Stingray once linked to this particular site about human supernatural abilities and the writer of this site mentioned about him making use of the "Transcendental Meditation technique" to improve his life.

A search for this on Inward Quest brings me to a question someone asked before here, and a simple search on the web brings me to a lot of people trying to "sell" this technique..

Which brings me to the question of where did this "Transcendental Meditation technique" first stem from in the year 1950-1960s (according to the site Stingray linked to, the author of that site practised it during that time) ? Because now all the websites who claim to be teaching this particular technique seems to be just trying to make a quick buck off other people?

EDIT: by true source I mean whether it might have been from some religious text etc.. currently the technique is being taught mainly at at a price of $1,500 or more for adults

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@kakaboo - I may have linked to that site for some reason but it doesn't mean I think those phenomena are genuine. For example, I wouldn't be surprised if the guy doing the levitating in that picture on the home page is actually using this trick to do it:

(05 Feb '12, 01:44) Stingray

@Stingray - I had a good laugh when the guy took off his robe to show his special chair ! I know you don't believe all of them completely because I don't too which was why I asked this question. The author referred to this particular technique in almost every single chapter that it just seemed fishy to me, and to end it off he finally linked it back to the main TM site

(05 Feb '12, 02:16) kakaboo

that was teaching the technique for over $1,500 that I thought it may have just been a site made to promote the technique on a false front. Which is why I asked whether anyone might have known of this particular technique from any past religion or old text :) or whether they are using it now

(05 Feb '12, 02:16) kakaboo
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Kakaboo, I found a lot of good info on TM here. It is from the Skeptics Dictionary- I hope it will help you. I also found this article very enlightening- it is from Project Meditation. Check out these links!




answered 05 Feb '12, 04:27

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wow thanks for taking the time to find some information on it.. the first site is pretty interesting, not just for this technique but many other things too :)

(05 Feb '12, 06:56) kakaboo

It was introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1955. Wikipedia has a good article on it.



answered 05 Feb '12, 13:51

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