I haven't been sucessful with meditation other than just a good relaxation but want to know who's experienced what? bless ya Rob

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Lorraine, Thank you for sharing your experience. I like to believe that you awakened to a spiritual power. There is a clinical sounding term out there, "remote viewing" that seems to also be similar to what you experienced. But I don't like that term. It seems to reduce the miraculous to something irrelevant.

The US Military did develop a system of teaching remote viewing to individuals in classified military projects to see what is going on the Moon and Mars and maybe other planets as well. The teaching tool that was developed is available to the public. It’s called the Operation Mindazzle Remote Viewing DVD course by Major Ed Dames and F.M. Bonsall

I checked it out and I didn't like it. It reduces the spirits abilities to the lowest common denominator. But you can read a whole book & get one kernel of useful information. So there is insightful information about how the mind works in this DVD.

But coming back to Lorraine's experience, you definitely don't need this DVD. You already have the gift. I think that you will have little resistance to any awakening that you seek within consciousness. You are probably quite open minded and haven't clouded your intuition with endless analysis.

I am looking forward to reading about more of these experiences from you.


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I don't know the answer to this one, because I have trouble distinguishing what is not mind. I do know once that I was instructed to mentally place myself above Ayers Rock in the middle of Australia and to survey the scene in all 4 quarters. Didn't get much till I turned my attention East and all I could see was dust. Lots of it. Which is unusual because that is where the green belt is.

Three weeks later we had the biggest dust storm ever, people found it hard to see each other in the capital cities and one could not see the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. There are photos and videos on the web about it all... (check out Broken Hill's dust storm, that was frightening... but BH is in a dry area).

So back to the question... was it my mind that just got lucky... or is imagination itself somewhere different when things like this happen.. I don't know.


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Not sure about another dimension but a different/sharper quality of consciousness and a better feeling in the chest.


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Krishnamurti: Do you know anything about meditation?

Student: No, Sir.

Krishnamurti: But the older people do not know either. They sit in a corner, close their eyes and concentrate, like school boys trying to concentrate on a book. That is not meditation. Meditation is something extraordinary, if you know how to do it. I am going to talk a little about it. 

First of all, sit very quietly; do not force yourself to sit quietly, but sit or lie down quietly without force of any kind. Do you understand? Then watch your thinking. Watch what you are thinking about. You find you are thinking about your shoes, your saris, what you are going to say, the bird outside to which you listen; follow such thoughts and enquire why each thought arises.

Do not try to change your thinking. See why certain thoughts arise in your mind so that you begin to understand the meaning of every thought and feeling without any enforcement. And when a thought arises, do not condemn it, do not say it is right, it is wrong, it is good, it is bad. Just watch it, so that you begin to have a perception, a consciousness which is active in seeing every kind of thought, every kind of feeling. You will know every hidden secret thought, every hidden motive, every feeling, without distortion, without saying it is right, wrong, good or bad.

When you look, when you go into thought very very deeply, your mind becomes extraordinarily subtle, alive. No part of the mind is asleep. The mind is completely awake. 

That is merely the foundation. Then your mind is very quiet. Your whole being becomes very still. Then go through that stillness, deeper, further – that whole process is meditation. Meditation is not to sit in a corner repeating a lot of words; or to think of a picture and go into some wild, ecstatic imaginings. 

To understand the whole process of your thinking and feeling is to be free from all thought, to be free from all feeling so that your mind, your whole being becomes very quite. And that is also part of life and with that quietness, you can look at the tree, you can look at people, you can look at the sky and the stars. That is the beauty of life.

On Education, first published 1974, Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd., London, p. 58


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Really enjoyed reading it! thank you for sharing!

(25 Mar '11, 15:01) daniele

there are only three dimensions of/for any substance, however, there are more than 3 planes of existence.
it is my understanding that meditation can take one into 'higher planes' of existence,
which turns out to be the intuitive aspect of our spiritual nature


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If you want to call your Higher Self/God another dimension, then, I would say yes, if not, I would say no!

What do you wish your experience to be during meditation, because everyone may very well have a different experience than you!

So, you do not need to concern yourself about being successful, but to continue to do your meditation, and to enjoy the good relaxation you feel when you are mediating!

In general, we meditate to slow down our breathing, to quiet and to silence our mind, to harness peace in our life, to focus on listening to our inner voice for answers, to let go of any insecurities, to attain self knowledge, and awareness, to give thanks to the universe, and to connect to our oneness, higher self/ God!

You do not have to concern yourself with how the universe will fulfill your desires, use the law of gratitude, give thanks to the universe, and think what you can give today?


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