I have been feeling pretty upbeat recently, but today I experienced a couple of things that were easy to use as an excuse to feel bummed out. Too easy, alas, and I've practiced the bad feelings about one of the topics for a looooong time, so without even consciously realizing what I was doing, I got on the water slide of beating the negative-thought drum about that particular topic. Bad feelings ensued. A couple of minutes later I caught myself, and now I feel better than I first did, but not great. And of course I want to feel better!

If it matters, it's about a body issue I have a history of complex bad feelings about, but more recently have moved to a place of just wanting to feel better about, physical change be damned. I'd say before this afternoon I was at like 90% "Want to feel better", 10% "Want change", which is a big shift from where I've been previously. But something about the set of thoughts I must have thought this afternoon sent me back into the murky waters of feeling really fairly bad, and like I needed to experience change to feel better - change I doubted could happen, and so on and so forth. I think I went from feeling more general about the topic to suddenly feeling very specific - and very bad!

Which leads me to the next part of my question. I recently read the following Abraham quote (sorry for the all-caps-athon!):

"It's really NOT about deciding what you're NOT gonna think about. It's REALLY about deciding what you ARE going to think about. Because when you think about what you ARE going to think about, you use up ALL your airtime on that HIGHER FLYING DISK.

That's why we've been offering MANY processes through the years. But the processes that stand out as the most VIVID and EFFECTIVE, given what you NOW know about this high flying disk, that you want to achieve vibrational alignment with are…

PIVOTING… as you said… if you can catch it EARLY ON, if it's within the first 17 seconds - 'I know what I DON'T want! What is it that I DO want?' You can pivot just that FAST by TURNING your attention because there is no momentum and you can as easily go that way as that way.

But once a little bit of MOMENTUM goes then techniques like…. becoming AS GENERAL AS YOU CAN BE...because if you get into the SPECIFICS of something... The more specific you are, the more TIME you're putting into it. And the more time you're putting into it the longer you're maintaining that FREQUENCY. And the longer you're maintaining that frequency then the faster the MOMENTUM is. And the more momentum is there then the less CONTROL you have about changing it.

Now… you don't wanna CHANGE the momentum. You want the momentum to be really FAST on things that you CARE about. You just don't want it to be fast on the things that you DON'T care about.

~Chicago, IL, 6/15/13

Here's where I'd like to ask about the experience of others. When you have something like the above, where you simultaneously have a lot of practice feeling bad about a topic, and a strong desire to feel better, what is your method for getting yourself out of the vibrational thought dumps ASAP? Do you go very, very general, "as general as can be"? Or are you looking for the most-specific thought you can find that doesn't feel bad? Are you intentional about it, sitting down to write about it, or are you more loose?

(In case you're wondering why I don't just change the subject and think about puppies - it's because I think maybe I've taken the ignoring of the topic as far as I can, and it's been good for me, but maybe now it's time to do some vibrational molding.)

I'd really appreciate your insights and experiences. Thank you!

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I found this Stingray comment on a somewhat similar question that I thought might be useful: http://www.inwardquest.com/answer_link/3103/

(26 Jun '13, 15:21) corduroypower
(26 Jun '13, 20:33) Stingray

Hah! Well, that's mildly embarrassing. My copy-paste skills are in serious question now. Thanks for the correction!

(27 Jun '13, 10:56) corduroypower
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If the momentum is fast then you can't be specifically positive. It will just be frustrating. So going general is an excellent concept IMO. You can stop the momentum quite easily by going general.

I recently used a "stream analogy" to describe the going general process and how it works here.

Going general works.

But you must be willing to embrace your negative emotion fully first. That's quite counter-intuitive. But it's key to this concept. Try this.

  1. Embrace you negative emotion fully and acknowledge it for a few seconds.
  2. Find a very general statement or have a list general statements ready.
  3. Ask yourself: "which feels better? Does my negative emotion/topic feel better or does my general statement feel better?". If you don't feel relief, go even more general (One minute meditation is the most general thing you can do!)

To focus even better, write your statements down. Writing helps immensely with focusing.


answered 26 Jun '13, 20:46

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Embracing the negative emotion is really interesting to me. Thanks for this!

(27 Jun '13, 10:57) corduroypower

@corduroypower - This has become a very helpful practice for me. I think it has to do with the fact that recoilling from pain or discomfort is so natural. It is understandable but not helpful, because if you go on dodging it, you can't get a firm grip on it in order to address it however you decide to. It's like nailing Jello to a wall. ;) ...

(04 Jul '13, 11:31) Grace

... I follow @releaser99's advice and allow myself to really feel what's bothering me, discern it's location in my body, it's color, texture, poke around at it to see if it has a name... anything to help get a good grip on it. Then I can tap it away and it feels fully cleaned up, or if I feel that it is something that requires a substancial belief change, I can pack it up and take it there, now that it has handles, so to speak. :)

(04 Jul '13, 11:32) Grace

Very well put @Grace ! It's all about finding the grip first.

(04 Jul '13, 13:05) releaser99

@releaser99 - thanks. :) It has been especially good for me I think because I have so often lived with an undfined sort of dread inside, a fear of I know not what. It is the most useless form of fear, I think, and it has plagued me most of my life. Finding relief from that (and no doubt from the vibrational matches it must have been bringing) has done a lot for me. Thanks again for sharing. :)

(08 Jul '13, 01:59) Grace

@Grace You are welcome indeed. It's nice to read that it helped you to get over that fear. This practice helped me too in overcoming major fears that I didn't know I had them. And it still helps me to make all those vibrational tools work in the first place. I'm very senstive to my emotions now.

(08 Jul '13, 04:25) releaser99

Since I seem to be naturally ungifted emotionally, Gendlin's Focusing Method is an essential daily crutch for me :).

(08 Jul '13, 04:25) releaser99
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I will redirect u back to this questions, and post all conversations about it. Understanding this, will allow us to know more how to relax in bad times.

3 Well the way Treb describes them, they are from imbalance with either whatever u r doing, thinking, or beliefs, and then depending on what it is, it links itself to each chakra. If it is lets say a bad belief about loving, then it is bad thoughts or experiences that do not align with the soul. This is sent from imbalanced frequency from soul, through the chakras, through the dna, and then manifest itself out to the physical body. It is a red flag system that helps us understand what and how we are imbalanced. Because it has to do with the love, and heart chakra, it usually manifest itself out in the general area of the heart chakra. Ill find the recording and post it here. love n light rob link|edit|more ▼ answered 21 Jun, 21:46

TReb Bor yit-NE 11.7k●7●39 Thanks, Rob! That helps a lot actually. Definitely appreciate that and would definitely look forward to listening to that recording. So from what you are saying so far, it always has to do with imbalances? I am curious because I can definitely understand that with the feelings that feel hard and heavy, that that would makes sense that they represent imbalances or blockages, but what about when you actually feel "good" and "light" in those areas? Are those still red flags? (22 Jun, 15:49)ikaruss21 NOpe. that is a blue flag that it is JUST RIGHT lol, that the soul is alighned with the thought, action and belef. :-) (22 Jun, 22:13)TReb Bor yit-NE Awesome, good to know. That would of just rocked my world a little too hard if the "good" feelings were just another form misalignment as well lol. Doing my best to do whatever it takes to transform the red flags into dem Blue flags. Thanks a bunch man! :) -Oh and I must ask now, so what location do you feel anxiety when you feel it? Anxiety is a very strange complexed feeling to me still. (22 Jun, 22:28)ikaruss21 LOL, U r welcome, i am glad this helped. for anxiety, it is usually in beaten stomach and chest, depends on what u r anxious about. If it is about love, then it is in heart chakra.. If it is about money, it is root, and if it about time, it is in solar plexus, sex in sacral,. so on and so forth. It will always manifest itself out to where it is root from. Does that make sense? (23 Jun, 11:09)TReb Bor yit-NE That makes a lot of sense. I think it was really difficult for me to pin-point because I was classifying these feelings into only two categories, "good" or "bad." That kinda opens a whole new can for me now, because I can see and feel now that you are totally right. It makes me realize now though that there is even a further detailed complexity to "the way the feeling feels like." It is way more diverse then just only the two feelings I was trying to differentiate from before, (Part 1) (23 Jun, 15:16)ikaruss21 it never occurred to me to look beyond that until you just telling me that. Anxiety was such a confusing feeling to me, because it doesn't feel heavy, nor light. It feels if anything like a fuzzy feeling, but a kinda fuzzy feeling that makes me feel like I am getting more nauseous as time keeps going by while its there. Kinda like you threw that chakra next to the microwave, just getting more and more nauseaus as it stays next to it longer. (Part 2) (23 Jun, 15:23)ikaruss21 Anywho, this changes everything for how I was orignally percieving all of this. Thanks for enlightening me man! (Part 3) (23 Jun, 15:23)ikaruss21 Well, try to use awareness in the day, like treb said, and i do it it works. be aware of ur thoughts every min, and soon u can trace them back, i really enjoy it when i am able to start feeling angry, and i can back-step my own thoughts and see exactly what the trigger is, It makes me understand myself much better, it tales practice. but it can be done. Thank u. LOVE (23 Jun, 16:05)TReb Bor yit-NE TY for making this the OFFICIAL answer// (25 Jun, 22:19)TReb Bor yit-NE No, thank you for giving me such great insight into myself. You have truly changed my life in how I now have more awareness of myself on a day to day basis after you exposing another dimension on how to perceive all of this into a higher level. I cannot thank you enough. :)


answered 04 Jul '13, 19:38

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TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE Wow - this is very interesting - I don't think I have read anything like this anywhere before.

(08 Jul '13, 02:15) Catherine

@Catherine Yes. it is quite amazing information. Treb really relays the understanding here of why and what is going on with each chakra. Love to u.

(09 Jul '13, 18:15) TReb Bor yit-NE
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