Okay so I'm in a weird predicament. And the title may not make sense yet but let me explain. I've managed to get into really high vibrational states in the past before, for decent amounts of time. (Like at the most staying consistently aligned for 2-3 weeks.) I know and 100% believe in the LoA and have seen firsthand what I can do when I'm aligned. The thing is though, I'm perfectly capable of entering into a high vibrational state but I've been afraid/purposely holding myself back.

I just feel like if I get into the mode of raising my vibration, I'll reach those emotional highs and feel that overwhelming happiness and I won't be able to experience other emotions? Because the last times I stayed aligned consistently, it was really really really powerful happy energy and it was actually overwhelming, but not in a bad way. But I'm just worried that getting into that consistent high state will cover my genuine/other emotions? Like I still want to be able to be in high vibrations and feel like I can feel whatever I want to feel or like listen to certain music and feel certain things but last time I think I was just totally encapsulated by the happiness and it was like I was cut-off from my other emotions?

So basically I've been having an internal struggle with either letting myself get into high vibrations or letting myself be more genuine/true to myself? This probably sounds so bizarre but this is the only thing stopping me from getting into alignment. I don't want to lose the ability to feel other emotions I guess? Because in past experiences the strong happy energy just overshadows everything else?

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We are human...Mountains and Valleys,go easy on yourself...your doin awesome...love and light...

(24 Jul '16, 00:02) Roy
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A couple of things spring to mind here...


It could be that you have a difficult-to-identify limiting belief in place that is covering its tracks quite well and convincing you that feeling good is somehow "bad" :)

Limiting Beliefs can take on quite anthropomorphic properties at times and it can feel sometimes like they are playing hide and seek with you as you try to pin them down.

A slick way of getting them out into the open is by using Bashar's questions.


The other thing that springs to mind is what I'll call, because I can't think of a better name right now, The Ithaca Effect. You heard it here first, folks :)

The name comes from a wonderful poem called Ithaca which is basically all about enjoying the journey of life. It's about not being in too much of a rush to reach your final destination because ultimately the destination is only providing an excuse for the journey.

You can read/watch the poem Ithaca here.

The idea of The Ithaca Effect is that there is a part of you that doesn't actually want to rush the journey towards what you want. It wants to enjoy and savor the trip as much as possible because there are so many wonderful experiences to be had as the journey unfolds.

I've noticed this happening in my own life at times where, from an out-of-the-Vortex perspective, it seems I am self-sabotaging myself when I'm within reach of something I want.

But from an In-The-Vortex perspective, it becomes clear that this journey is filled with so much good stuff to experience and learn that it's worth trying to drag it out as long as possible.

I've never yet had an Ithaca Effect situation happen that, looking back later, I wasn't appreciative of the apparent obstacles because they enriched my life so much from being there and forcing a different perspective upon me.

I've written about this idea before on IQ. You can read more about it here: Despite feeling good most of the time, I have huge debts and can't find a job. Where am I going wrong?

These ideas may - or may not - provide some insights into your own situation :)


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@stingray Thanks for the insight. It definitely helped a bit. I think my main problem is I feel like getting into the vibrationally high state is just a fake version of myself somehow. It sounds a bit messed up but.. Yeah. Lately I've been feeling predominantly bad/neutral, mixed with moments of high elation. I think I'm realizing that it IS possible to feel predominantly good and still feel like I'm being a genuine version of myself.

(23 Jul '16, 20:23) PowerWave

@stingray This is definitely a peculiar fork in the road for me though because I've never had this kind of internal conflict before. In the past the hardest part was just sorting out bad beliefs/feelings.. but this feels like a more personal, overdramatic ultimatum. Maybe this really is just deep-seated self-sabatoge and I'm just keeping myself from being happy for some other reason.

(23 Jul '16, 20:29) PowerWave

Whoo look at all those words.. Writing this out is therapeutic in a way haha

(23 Jul '16, 20:30) PowerWave
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maybe you did not reach your highest and truest vibration yet. that could be your predicament. as long as you are in this world that go in to extreme you will have high and low moment. the real tuff part is to find your balance. what is the division in you that you are not solving is it really being in high vibration and not being your true self? if you would be your true self you would reach your highest vibration it is not a question of do, it is a question of be, but for that you got to know your self. where is your true self? are you able to clean that water, calm the storm and observe your reflection and get to know your self? When there will be nothing to observe, when all the piece of the puzzle will be in place, when you will get a perfect reflection with no more darkness, Then the two will become one.

If you are starting to see this you are on the right path.


what does this image have to do with getting to know your self?

I will let you find out. in that inner quest.

when the two become one you will fully understand those words.In him was life; and the life was the light of men. you see before that you could not fully comprehended it. because you where in the darkness about this.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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I can relate to the feelings you describe. I spent many, many years pretending to be happy just to please others, or because I thought that was the way I "should" behave, for various reasons, but behind closed doors I was very badly depressed. I associated feeling really happy with being fake, untrue to myself, or being delusional, and recognized at some level that this was somehow dangerous and detrimental to me. Feeling good was just not "me".

But that, right there, is the issue. Feeling good actually IS you, and it's me too. It's our natural state of being. We've just been so far away from true to ourselves for so long, we don't recognize truth when we have it. If you keep at it, it becomes your new normal, and you'll feel yourself naturally recoil from negative vibes. Keep on growing and learning, and don't be afraid to be happy! You're doing great.

Love, Grace :)


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I feel like high vibration is master of all emotions. mrs/mr (you are) being after alignment with high vibrations if you are really feeling pity on lower emotions (them by not concentrating on them). It's really something that I do not understand. I think your extremely rich appearance in your dress etc.. making you feel powerful happiness and when you see other people around you wanting themselves the same appearance like you (by seeing them you think that you are not genuine to other emotions). If that is the situation... I request do not feel pity on any emotions. If possible share your happiness and if not possible just be let it happen.

Thank you.


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