My father passed away two weeks ago. He was trapped in an aging body and longed to be free.

Two mornings after his passing two white cockatoos appeared and sat on a brick wall peering into the room where family was gathered. The birds remained peaceful for at least 10 mins just looking at us all.

A week later--Yesterday they appeared once more early in the morn by the bedroom window. As I gazed out at them and moved towards the kitchen they both followed. One sat on the brick wall where it had been the previous time and the other one flew down and walked to the kitchen door and would have come inside if allowed. He then perched on a chair by the screen door and peered in for quite a while..

We just stared at each other. I felt a strange connection.

I have never before seen cockatoos in the vicinity of our garden. Can anyone please offer an explanation more than my own yearning for a sign that my father is now free…… in love and light

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I'd say there's something in it, especially if you had a feeling of connection.

Abraham have said a few times that birds are especially receptive and responsive to "non-physical" impulses and so people often have experiences whereby birds might be used to catch someone's physical attention at an appropriate moment.

They described on a recent recording where Esther Hicks had an experience of a relatively large bird hovering outside her window - in a way that relatively large birds shouldn't be able to hover :) - and watching her.

She had a feeling that it was connected to her late husband Jerry Hicks - and Abraham confirmed during the seminar that it was actually him behind it.

I think birds get utilized by "non-physical" so often because of their ability to move so freely around with relatively little resistance i.e. fly.


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@Stingray...Your words are appreciated. It's comforting and nice to know that there can be a connection with loved ones who have recently passed on. It need only be a small recognition and awareness. I am feeling blessed to have had this experience.

(05 Dec '12, 16:10) Tisca

Certainly if you have been yearning for a sign from your father, I would take the birds as your sign! Here is a link that may help you:

Hello Grief


answered 04 Dec '12, 08:49

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@Bedazzled ... Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the comforting "Hello Grief' site.

(05 Dec '12, 15:56) Tisca

You're most welcome, @Tisca.

(05 Dec '12, 17:05) Bedazzled
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