I've read on here and other LOA sites about how we limit our ability to manifest anything because we have disbelief. But are there some things just not worth desiring because they're considered impossible or incredibly difficult?

I'm not talking about material things...I'm talking about physical manifestations of health in the body, things you could see.

I've tried to manifest the healing and reversal of a skin injury for about 7 months now. I had the original injury from one doctor and then attracted someone else who claimed to be able to help but they just made it worse.

Eventually I just had to give up and trust that it could and would fix itself. That made me feel temporarily better and other good things came into my life. But that was only until the physical got worse instead of improving.

I've read Ask and it is given, come to this site, gone to a woman for reiki/eft but while my mood may have improved a little the physical didn't. Now I feel the frustration and lack of belief coming again. I try to imagine someone inventing something that could help me, or meeting a doctor who could help me. But that only gives me a temporary moment of excitement.

Then I go right back to negative thoughts and vibrations. It's an everyday battle. I just can't accept that this problem will be here for the rest of my life. But isn't that part of the letting go process?

A friend of mine says that I should stop going to reiki/eft or searching for remedies because that's keeping my focus on the problem and the healing. That I should stop and just trust.

But I think in my core maybe I just don't believe it's possible that my skin could heal...it's such an incredible thing that I want...

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I relish in this question a lot. It's good.

(26 Sep '11, 10:17) Nikulas
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Can we manifest something considered impossible?

Who is it that considers it impossible? The only person to listen to is yourself because you are the 100% absolute creator of your reality, so if you say it’s impossible, then the Universe has no choice other than to show you and prove to you that you are right.

After reading your post, it seems to me that you've answered your own question. Maybe you asked this question, with the answer already embedded within it, so as to receive some confirmation that will assist you. You said:

maybe I just don't believe it's possible that my skin could heal...it's such an incredible thing that I want...

Consider this:

The only reality that exists for you (and anybody else) is the reality that’s been defined through your beliefs. The reality you define through your beliefs in every moment is the only reality available to you. There’s no reality beyond your definition of reality.

Your current reality and the reality with a healed foot both exist here and now. Neither reality is more real than the other; your belief in either reality makes it real for you.

Thus your challenge lies in shifting your focus of awareness from one reality to the other. This is achieved by defining and believing in the wanted reality and removing focus and releasing the idea of the existing reality, so as to make the healed foot reality the dominant reality in your experience.

Remember that there’s no hard/solid fixed reality per se; there are only realities that are generated by whatever you believe, by whatever you prefer. Thus, all realities are equally real and equally valid. There are no definitions or beliefs that are more real or more valid than any other.

So your work is to fully understand this idea and train yourself to stick with your belief that your foot has already healed. See the end result in your imagination and feel as if you’re already in the healed foot reality. Once your belief in that reality is strong enough and you’ve released enough resistance and stopped hanging on to the old belief in the idea of the reality you don’t prefer; then your reality will change.

Don’t believe me. Instead do it for a week or a month just to prove me wrong :)


This answer was inspired by my understanding of the teachings of Bashar


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Thank you Eddie for your reply. It gave me a lot of good to think about. The injury is actually on the skin of my face and I think that's where I run into problems. Because I tried to visualize it getting better etc. but every morning I look to the mirror to see if anything has happened. So I know right now I'm very result based in my mind but need to "get happy" (as Abraham would say) to let the manifestation happen. And you're right...in my question I probably am looking for conformation of some sort, that its worth believing. I will try what you wrote :) Thank you.

(19 Jul '11, 05:43) eve

@eve - whoops, I think I was using a skin condition on my own foot as an example :) I agree that it's fairly hard to ignore a skin condition that you see in the mirror; nevertheless ignoring that reality whilst staying happy means you're not resisting the change that you've commanded. All the best...

(20 Jul '11, 01:25) Eddie

Another perpsective is that you created this face condition in your life...as an excercise for yourself. To create within yourself a belief in your own ability to do the impossible (in this particular fashion). You may pass or fail this lesson that you devised for yourself. And take it over in some other fashion (or lifetime). The fact that the skin "condition" is on your face...makes the game all that more challenging :)

The Universe is very fluid... many of the things that "happen" to us are a mix of several things: Part of our experience is pre-agreed upon before we incarnate here on earth. Part is from our own reality creation (voluntary and "involuntary" or default). Part is from our higher self stepping in on our behalf (for life lessons, protection, etc). My point is that, the face condition you have now serves you in a multitude of ways... and is a illusory (seemingly very real) school for you... to teach you several lessons at the same time.



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Thank you for your answer. It gives me a lot to think about. It's ironic that the thing I'm trying to manifest is something I have to see everyday. I can't hide from looking at the lack of manifestation and that further tests my belief. I guess I would have to get to a place of absolute belief...which is what you say in your answer. It's funny because I've been having lots of dreams where I have magical powers and I have some sort of energy coming out of my hands and can create anything lol. Maybe its my deep desire to believe in possibility that makes me dream something like that.

(13 Oct '11, 07:15) eve

ah.... eve! i have had those same dreams :-)

(18 Oct '11, 13:19) streetsanto

Here are some Bible Scriptures to reflect upon, and to meditate on:

Mark 5: 26: "She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better she grew worse" ..

Luke 8: 47-48: Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at Jesus feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. Then Jesus said to her, 'Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.' "


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have faith you do not have to suffer or have pain.

(27 Jul '11, 02:47) white tiger

Hey I think in one of the Abraham recordings, Esther mentions that once science catches up to the truth about our beliefs we might be able to grow new limbs, entirely new bodies, and other such crazy things, Which I agree.

Two examples of bodily transofmrations I have made through changing my beliefs hopefully my story might give you more evidence for whats possible :)

About two years ago I got hit by a car...twice. Both times I had some serious injurys- one of them was that I tore all the ligaments in my knee and the doctors said I needed immediate surgery. I said no and somehow found a way to limp home using the frame of my bike as a cane. Since I had no one to take care of me and was living by myself in a new city and without insurance I told myself that I needed to figure out how to get to the grocery store, so I found an old fed ex tube and from day one literally was hobbling around, trying to get back to walking. I stopped talking to doctors cause they kept saying that the ligaments would NEVER heal and that it was a requirement to get surgery and I would have problems being able to really use my knees or walk or do anything sports wise if I didnt get that surgery which would have required them to drill through my knee, take tissue from other parts of my body etc. I refused to have scars on my legs so I just kept walking, every day as much as I could and used the fed ex tube... fast forward a few years and I now own a dog walking company- bike and climb stairs and run miles and do all sorts of sports everyday- I actually feel better than before I did with the injury. I'm positive I healed my knee completely and I have no question I have in some form replaced all the tissues they told me were irreparable. I dont think this is impossible at all. I just choose different thoughts about the condition and didn't let it stop me, as we have a choice about our experience. Why else would our body be built? To do powerful things, and serve as a powerful vehicle, that is often self repairing in any form. The sickest people I know are people that don't believe they can heal so they actualy don't do anything to actually physically heal. They just let themselves deteriorate instead of believing that they are better than the obstacle they created. New research actually shows now that doing something like trying to walk from day one after an injury actually SPEEDS up the recovery process and makes you more stronger than previously. I.e. laying around for days or weeks actually reinforces the belief that your healing "slowly". I just choose to heal something else...

another tip is to check out this woman named rose cole. She cured herself from horrible skin condition not only by changing her thought patterns, but the nature of her life- how she ate and things like that. She had a horrible skin disease and has a really great story, that may or may not help.

Also if you have doubts about your ability to cure yourself of ANYthing- also remember that there was a group of energy healers in china I believe? Who literally chanted away a cancerous tumor. They have it on video and I think its on TED.com too- but if thats not evidence of energy and beliefs- making a huge tumor dissapear in under a couple mintues, then I dont know what else is. Anything is possible if we have that kind of power over our mind and our energy- and ultimately over our body. Hope this gives you some inspiration.


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Read the book The Genie in Your Genes by Dawson Church. This book is very exciting.

Then read Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin. If you have read the Bible, scriptures may pop into your head while reading it. It is like a key to reading the Bible.


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I looked up the book and it seems very interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.

(19 Jul '11, 05:44) eve

You're welcome. Then read Dynamic Thought. I will post a link in the answer.

(19 Jul '11, 13:55) Fairy Princess

if u take a pill to cure something, and then take another that counter-acts the 1st pill's effetc, what will happen...? nothing. similarly if u try n manifest, n next moment, or sometime later, u get down from ur intention, the result will be zero. now furthur, when u realise that the manifestation didnt work, and u feel more miserable, what will happen...? the situation will worsen. what i will say is, saying positive affirmations is one part of the manifesting process.. just like taking the 1st pill. but what are u doing to stop taking the 2nd pill, ie. from nullifying ur +ve thots by thhoughts of disbelief? this is where concentration or meditation works. u must trust me when i say this that thoughts of disbelief and misery are not really u. coz if it were u, then who thought about curing the ailment in the 1st place? negative thoughts arise themselves, coz such is the nature of the mind. just like water will always flow downwards, so mind will always flow towards the negative, without any effort. bt for the movement to be positive and constructive, ie. if u want water to go UP, there needs to be an active effort. similarly, to control negative thoughts, and to stop them and to reject them, u need to put in effort. this is the need to practise meditation (read-concentration). once u do this, u will have rejected the habitual negative thinking, and the manifestation will happen.


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the real question is why are you experiancing this did you chose to experiance it ? did you learn from it and are ready to move to something else? if so what is stopping you from moving on? why do you have that skin disease in the first place? try to answer this and it might help you out.


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I have thought of that. My career involves looking good and often times being judged on your looks. I had to stop my career because of the injury and I'm just finding the confidence to try and go back. I know before my injury I was very critical of myself and my looks and felt less than others in my field. Maybe the lesson is to love myself no matter what I look like? It certainly has led me to questions a lot about life and spirituality. – eve 0 secs ago

(19 Jul '11, 05:48) eve

yes i agree those the judgement of other change annything for you? if you are happy that is what matters.

(19 Jul '11, 23:04) white tiger
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