I was told by a well known psychic that she saw a man standing next to me, and asked me if I know someone named Malcolm. I said no, she said that he has lived on this earth a long time ago, and that he follows me everywhere.

She said he was really tall and has long black hair and wears a white robe. I was really weirded out because she already said things to me that she couldn't have know. She said she thinks its my spiritual guardian, and that if i asked he would show himself to me, which i never had.

but the the other weird thing was is maybe 10 years ago this other lady had told me she sees a dark man in my past present and future, but i didn't know what she was talking about till that other lady told me about Malcolm. I just don't really understand who he is and why hes around me all the time?

asked 14 Nov '12, 23:49

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Crystal Lee Ouellette

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@Crystal Lee Ouellette - Well, if it makes you feel any better, you are not alone...I (apparently) have a similar sounding one following me around called Gabriel :) Does anyone communicate with extraterrestrial beings? If you really want to know what Malcolm is about, why don't you just ask him?

(15 Nov '12, 03:23) Stingray

How did you know that he follows you around? And did you ever try to talk to him?

(16 Nov '12, 02:17) Crystal Lee Ouellette

@Crystal Lee Ouellette - That's what I've been told...can't see him/her/it myself. I don't sweat it though. I've been told previously I have various (other) entities following me around and I don't really care. There are multitudes of realities interpenetrating our own on different frequencies (like broadcast radio and TV channels existing simultaneously). If something matches my own frequency and interacts with me consciously then I'm interested, otherwise it's just "background noise" to me.

(16 Nov '12, 04:33) Stingray
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Hello Crystal Lee Ouellette

If a psychic can see an entity following you around then i would suggest it would be a good idea to investigate ... it's a symbolic image and the only person who really knows how to decipher this image is yourself.

This thought form represents potential energy that needs to be revealed ... some psychics sense these energies through dreams, inner voices and visions etc ... so to answer your question i would suggest using any of the numerous methods available that will enable you to integrate this energy into your everyday life ... many methods can be found here on I.Q. ... have fun


answered 10 Dec '12, 01:36

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blubird two

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