If feeling good is a pre-requisite for allowance of experiences in ours lives i.e. for LOA then why do almost all religions (at least those that I know about) insist on penance, supplication, absitenance etc? Dont these things prevent us from attracting good experiences in our lives? All standard prayers in many religions are also all about how powerless human beings are and therefore we beseech God to protect us, make us happy, so on.. Doesnt stating and believing our own powerlessness prevent us from attracting what we desire?

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Any specific examples?

(12 Jan '13, 14:16) Gumnaam
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Religion has a social function: it serves to help people behave correctly, according to established ethical principles (although that effort may appear to be misguided at times).

The most effective way to get people to behave the way you want them to is to make them feel good about desirable behavior, and feel bad about undesirable behavior.

The notion of feeling powerless is merely the reflection of the insight that the ego is, indeed, quite powerless. It is in relinquishing the ego, and reconnecting with the divine, that true power lies.


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Although I pretty much grew up as an atheist, and was a believer but not a church-goer all through my 20's, 30's and 40's, I now am attending a church with my husband most weeks. I find comfort in the rituals and most are uplifting. I like the aura or atmosphere in the place and get strength from it, the music is beautiful and the place is full of caring and helpful people. I just enjoy it. There is nothing wrong in admitting I am not the greatest thing to ever come into the universe; it doesn't bother me. I understand what you are saying and I think I used to feel the same way, but after giving church a chance, I am enjoying it so much. I don't find anything there that hurts me with my LOA work, but everyone is different!


answered 17 Jun '10, 20:49

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LeeAnn 1

That is because of the confusion between being religious and being spiritual, my church is a spiritual church, and we strongly believe through Jesus we have unimaginable power and authority.

To non-believers they may say but you humble yourself to God, how can you have any power or authority? The answer to this has to do with when we say "I am powerful, I can do this and I can do that, me me me" we are really expressing the ego self so when a Christian says I am nothing, weak powerless, we are killing that ego self and becoming far more than we could ever imagine through God. We are trampling on the flesh and saying this is nothing, I am nothing but a vessel for God and God is the true self, I give up and surrender to his will and control. In this giving up and surrendering is to be found the greatest treasure of who we really are.

I spent maybe a half hour casting out devils and demons for a friend, it changed her whole life, I didn't do this by my authority and command but God's authority and command.

Since many are non-Christians that come upon this but the movie Star Wars is worldly popular, the closest thing to being a Christian I can point to for surrender is when OB-One Knoby willing let Darth Vader strike him down, he said "if you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you will ever imagine." In the film he becomes one in the Force, but for real with Christians giving up and surrendering to God is becoming one in God.


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Wade Casaldi

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Putting "religions" aside, this question demonstrates exactly why any spiritual belief system based on POSITIVE THINKING is contrary to the Bible. The Bible describes man as having a 'fallen' nature because of SIN. Man can only recognize his 'fallen' nature through NEGATIVE THINKING. He must become aware that he is spiritually sick. He must become aware that he needs to be healed. This is why Jesus Christ is called the 'Physician' [Mark 2:17]. Through his blood sacrifice, He makes you whole again. Thus, in the Bible, the POSITIVE THINKING begins only AFTER you become BORN-AGAIN.

How can a man ever recognize his sinful state if he is constantly in the POSITIVE THINKING mode? By always THINKING POSITIVELY, he will never discern that he suffers from a spiritual sickness called SIN. By always THINKING POSITIVELY, he will continually believe that all is well with him when the Bible says the contrary.

In order for the Law of Attraction to function, you must stay focused on the POSITIVE so that you can attract what you desire. In order to be BORN-AGAIN, you must focus on the NEGATIVE state of your spiritual condition before GOD. These are two opposing thought processes which can never converge.

Thank you for allowing me to share this Biblical perspective.

Concerned Citizen


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Concerned Citizen

Do you continue to think negatively after you are born again? Are there negative things that you no longer expose yourself to? Do you deliberately hang out with negative people, or do you prefer to socialize with the positive, uplifting people (i.e. the saved ones)?

(18 Jun '10, 01:29) Vesuvius

I do attend church but am never told there to think badly of myself, are you? To examine myself, yes. And even though I think positively, I am not arrogant enough to think I am perfect; I still see it when I am wrong, and then I move forward, fix the error hopefully and go on with my positive thinking!

(18 Jun '10, 02:07) LeeAnn 1

Vesuvius: After being BORN-AGAIN, your SPIRIT is positive because you are in the Body of Christ. However, to keep your FLESH in subjection, you must always approach SIN in your life as a negative thing. Not doing this will enable your FLESH to drag you back into the world thereby robbing you of blessings and rewards. Things of the world are contrary to GOD. I hang out with saved and lost people. I do not live in a restrictive closet. Both the saved and lost have needs. Through word or action, I try to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone around me in order to meet those needs.

(18 Jun '10, 12:52) Concerned Citizen

LeeAnn: Religious Christianity and Biblical Christianity are NOT the same. In Biblical Christianity, you do not 'attend church'. In Biblical Christianity, you must become BORN-AGAIN in order to be placed IN THE CHURCH (which is the Body of Christ). Thus, if you truly do 'examine yourself', you must evaluate if you have a 'religion' with GOD or if you have a RELATIONSHIP with GOD. If you have a RELATIONSHIP with GOD, then your final authority for all doctrines and conduct is the BIBLE and not the creeds, rituals, and man-made traditions of your 'church'. What is your final authority?

(18 Jun '10, 13:25) Concerned Citizen

Why should man be spiritually sick with sin? Why should I feel guilty and think negatively just because the Bible says so?

(18 Jun '10, 18:43) Michael 1

Michael: You are the reason that I post here. I just want to share Biblical information with people that have never cared, do not care, or never will care about the Bible and its contents. Sharing this information may spiritually touch someone into doing their own personal research. If you already have your stand on the Bible, I will respect that because that is your choice. I cannot convince anyone because I am nothing. Only facts convince people. However, we still exchanged ideas that may help out someone else in the future. Thanks for reading.

(18 Jun '10, 20:31) Concerned Citizen
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