HI all,

I hope positive energy is flowing around you and your trains are all running on schedule.

I have one question and i hope to keep it short and sweet.I previously started meditation two years ago well july 15th 2011 to be precise and I can't argue that systems such as the master key have helped me shape my life and get things happening.I by no means aim to sound boastful here but i have attracted a girlfriend who i love ,the body i have always wanted and i feel i have a peace of mind so i by no means am undermining the works of God and my the power of thinking.

Its just theres one thing i am feeling now...i have 'gotten over' the wonders i felt at first of attracting such things and still wanting to attract a business which I cant deny that i have received visions and directions into how to go about so that just a question of action...the problem here is am I losing my connection with God? I feel that yes I am still praying and giving thanks before I put my needs to God, I wake up and I always pray before I start my day but friends I feel as if I do this for the sake of it now.I say the same prayers everyday so no real thinking is used and I when I wake up i'm half asleep saying the same mantra's so I feel as if my prayers are lifeless and not heartfelt.

Please shed light if you will on how can I fix this and I apologise if this question has been posted before?

Peace and love.

asked 25 Nov '12, 20:55

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You answer your own question. You're bothered your prayers are not full of life and heartfelt. Then make them so.

(26 Nov '12, 05:27) CalonLan
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Think of God as your father. Your Dad, your best friend. When you pray you are in conversation with God. There are the prayers that are commanding and there are the prayers that are for closeness.

I think you are missing the closeness prayer. This is reverent but as well sharing and loving to God. Jesus gave us a close personal relationship with God. Take time to tell God how you are feeling, what your dreams are, ask his advise.

Yes there is the pray and thank God before it is done way as Jesus instructed us. But we must as well remember to have a close personal relationship with God as well.


answered 26 Nov '12, 01:06

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Wade Casaldi

Can I think of God as beautifully hot girl I'd like to sleep with? Because this setting of father and son quite don't cut it in my imagination.lol I mean I can get pretty close, but not close enough to become one. And as far as I'm concerned that was the point of all this mambo jumbo called life. ;>

(26 Nov '12, 05:26) CalonLan

We have different views of becoming one with. I see it as more morphing into, realizing that God and you are the same. There is only one I Am That I Am, that is who we are as a holograph the holograph can be split into billions but every piece has the full picture. The one and all are the same. So becoming one or joining together a one is trying to repair something that could never be separate to begin with.

God as Father or best friend is just a way to relate if you feel separate.

(26 Nov '12, 22:55) Wade Casaldi

I had a problem getting close to God earlier in life, and the main reason was my difficulty relating with my own father. My sister would always say "God loves you" , and eventually I could feel that love for me, and feel love and trust for God.

(26 Nov '12, 23:12) clearheart

Yes we need think on God as a loving, giving, happy, kind, generous father that wants to spoil his daughters and sons, unconditionally.

(12 Jan '13, 20:12) Wade Casaldi

@PlatosCave thank you for picking my answer best answer. I am glad to help. :-)

(12 Jan '13, 20:14) Wade Casaldi

@lozenge123 thank you, I checked that out and enjoyed it. I found it on Amazon kindal free. :-)

(12 Jan '13, 21:53) Wade Casaldi
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do you talk to him as a friend. or are you just repeating the same stuff just for the sake of doing it? if someone talked to you in the same way what would you say?


answered 26 Nov '12, 00:54

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white tiger

do not loose gratitude or humility
and it is the power of the Light Father
to guide ones volition to beseech


answered 26 Nov '12, 07:56

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I've always found when I'm losing steam 'gratitude' always picks me back up. Start praying 'thanks' for everything.

(26 Nov '12, 11:23) alsorts

I agree fred, appreciation and humility have brought me lots of peace,joy and wonderful circumstances.

(26 Nov '12, 23:14) clearheart

I talk to God, also ask for help, let God know if I'm at my wit's end, ask God to "fix" me...I also of course, share my glorious or plain moments with God too.

One prayer I use to totally give up to God is "If you ever cared for me at all, please take care of this for me". I know that I do allow, however I trust a loving God so much as well and this prayer for me is asking God to shine that loving refection back to me.


answered 26 Nov '12, 05:00

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