sometimes the dreams have messages in them and sometimes some of the places seem familiar even if you've never seen or dreamed of them before. It leads me to believe that perhaps these places may exist somewhere but are only accessible when we sleep.

(06 Nov '12, 01:15) Halcyon

I've also had a thought that these places are interlinked together and form sort of a personal "heaven" or "haven", a bunch of places that bring comfort and also stimulate parts of us that normally aren't reached in our waking hours, like a mental jungle gym. Maybe these places have existed as long as we have and are built up over and over each time we visit them, sort of like adding pages to a book.

(06 Nov '12, 01:17) Halcyon
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