Recently, I seem to having much more dreams than usual. (Or being able to remember them better, since if I am not wrong someone on this site said we have dreams everyday, just that we don't remember them most of the time).

By having much more dreams(or remembering) than usual, I mean that almost every day I have a dream. Sometimes 2 dreams in one night, for the past week. This has never ever happened before to me.

Therefore, I was just wondering whether this means anything, such as me being more aware of myself, or whether it might be a sign of expansion (seeing as 12-12-12 is here and 20-12-12 is round the corner). Or does it not mean anything at all?

asked 13 Dec '12, 21:09

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everything as meaning and truth you just have to find it and understand it. let the sleeper wake up. experience and enjoy.

(13 Dec '12, 22:54) white tiger

Yea, I'm having a lot of dreams lately, several dreams per night actually with several wake ups during the night, sometimes about the same person in different ways and the range of themes of my dreams is wide and wild. But also, I'm advancing a lot consciously and if I read my dreams as symbolism I can see relation to my real life which is massively expanding on all levels.

Over all, I enjoy spaceships battles the most.

(14 Dec '12, 01:46) CalonLan
(14 Dec '12, 04:47) ursixx
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Hello kakaboo

Dreams are an excellent means of communicating with that which lies immediately beyond what we are conscious of ... correct interpretation of dreams leads to deeper understanding and expansion ... having a lot of dreams means that there is a large possibility for expansion so long as they can be wisely interpreted ... the only person who can really interpret your dreams are you ... dreams are always symbolic and they can be interpreted in much the same way as omens ... here is a simple guideline

have fun :)


answered 14 Dec '12, 01:15

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blubird two

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