hi..questers.. i manifest almost everything..that i wish that too in minutes.sometimes in seconds..,so..,does that mean..,i am no longer in 3rd dimension? infact,i think many of us here on IQ ..are no more in 3rd dimension.we must be either on 4th/5th dimension? just wanna know ur views on this.. love,light,blessings,supergirl :)

asked 12 Nov '12, 02:10

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Gooday Supergirl, can you please tell me how you do it.

(12 Nov '12, 04:29) Wazza

@wazza- i don't do anything actualy, i just wish it n it gets done. i believe in loa n God a lot.i know loa since,1 n half years.so.,i have manifested a lot of things,persons,events.so,this has strength my faith on it a lot n its increasing day-by-day.i think its my "STRONG FAITH n CONFIDENCE" on law of attraction that manifests everything that i wish that too instantly... love,light n blessings to u..,hav a great dayyy ahead :)))

(12 Nov '12, 04:39) supergirl

It sounds good to me , your faith,confidence and manifestations are as a blessing to me, thankyou.

(12 Nov '12, 04:51) clearheart

@clearheart-ur most welcome dear.. :))

(12 Nov '12, 08:27) supergirl

Is this new? How long has this been instant?

(12 Nov '12, 08:33) Fairy Princess

@supergirl it is nice to hear that you have a gift.Can you narrate 1 incident of how you manifested something.

(12 Nov '12, 08:34) Sayantan

Hi supergirl. When you say you manifest instantly does this mean you can hold your hands out and have an endless supply of bread?

(12 Nov '12, 08:40) Roy

@@supergirl - Great to hear you're making so much progress. If you have any tips...I'm all ears. :)

(12 Nov '12, 15:16) lozenge123

@fairy princess- its not new to me.now,i am habitual to this.., my latest manifestation..,u may say before sumtime...took just 2min to show up..

(13 Nov '12, 09:21) supergirl

Cool. What was that?

(13 Nov '12, 09:35) Fairy Princess

@sayantan- yup..sure, i have many-many incidences. i l tel u one of them, day before yesterday.., my mom was not so well. so,i n my dad took her to nearby clinic. as we came back it ws some 12 in afternoon n we all were very hungry. n as we all 3 went to clinic.(we are small family -me n my parents).,our cook came n went away..,so there was no food/breakfast made..,now as my mom was not well,so,it was my responsibility to prepare

(13 Nov '12, 09:53) supergirl

food that day. so.. i was just taking out vegetables from refrigerator n just wished once that- "GOD..it would be so nice..na..if u could just make available today afternoon's food to all of us.n said..thank you God for the food i n my family daily eat.,we all are very greatful to u". n just with

(13 Nov '12, 09:53) supergirl

in 2min..,infact less than that. a neighbor came with a complete afternoon meal for all of us..saying -"i have prepared a special dish n so thought to bring it to all of you." n see i n my family sat n had complete lunch that day..,now what i did- i just wished ..thats it.. :))

(13 Nov '12, 09:53) supergirl

I hope your mom is doing well.

(13 Nov '12, 10:20) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess- yes...dear,she is well now.., doin good.., her treatment has cured her completely. n it ws just a mere viral infection. she is healthy now..,thank you..fr ur concern dear.. :)))

(13 Nov '12, 13:23) supergirl

@roy- its like..i alwayss always get only n only what i want n wish.n its like..i just have to wish or project in my mind.. thts it.. :)) i have given the example above..,u see .., my faith n confidence alwayss looks after me ,it fulfills all my desires.

(13 Nov '12, 13:26) supergirl

@lozenge123- thank you.., u know i am still learning..day-by-day, experimenting a lot with loa n vibrations.so..what tips i l give u.., all i can say is.."STRONG FAITH N CONFIDENCE ON LAW OF ATTRACTION N GOD", this is the key..n with this we can manifest anything..

(13 Nov '12, 13:30) supergirl

@fairy princess- i l tell u the most current one- u know "diwali festival" is goin on in india. so..,we all are busy with lots of work,decorating houses,preparing special dishes etc. n maid of our house- another one who cleans the entire house n does dusting n all, left the work today..i am bit lazy u knw in household works so.i thought it would be very good if anyhow

(13 Nov '12, 13:41) supergirl

i l arrange a new maid.,so,i simply projected in mind that a new maid has came n she is talking to my mom about her work n payment. then,just after few minutes..,a maid was goin in front of our house. my mom called her..n talked to her n fixed her as our new maid. see i simply projected, after

(13 Nov '12, 13:42) supergirl

...just 2-3 min she was passing in front of house n just aftr 2 min mom fixed her. i was not much surprised cos i know i am very good in this. but,u know something my mom was damn surprised cos during diwali days its impossible to get a new maid here n tht too so quickly n easily.

(13 Nov '12, 13:42) supergirl

@fairy princess- i am really enjoying a lot ...these instant manifestations. n my mom., she is too njoyng a lot. infact,u know,if she wants to get her any desire fulfilled.."she tells me"..,she says - u say tht this n this will happen on so n so date,so it will happen. n surprisingly it happens also.

(13 Nov '12, 13:45) supergirl

This is wonderful and inspiring to us all to keep up our faith. Thank you so much for sharing these supernatural blessings with us. As Sid Roth says, in God it is naturally super natural. :-)

(03 Dec '12, 10:01) Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi- i loved tht .. "naturally super natural"..

(05 Dec '12, 00:09) supergirl
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Difficult for me to say Supergirl,excellent news that your stepping into what you want quickly.

My take on dimensions is a little different from most on this site. Im starting to wonder if perhaps there are as many dimensions as there are beings to step into them or occupy them.

I can really only experience this world as ME. My consciousnss or I AM ness can only say I AM about me. I could live on the same street as you, have a job in the same office and yet i would be living in an entirely seperate state. My views and preferences and experiences of this state might be wildly different to yours.In effect we would both be living an entirely seperate and individual life.

In my opinion it seems to me that youve stepped into a new state that was preferable to the one you inhabited previouly.

For me manifesting is not actually receiving things or stuff per se. Its more about the end result and the PLACE it puts me in, ie happier and more in tune with what my changing preferences are. Of course things do make some difference, money certainly does, but the end result is more important than the vehicle for it.

Your in your own dimension Supergirl, absolutely unique to you and your able to jump ship into another one at will.

If there were lets say just 7, 8 or 9 dimensions then what state would you be in when you hit 9 and realised you had to stay there? 9 would become a prison! Being stuck or stranded in any state , even a nice one, would be to lose your freedom!

Thats my take on the dimension thing. And its great to see that your moving into a better life/state whatever..



answered 12 Nov '12, 05:28

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Monty Riviera

Wow, love your answer, @Monty! I have recently come to very similar conclusions about our own unique realities.

(12 Nov '12, 08:04) Bedazzled

@monty river- me too dear,loved ur answer...,thank you dear.. :))) love,light n blessings to you :)))

(12 Nov '12, 08:32) supergirl

Supergirl _ According to the Ninth Density Plaedian Collective (channelled by Wendy Kennedy among others) we are currently in the fourth density. The fourth density is a sort of either/or density where either 3D programmes can still run or you can play around with the 5th density programmes. It depends on what the individual wants to project on to it. It sounds to me as if you are playing around with 5D which is fantastic - well done!

Basically we all have access to more if we chose to look at it. We won't properly be in 5D for say another fifty plus years. Most people wouldn't be happy if ALL their thoughts manifested instantly so this is a sort of lead in to a fifth density reality. The idea is that we should use this time to let go of any old baggage/emotions that don't serve us and start attempting to create in more of a 5D way by pulsing out the feeling of whatever it is we want to create in our lives.

You are living up to your name - well done.


answered 13 Nov '12, 12:37

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@catherine- thank you so much..dear,i loved ur answer..., actualy i am taking my life very lightly,having lots of fun n i enjoy experimenting with loa..,so fr fun ..,i experiment more n more n i alwayz successful in all of them.so..i perform more. love,light n blessings ur way. :)))

(13 Nov '12, 13:50) supergirl

Hello Supergirl.. luv the name :) I like your energy, & identify with everything you said. And I too, am manifesting very quickly. And the more I do, the more backup, & faith I have in doing more. I am very aware of a neg thought that may pop in from the past immediately. I feel it's prescence, & just dismiss it, by not giving attention to it. I just keep my focus in a more uplifting feeling, & continue on my path. And that works for me. I can also feel a draining of energy immediately when I am feeling a negative-type thought or person, & I just change the direction of my feeling to an uplifting one, or remove myself from the situation. Its rather automatic now, its become a good habit lol I just found this site, & love all the good energy here.. :) Tommy xo


answered 03 Mar '13, 05:12

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@tommy106- thank u fr the wonderful answer.. :))

(03 Mar '13, 12:55) supergirl

..also thank u fr the compliment..

(03 Mar '13, 12:56) supergirl

I have been developing my ability to "manifest" over many years and have some pretty incredible experiences. But there is something I have learned that is very important so I want to mention it for anyone who is working to develop the manifesting abilities we were all born with.

As the ability to manifest strengthens, you have to be very aware of what you are doing with your thoughts and energy all the time or you can get yourself into some trouble. Focused energy has a creative aspect to it and it doesn't only come into play to bring your positive thoughts and desires into your life.

When you create a vision for the new reality you desire and attach strong emotions to empower what you see in your mind's eye, it impacts the physical. Unfortunately, the average person, according to studies, has an incredible amount of negative self-talk going on because we were taught to think of the danger in things and that's how our brains are wired too. It works as a protective device to keep us out of harm's way. Until we have great mastery over our thoughts and emotions as we go about everyday life, we must be very disciplined and not allow negative thoughts or emotions-because they create also.

I'd love to hear more about what you mean when you say you manifest almost everything instantly. Do you find that a lot of negative things come into your life too? If not, what methods do you use to stay disciplined with your thoughts so negativity doesn't creep in and manifest the things you don't want?

I have made it a habit of doing energy work every day to clear any negative thoughts and feelings so they don't bring something physical into my world that I don't really want to be there. It is amazing to see the way reality has a way of changing to fit what you see mentally, feel in your heart and think about with strong emotions.

I'd love to hear more about your experiences and the process you are using supergirl, if there is anything more you would like to share. What we are capable of truly is amazing and it can be used to bring about so many good things. The more it is talked about and made to seem normal, the sooner living this way, consciously creating, will become more of a way of life.


answered 01 Dec '12, 01:40

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@teritose- i also too vibrational exercises almost daily.., so i have learned to control my thoughts a lot.so, i am very aware of my thoughts all the time. generaly,i don't manifest anything negative.if at all ..sometimes any negative thought comes to my mind ,i immediately replace it with 4 positive thoughts.in this way..we again get pulled more towards positivity. (1 negative thought should be replaced by 4 positive thoughts immediately).

(01 Dec '12, 01:55) supergirl

...and i keep my mind busy all the time.,in some work ,or listening music or watching television. and earlier,i used to do a lot of things..,like positive affirmation,mediation(3 times a day) , yoga, gratitude..etc.. but ,now-a-days ,cos of my studies..i have cut shorted it n now a days i am just doing..,yoga n mediation (once) n gratitude.

(01 Dec '12, 02:00) supergirl

......about processes.i would say ,those. mentioned in the book "ask n it is given" are the best..,i haven't applied all of them .i have applied half of them till now n the results are "superbb n "mind-blowing". and about experiences..there are many-many..everyday experiences..,small n big.. ,all..,as you know law of attraction is working all the time ,so,we attract to us every second of our life whether we are aware of it/not. so.,i can say daily.i have atleat 3-4 loa experiences or you may ...

(01 Dec '12, 02:07) supergirl

...say synchronicities ..,so those that i pay attension i write in my journal.,in this way ur confidence n faith is increased a lot..,when u gather all ur law of attraction experiences in one place n it also helps a lot in future manifestations. i hope i have answered all ur questions..:)))

(01 Dec '12, 02:09) supergirl

Thanks for the answers supergirl. I wish more people were open to doing vibrational work. It is life changing. It is almost impossible to change thoughts that have become obsessive by using willpower. Energy work or energy medicine gets to the real source of the embedded blocks to success. But I think more and more people are becoming aware that everything boils down to energy and that we can work at an energetic level and create changes there to create changes in the physical world.

(01 Dec '12, 14:49) terirose

@terirose-ur welcome :)))

(01 Dec '12, 23:44) supergirl

@terirose-ur welcme.. :)))

(01 Dec '12, 23:46) supergirl
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Yes supergirl, great stuff ... i call this "being in the flow", in the vortex if you prefer, a feeling that everything in our environment fits into place with our thoughts, a kind of almost instantaneous synchronicity, a stream of manifestations ... as for dimensionality, yes we are multidimensional beings, that is, have the capacity to explore other dimensions, i consider that where we are is the dimension in which we are at that particular space/time, whether we name it the 2nd, 4th, 5th or whatever has little importance :)


answered 03 Mar '13, 06:21

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ru bis

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