I have fighting dreams, this really isn't much of a problem for me as I always win but I was wondering how others handle dreams as this.

I had a dream today (3-17-12) I was in a town and the whole town was out to get me they were The Living Dead! Corps People! They were after me! A whole town!

alt text

I was escaping from them, but next as I was running away I came to another side of town that these Living Dead feared. So I thought what do these living dead fear? These were Doll People the other side of town. These were people that were turned into Doll People.

alt text

I was caught in the middle! (Note the Doll People were full sized, just more like manikins) These were like living manikins that people were turned into by a witch! I decided to take my chances with these Doll People. They had spears they were going to throw at me. I said "Don't push me!" They thew the spears I put up my hand and flipped the spears in mid air (With my thought) and reverse them towards the Doll People. This was enough to scare them away. I grabbed the witch's hand and said, "You're coming with me! We're going to see the Devil!" I took her inside an old house down into the basement and into a elevator room. The room was red rock we went down until the door opened and there we were in Hell and the Devil was mad! He looked like exactly from the movie The Legend.

alt text

He charged at me just like in that movie, I turned out of the way. He charged at me again I turned out of the way. He grabbed a stalagmite and rushed toward me like jousting and I turned with a shuto strike and broke it in in half (As the Devil fell to his back on the ground) and I flipped it around as I came down towards the Devil's chest with the point just sticking it in enough to cause to bleed. I looked him right in the eyes and said, "Who won?" He said, "You did." I said, "Alright then." and threw the lance to the side and looked back at the witch and said to her, "Your turn." She was frightened and would not come out. I woke up end of the dream.

Does anyone have similar dreams and how do you handle them, are you always the winner? I find these dreams to be exciting fun and challenging actually!

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Wade Casaldi

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I had a similar dream when I was young more than 10 years ago and I can still remember it clearly.. instead of doll people I was surrounded by dinosaurs in my room..somehow I managed to run to the front door only to find that it is locked and then I woke up after that

(17 Mar '12, 21:00) kakaboo

That's a really epic and terrifying dream, lol.

I used to have lots of nightmares when I was a kid. Dolls chasing me, dinosaurs trying to get in my house, zombies, aliens, kidnappers... id never be able to run, everything always went in slow motion or I couldn't move lol.

I rarely have them now.. every once and awhile. Its usually similar... can't run away or yell for help or I can't move. I remember overcoming it once though, I got really mad in the dream that I couldn't move, so I just remember thinking "I CAN MOVE! I CAN MOVE!" And then I was able to run REALLY fast and jump really high. It might sound goofy lol but it was an awesome dream when that happened.

I want to learn how to lucid dream... I have a couple times, but I always figure out I'm dreaming and then I wake up... :p


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When you feel powerless in a dream I want you to meditate on this question. "Just who is it that is creating this dream?" Since you are the creator there are no rules, you can be as powerful as you need to be. The dream is like a projection of what do I expect next? In my dreams I think, "How do I solve this?" That is why I never call dreams like this a nightmare, I am never scared just more like "How do I survive?" When I first saw the movie The Matrix I said someone made a movie like my dreams

(18 Mar '12, 00:25) Wade Casaldi

Thanks, ill try that :)

(18 Mar '12, 00:55) LapisLazuli

I had to see a sleep specialist. I slugged my wife in my sleep. He suggested a sleeping pill and no coffee. It worked, and the wife is fine now.


answered 18 Mar '12, 01:05

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Wow, glad to hear the sleeping pill helped you and your wife there! :-)

(18 Mar '12, 12:27) Wade Casaldi

well usely when you get attack in dream it is from bad entity called mare in folklore( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mare_(folklore) ) that is why you call them nightmare. what the mare is trying to do is take control and make you fear the more you fear the more power it has. alt text

so the sooner you face the mare the better. with practice you can feel when your dream control is starting to slip then find the culprit the mare and beat him up. he will not come back. some mare are pretty tuff(they come with their pack of mare and try to intimidate you.) you punch them and they laugh at you. in that case find his weak spot. example: take is eyes out.

has for dead people when i see them usely in dream is before they ascend they come and thank me and say goodbye.


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white tiger

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I actually had a Freddy Kruger dream years ago. I met him in my dream but I beat the stuffing out of him, he didn't bother me after that. I remember that fight the weird thing is if I met someone on the street with all these knives hooked to gloves I would be more inclined to find another way than to fight! lol

I never fought and had anything ineffective in my dreams, everything always works

I actually enjoy these because they build my faith up every battle I fight my faith grows stronger. :-)

(18 Mar '12, 12:24) Wade Casaldi

strange that you have never find anything ineffective in your dream. i could list a fee things that are innefective. example try to strangle some one made from paper he will laugh at you change strategy rip him up in pieces. another example try to burn a metal foe metal does not burn throw him in a lake and tell him swim.

(19 Mar '12, 03:52) white tiger

Yes whatever I chose at the time was always the right thing to solve the problem.

(19 Mar '12, 11:27) Wade Casaldi

well good job wade and if it happens to you that something is not effective you will know what to do. experience and enjoy.

(19 Mar '12, 13:10) white tiger
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