There are times when I'm out with nature and I find myself encountering large quantities of wildlife.

As examples: Sometimes I'm in an excellent mood and they come and seem to share in the experience and amplify it, others I'm in a less than ideal mood and they come and seem to be a source of healing and support which brings me into a better mood. (I've always found animals to be amazing healers)

Of course there are times in both mindsets where they're absent, but I haven't been able to determine any sort of indicators as to why. Anyone else have any similar experiences?

asked 27 Apr '13, 22:32

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Very interesting question Snow - love the originality of your questions.

(28 Apr '13, 05:51) Catherine

possibly an aura that lets them know you mean them no harm

(28 Apr '13, 12:38) fred

@Snow - This is a good question...I wish I knew the answer. I've often had "encounters" with animals that would be termed unusual by most others. One time I was doing some stretches out on a hill. I saw some hawks circling in the distance. I bent down to do another stretch. When I came back up, a red-tailed hawk was perched on a sign-post literally seven or eight feet away. Looking right at me. The hawk hung out there for about three or four minutes, calmly surveying the land, and...

(28 Apr '13, 15:27) lozenge123

...occasionally glancing at me. Then he flew away. To this day I have no idea why it came that close, had no fear, etc.. At the time, if someone else had told me that this happened to them, that a wild hawk landed that close to them, otherwise behaving normally, I wouldn't have believed them.

(28 Apr '13, 15:28) lozenge123

@lozenge123 what did you feel when being so close to that wild hawk? you mentioned "no fear", let's remember that here we're in physical duality, fear/love, the opposite to fear is love ...

(29 Apr '13, 02:21) ru bis

This is a very stange phenomena that I don't think you can necessarily draw to "oh, it's just by chance such and such an animal was looking at me like that." Back when a developed spiritual person was in our house, the cats were constantly in her room or wanting to be in the precense of her. To this day, the exact same room remains, and although its someone elses bedroom, the cats never go in there.

(29 Apr '13, 02:32) Nikulas

@ru bis - The dominant feeling was wonder/amazement at the fact that this wild creature was so close to me, of its own free will or choosing. The other feeling was one of appreciation and gratefulness that the hawk (and/or the Universe) had allowed me to have this experience.

(29 Apr '13, 22:44) lozenge123

@Nikulas - Agreed. I no longer believe in "chance" in any situation. In the words of Obi Wan Kenobi, "In my experience, there's no such thing as luck."

(29 Apr '13, 23:15) lozenge123
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love this question ♥♥♥ ...

we live in a world of duality and the whole of nature feels it's effects. Animals being part of nature, naturally feel these energies, when they sense danger they're afraid, when they sense love there're attracted.

Feelings and emotions are vibrations that resonate in the inner, invisible world and allows exploration beyond physical boundaries, it's the universal language in the animal world, this phenomenon is often named telepathy. In other words telepathic communication takes place between animals and humans through emotions and feelings whether we are aware of or not. Animals are feeling beings with their own desires, ways of considering the environment and can be just like us in as much that when they sense the presence of a friend there are attracted and are curious to investigate and communicate. I like to think of them as little messenger angels.

It's a beautiful feeling to be amongst nature, to feel the fresh healing energies of trees, flowers and animals, it's a real feeling of communication. Open your hands towards a tree, an animal ... you'll feel the specific energy. Cats especially give out a very high vibrational healing energy.

Here's a link on animal telepathy

and here's a video

enjoy ♥


answered 28 Apr '13, 03:27

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ru bis

edited 29 Apr '13, 06:23

I have had these same experiences myself many times in nature. One time I even came face to face with as deer. It was maybe three feet away, we were both looking into each others eyes. Then it turned and hopped away through the tall weeds.

I have had this with Rabbits, Squirels, Beavers, Turtles, Birds, Frogs, Gophers, Snakes, Chipmunks, Ducks and Fish.

I always considered it coincidence. I respect nature though, I don't go plodding through the trials talking and listening to Walkman.

I always walk slowly and quietly, pausing a lot just to look around and listening to what I hear. If I hear an animal I turn to it slowly without sound, then if I can I get a photo.


answered 28 Apr '13, 20:47

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Wade Casaldi


I think that's important, be in the moment and enjoying nature, not distracted with music or a cell phone. When we are open to experiences they are more likely to come our way.

(28 Apr '13, 22:35) LeeAnn 1

@Wade what did you feel, did you have impressions of communicating when face to face with that deer ?

(29 Apr '13, 02:18) ru bis

@ru bis Yes my thought was don't move or this deer may stomp you! It was a doe. I didn't want to scare it.

(29 Apr '13, 02:56) Wade Casaldi

@Wade "stomp" you mean you were afraid of the deer?

(29 Apr '13, 03:37) ru bis

@ru bis Not afraid, respectful of the deer.

(29 Apr '13, 08:28) Wade Casaldi

Regarding music or a cell phone: personally, I always have the former playing out of the latter.

I've never found it to be inhibiting personally, and there's also times when animals will seem to be purposefully jolting my attention away from other things seemingly just to prove they can. Very intriguing, all forms of life.

This is why I don't think of animals to be beneath humans, never could. I like to feign intellect but they always make me feel a deep understanding from them.

(01 May '13, 20:26) Snow
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