Running out of fuel while flying in lucid dreams -- why does this happen?

asked 29 Sep '10, 00:29

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It's been a long time since I've had a lucid dream, but it takes a certain kind of concentration to maintain the awareness that you are dreaming. The minute that you decide to focus on something else besides that awareness, it lapses into an ordinary dream.

This is especially true if I try and read something in the dream. Reading being a function of your analytical mind, I suppose the analytical mind becomes dominant, and drops you right out of lucidity.


answered 29 Sep '10, 04:28

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When I fly in my dreams, I actually enjoy the propelling, the movement, and letting it happen seems to let you continue to fly. When you try to force it, it ends quickly. With a feeling of that was cool and I want to do it again.


answered 29 Sep '10, 04:49

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Hm... "letting it happen"... Thanks!

(29 Sep '10, 18:13) zvolkov

Because we realize what we are doing is not possible in the conscious world? I am only guessing, Zvolkov. In my dreams when I realize that I can't really fly, or I can't really drive a chair down the street, that is when I come to a stop! If only we could keep believing!


answered 29 Sep '10, 00:51

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LeeAnn 1

I sometimes have a pause, so to say on a flight then I will my way back up. Once in a while I fail. Bummer.

But to answer, I think we get caught up in the thrill of the ride that it seems to be to good to be true and we get let down.


answered 29 Sep '10, 02:25

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jim 10

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falling from your lucied state sometimes,, need to check your non reality realize and refuel


answered 13 Apr '11, 03:47

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When I am flying in my dreams sometimes I have difficulty launching or staying up. I think it is the moment I realize I am dreaming and that I can ONLY fly in my dreams. Then when I realize I can control it, I usually wake up soon. Sometimes to launch, I jump off cliffs or buildings. Sometimes when I do this, I pinch myself to make sure I am dreaming because I really don't want to jump if I am really awake. LOL I also have a difficult time launching when I try to carry a passenger, usually for escape purposes. It would be nice to just take a joy ride flight, but I usually am being chased. Sometimes I fly to show off though. But when I am in the transition of noticing that I am dreaming, I lose fuel or whatever.


answered 13 Apr '11, 13:18

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Fairy Princess

You need be aware of the laws or rules of the spirit side. We travel in the direction of our thought, this holds true in life as well. We do not just walk without a destination in mind, we walk where we want to go. Now we travel in two dimensions mostly forwards as we walk but imagine we can travel in three dimensions, forwards is still primary in our desire however if you look down and are high up the fear of falling trumps the desire to travel forwards. Now the fear of falling becomes the new desired direction of travel (downwards). The mind thinks gravity applies so the mind complies with this thought to "drop" you downwards, really you are just moving downwards like you were forwards but the fear changes the feeling from travel to falling.

If you were to have a terrible fear of being sucked into outer-space guess where you would be falling now?


answered 13 Apr '11, 19:22

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Wade Casaldi

how do you fly in your dream? do you let the wind carry you? do you utilize the will to fly? or do you utilize energy beam? or do you just move with out having anny effort to do? as for the limit each one as is own limits! and over coming those limits are part of the game! good luck and fly well!


answered 22 Apr '11, 22:40

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white tiger

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