Transcendental meditation does anyone know much about it?

is it worth the the big fee of 15,000 dollars ?

I see alot on the net that alot of people ['celebs'] are backing it from the beatles to moby to david lynch to hugh jackman.

what's going on? Something i'm not seeing or is it worth the weight in gold ?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

15000 may be peanuts to these guys. Would have thought that wasnt really worth the money.

But then i think 250K for a new boat would be a bargain. And i know of some people who would spend 40K on a shotgun.

I would have thought that the literature available on PSI TEK is worth infinitely more AND its free with no strings attached.

This stuff has changed my life in a major way..i wonder would trancendental meditation do that? Im not saying it would or wouldnt because i know so little about it. What i will say is that you will only get back from life what you think into it.People may bang on about this theory or this method but basically it all comes down to that.

And changing the way you think and thinking positively is FREE. Bangs for bucks wise thats got to be a bargain.



answered 10 Nov '10, 08:56

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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

If you believe that the guidance you need is outside of your conscious ability, then yes,

Otherwise, NO


answered 10 Nov '10, 13:53

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The Traveller

Personally I don't think meditation is something that can be taught, but is rather a practice of quieting our own minds to connect with a higher power. Meditation is a practice undertaken by the individual to enhance their own spiritual development and for each of us the experiences will often be different.

Once again all anyone can do is offer you some guidelines and for each individual the price will be different depending on their circumstances and beliefs.


answered 10 Nov '10, 14:38

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