If someone has truly "woken up" from "The Game", is that job done? Is there any other reason to reincarnate here on Earth again?

Thank you.

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@Satori Great question Satori. Maybe it is like a computer game, we crack this level and more on to another level. You know what happens when you finally get to the top of the top level (not that I ever have) you go out and buy a new game!

(28 Sep '12, 04:24) Catherine

@Catherine- Thanks Catherine. Interesting what you say. When you say move to another level, do you mean another more challenging life experience on earth with more limitation? Thanks :)

(28 Sep '12, 11:35) Satori

@Satori Is that what happens in computer games - LOL I don't play them! No, I don't think that is what really happens - I think the next level. whatever that is, will just be a completely different experience.

(28 Sep '12, 15:44) Catherine

@Catherine- lol. I asked for that. Thank you for your input here:)

(28 Sep '12, 17:37) Satori
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Hi Satori,

Yes, I believe there is another reason. You can decide, as an Adept, to come back as a Teacher and assist the rest of us; lead the way.

It may be that the more evolved one becomes, the more the desire to assist asserts itself.

There are so many different ways to teach, and so many things to learn. I believe that there are many, many teachers among us who are here, now, for just this purpose.



answered 30 Sep '12, 09:45

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@Grace- Thanks for you views Grace, appreciated :)

(01 Oct '12, 10:10) Satori

Satori, I remember coming down to Earth from Heaven and the choice I made to "jump" too soon.

I missed being on the physical plane. I remember asking for permission to9 go down to Earth, and I was warned that it might be too soon, and I was given permission to go anyway. It seems that there is free will in Heaven, too.

All pf my friends and family in Heaven gathered with me around a giant Vortex. I said my goodbyes, and then I jumped.

Immediately, I was descending around and around on what seemed to be a giant helix-shaped slide. With each turn of the slide, I began to forget Heaven. I remember being frustrated that I was forgetting, and I vowed to remember something/ What I retained was what I have recounted here, nothing more.

Eventually, everything went black, and i knew no more. My earliest memory was blowing out the candles on the cake for my second birthday.

To answer yur question, now that I "know" who I am, and have experienced this clarity, will I reincarnate again?

I believe so, because of the mistake I made in "jumping" too soon. I have learned a great lesson in that I am too impatient in all things, and I lately have had to learn to be patient- no easy task for me! :)

The next time, I want to obey God, and leave Heaven when He says I can, and not before. This life I am living seems off-kilter and goofy sometimes. Finding Wade has restored something of what should have been in the first place. But if I had not jumped too son, I would have not ended up older than he. I would have been the right age, I guess. He does not mind that I am older, but it sometimes hard to keep up with him at times. I feel my age acutely now, and see what a mistake I made.

I hope this answer describes a little of what you are asking about; I hope it shows you that perhaps we never really reach absolute perfection, but instead, have life after life that "grows" our souls. As a small aside, I never felt at home in my family. I never seemed like them, and I am different from my sisters in bodily form and pursuits. My parents were just kids themselves when they had me, and were unable to provide me with what I needed to flourish in this life. I feel I was born to the "wrong" parents in the first place. I love them very much, but they just seem "off" somehow.

I hope this makes sense to you. I hope it helps you!


Jaianniah ♥


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@Jai- Thanks for your answer. That is cool that you can recall those early memories. You say that we progress spiritually in each lifetime we experience. This is my theory also:)

(28 Sep '12, 11:27) Satori

In my opinion, the fact that we are awakening to the true reasons for our incarnations here on earth like most of us are starting to is not related to whether we are going to reincarnate or not on earth again.

From what I understand, we reincarnated here on earth to experience and deal with specific personal issues, and until we have managed to find the best ways to deal with these issues by playing out scenarios relating to those issues again and again in our lives here on earth, we will keep reincarnating

The specific issues that we have come to play out will vary from one person to another and from my perspective, we have reincarnated on earth to play out more than one issue. The issues could be anything you can think of for example feelings of unworthiness, guilt of some sort, being faithful or wanting to be in control.


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Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond- Thank you Pink Diamond. Interesting answer but this implys no free will? Also if we are indeed moving towards a 5D reality surely issues will be no longer revelant? Appreciate your answer.

(01 Oct '12, 10:12) Satori

@Satori - I think of it as a theme that we have set before being reincarnated here on earth, a bit like where and what family we are born in, or our personality traits. Let's say you decided that you wanted to attract a specific type of relationship in your life in order to really bring out the issues that you want to work on. You still have the free will to change some of the specifics of the situation once you have reincarnated on earth..

(02 Oct '12, 07:50) Pink Diamond

@Satori - ...but you will still manufacture those situations in your life somehow and then within those situations, you can exercise your free will and get what you want out of the experience. If you think about your personality and where you are born, these still let you exercise free will but within the confines of some sort of structure. This is how I understand it anyway. I would be glad to hear other viewpoints.

(02 Oct '12, 07:52) Pink Diamond

@Satori - In terms of moving into the 5D reality, from my perspective, our vibrations will be raised. However, the issues will still be there and it will just become harder to ignore the issues.

(02 Oct '12, 08:02) Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond- So we start with a basic blueprint of what we want to experience before we come here but its not set in stone. We have the Freewill to change it. Thanks again for some clarifying some points. :)

(02 Oct '12, 10:31) Satori
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