I ask this as a follow up to Vesuvius questions a few minutes ago. I used to practice meditation but now I find that I am doing so less and less. The reason being is that if we are living our life in the moment and always in contact with the Source then why do we need to meditate? Why can't we be in a perpetual state of bliss that we try to achieve during meditation? Love to hear your views on this.

asked 24 Jun '10, 22:17

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I think you're right Drham - the same thing happens to me also.

I can go for days sometimes without meditating when I feel aligned or when my everyday focus is completely dominated by something good-feeling - it just feels unnecessary to meditate.

I think this happens because the purpose of the meditation is put you back in touch with the feeling of that aligned state. And when you are already there, you are not going to feel any different before or after the meditation session.

However, as soon as I notice something uncomfortable manifest in my physical experience (no matter how small or insignificant it is), that's an indication to me that something is slightly off in my vibrational output and it's time to start meditating again for a while to re-establish the conscious feeling of that good-feeling benchmark.

Also, if you've not been meditating for a while, it's good occasionally to have a test session whereby you meditate and see if you really do feel any different before and after. We, as human beings, seem to have a tendency to get used to uncomfortable feelings quickly and almost imperceptibly.

The reason you can't be in a perpetual state of bliss is because that joyful sensation results from the full allowing of the vibrational difference between where your inner being is focused and where your physical self is focused.

When you've caught up with where your inner being is, you don't experience that joyful rush anymore because you are both focused in the same place or, to put it another way, both travelling at the same speed.

And so, you need another desire in your life to cause the further expansion of your inner being and then give you the opportunity to experience more joy/bliss as you catch up again.

It's a bit like running to catch a bus that is leaving without you.

alt text

You feel the thrill of the chase as you are pursuing the vehicle. But, as soon as you've caught it and are sitting down in it, you feel at rest again...the sensation of movement and all that thrill is gone...until it's time to chase after the next leaving bus. :)


answered 25 Jun '10, 05:33

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Excelent answer! I'm not there yet, and as I use to meditate before going to sleep, when it has been a long day full of events, I am looking forward to my meditation moment. One night, when I was going to sleep, as it was so much later than my usual time, I thought I could 'skip it' for once. But on second thoughts I didn't. I sooo needed that moment to quiet my mind! Love the bus, BTW. :)

(25 Jun '10, 11:42) BridgetJones09

Yes and No.

We ARE meditating all the time. The meaning of the word is to "think deeply or focus for a time for spiritual purposes or to relax" or "think deeply or carefully about something"

I have friends who poo hoo the idea of meditation, guided thought, positive thinking etc. But they spend as much time meditating as i do.

Were all fairly constantly meditating on something, i guess the difference is WHAT are we meditating on.

Now we can sit in a lotus position type trance with burning incense ,meditationg on NOT thinking about anything or thinking beautifull positive thoughts....or we can lie in bed at night thinking about how the hell were going to make ends meet, or how much drugs are kids are doing that evening.

Same thing thou. Its all meditation and equally as productive. Only its producing different things for us.


answered 05 Apr '13, 11:21

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Monty Riviera

yes i agree, we meditate simply by deeply concentrating our thoughts, however there is also a notion of depth that cannot easily be reached in this way.

(05 Apr '13, 11:44) ru bis

you are right but the question is more about whether there is a need to sit down and allocating some time to meditate. I would say there is no real need. Its like going to buffet and i like break pudding so i eat it. So if you like meditation and feel like doing it - do it. As long as it gives you joy and flow. But if it feels like you are doing just to do it then dont do it. Do something else thats fun.

(05 Apr '13, 14:49) abrahamloa

for me i feel connected to Divine when i meditate. For me its natural to have to want it. i have affirmations like - Cosmic conscisouness is within me. Father and i are one. I am more than my body. etc... And small doses everyday is good enough for me. Like 15 mins twice a day and sometimes i skip and its no big deal. Its there whenever you want it.

(05 Apr '13, 14:50) abrahamloa

Your right ru bis, there is a depth to be reached but honestly i can say from personal experience that many reach a VERY REAL depth thinking about things that simply dont serve them. I know worriers personally who meditate so intently and deeply on the negative that im sure these thoughts reach as deep and have as much power as any Zen masters do.They reach a state where there thoughts manifest so quickly and accurately.

(06 Apr '13, 06:03) Monty Riviera

Your right abrahamloa,i do it only when i want to, normally for not too long. And always on thoughts that titilate,thrill,intrigue or have real interest for me.Also i like to think on my ONENESS with divinity too. Theres real power there.

(06 Apr '13, 06:05) Monty Riviera
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Yes at one time in my life, many years ago, i was incarcerated and luckily a yoga specialist came to visit us once a week and we formed a group of five plus the yoga guide. It was a real breathe of fresh air.

It was quite an unusual group, there was a man who had killed his wife, another who had killed his wife's lover, a bank robber, a rapist and then there was me that they nicknamed "voleur de bonbons" (mister softy) because all i'd done was traffic vehicles. The real lesson was that i got to know these guys deeply thanks to the practice of yoga and i realized they are just like you and me, we would all tune in the "aum" and drift away on the vibrations. I can assure you when i got back to my cell i often had "visions", impressions of flying through the air over trees and forests.

Do we really need to meditate, i love it and nowadays enjoy using hemi-sync. it's a great tool for becoming more aware.

ffalt textff

Here's an article explaining why the alpha state, that is, a state of meditation, is important for psychic development



answered 31 Mar '13, 08:35

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ru bis

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No 30 ? "Yes at one time in my life, many years ago, i was incarcerated and luckily a yoga specialist came to visit us once a week and we formed a group of five plus the yoga guide. It was a real breathe of fresh air." So it was the best of times & the worst of times? Perhaps prison saved your life? Meditation certainly changed it. Are you better or worse for this experience? I know you lost a lot. Would you do it over? I know my "worst of times" were my best teachers. Love the link; thanks.

(05 Apr '13, 05:22) ele

@ele prison was hitting rock bottom for me, a great learning place, i experienced things that you only find in extreme places ... yes the spell in prison forced me to delve deep inside and in this sense was an enlightening experience though i realize that's not what most prisoners experience. Mostly it just reinforces grievances against society.

(05 Apr '13, 05:51) ru bis

@ru bis are you sure you allowed yourself to be caught? Sounds more like fear was your downfall as well as your jailer. The 1st time was 15 yrs ago - when was the last?

(05 Apr '13, 06:03) ele

@ele it was the first and last time, the lesson has been assimilated

(05 Apr '13, 10:12) ru bis

@ru bis if that is the case why all the drama?

(05 Apr '13, 19:27) ele

@ru bis it doesn't seem like your sentence was enough punishment for you. Reality Prisons can be just as bad.....

(05 Apr '13, 20:35) ele

@ru bis sincere apologies for these comments.

(08 Apr '13, 21:02) ele
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No. The answer is no. Meditation, yoga, sungazing, are all tools. There are many many more tools to use. Meditation is one that works for most. It works because to connect to higher self, the only way in most crazy style of working and doing day to day is to quiet surroundings. It is still only a tool. It is still only a belief system that we HAVE to use it. Even knowing this I still do. I still take the greatness of resting the daily mind to connect with that of a higher frequency. I tell everyone, do u NEED meditation to connect , NO, should you YES lol. I know it might not be an answer many accept, but for me it is the BEST tool, but not needed for all. If you do not want to mediate, the similar effect you can have is to live in ur love and excitement every moment in the day, and u WILL be connected to higher self. .

Love n light



answered 05 Apr '13, 21:00

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Good answer Rob. Actually meditation is not always recommended & Chopra warns against it if you are depressed. A couple life times ago, both my acupuncturist & my fav PT told me to stop meditating. Depression was not my issue. We all react different to these tools & is dependent on state of mind, spirit & body. The 1st time I had acupuncture, it was ALL I could do to control the urge to commit suicide which wasn't a concern prior to the treatment. I'm great with acupuncture & meditation now.

(05 Apr '13, 21:47) ele

To clarify further, in my case, I received too much acupuncture (for me) & it was too stimulating due to the physical shape I was in which led me to interpret the signals in a negative way & the effect lasted longer than normal & opened up deep currents of extreme anxiety. My PT advised drinking every night. Silly me, I never took his advice.

(05 Apr '13, 22:06) ele

@ele lol,. yes, drinking can open the crown nice n wide up, but i suppose i would never suggest that to anyone with my own personal history, i understand how things can be very addictive. lol, how is acupuncture work ? my friend is looking into it.

(08 Apr '13, 19:15) TReb Bor yit-NE

Didnt Jane Roberts like to have a beer when she was open to Seth?

(08 Apr '13, 19:20) Roy

what is needed is to get our mind out of the beta frequecny cycle and into the delta cycle. it usually does take silence or at least a respite from chatter

(08 Apr '13, 19:25) fred

@Treb Bor yit-NE Rob, I love acupuncture & it never freaks me out any more. lol! I can feel the energy flowing, the neural pathways opening up. It's an amazing feeling; but I'm extremely sensitive. I still schedule acupuncture sessions & I always feel it & benefit from it. I'm hooked. Also great for addictions & perhaps it saved me in more ways than I realize. I finally relented & went with the big guns.

(08 Apr '13, 20:59) ele

@fred 1 absolutely! I studied TM with the Maharishi a few years prior to my accidents & meditation was no longer recommended or helpful after my 1st accident. Luckily, I was able to quiet my mind again.

(08 Apr '13, 21:01) ele
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