I feel that I have tapped into an energy field that is outside of my physical experience. I feel entities reaching out to me and connecting with me that I know do not exist in the physical. I do not see them physically but they make their presence known in various ways. Sometimes they relate information to me regarding what is going on in my life. They make every effort to make their presence known to me in different ways so that I have come to recognize them whenever they make contact. I feel that I have entered a new dimension. I know there are religious skeptics out there who may think that I am crazy. But for those of you who are "spiritual", I know you understand where I am coming from. I would like to hear from anyone who has this experience or at least has an understanding of what is happening here.

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We are all born with psychic ability, if developed fully it is no telling what we would be able to do with this gifted talent. The more you apply your self to a specific activity, the better you get at it. The more you study, and practice the spiritual aspect of things, the more you will be inclined to have new spiritual experiences, and to be enlightened.

It is only natural that the skeptics will think you are crazy, since of course they are not having your supernatural experience; and sometimes it is just fear of the unknown that will cause some people to draw this conclusion. But the reality is you know that you are not crazy, and that you have had these supernatural experiences.

Be aware, you are not crazy, and you are not alone. I believe everything you have mentioned above, and I can certainly relate to your question, and I understand. My questions to you are: what usually brings on these experiences, what are doing at the time of these experiences, what is the stimulation that is arousing you into this state? Are these supernatural experiences random, if so what time of the day etc?

You can better understand your supernatural experiences, and what it means if you keep a log of these events as they occur. It would also be beneficial, if you keep tract of your log to identify, and to invoke answers to your questions; and to figure out, what you need to do, especially if you think you are onto something Big, and New?


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Thanks for your contribution.

(31 Aug '10, 23:16) Drham

I don't think I would necessarily say that the more spiritually enlightened we become the more we have supernatural experiences. I think the more we grow spiritually, the more we become awake to the illusion we are living and we begin to realize reality differently. This is not to say that some of us don't have guides or angels that we can connect with because I believe we do. However, it is only when we begin to open our minds to that possibility that it becomes available to us.


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I think before we are more enlightened, perhaps we don't recognize supernatural experiences. We may not notice, overlook it, or work hard at finding explanation for it or thinking it is some coincidence. As our awareness and appreciation unfolds, we see wonderful events for the miracles that they often are.


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