Does anyone know of content or information regarding the regeneration of body tissue? This is a serious question and I do apologize I intend no offense to be taken but I was circumsized 15 years after my birth and was wondering how to transcend any limitations and allow the expression of healing and being in accordance with my highest ideals - those being in a healthy state of function as nature originally intended.

I thank you for your time in reading this question and any thoughts you give towards it. It is understandable that I may not receive any major keys for a solution to this from the without however the perspective of other minds is much appreciated and enjoyed.

The repression of this topic and various information related to sexuality has not been beneficial in my case and even to this day I have been learning simple things that I did not realize and know which would have had very practical significance in the past, however I can only act on the physical body I have now in this present moment of existense

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@THE_ROSS Here is an example of someone regenerating bone tissue Try to see yourself and everything else as just frequencies rather than as solid and fixed - this helps to just loosen things up a bit. That link appears not to be working - google "man regrows skull under plate and baffles doctors" for the story.

(07 Oct '13, 16:33) Catherine
(08 Oct '13, 06:28) Catherine

millions are circumsized and they dont seem to have issues... so my apologies but are having physical problems due to that?? or is it just your mindset?

(17 Oct '13, 20:54) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa Evidently he is NOT alone, being there are support groups for this issue. Apparently there are many afflicted with this mindset. With no disrespect intended, I kindly suggest @THE Ross speak to a professional counselor be it spiritual or psychological. I think you can resolve this issue through forgiveness, acceptance, letting go & practicing self love.

(17 Oct '13, 21:19) ele

@ele.. ok got it.. reason i asked is i was uncircumz before but later in my adult life i went ahead and did it willingly... right now i dont really care either way... since my vibration is in great place :-) but yea i can understand if that created some phsyical problem since operation didnt go well ... . or performance is affected.. lol.. ok performance i added as a joke but yea would be concern :-)... but otherwise its just mental issue meaning we are creating issue where it NEED NOT be...

(18 Oct '13, 17:52) abrahamloa

regardless of what problem it is physical or mental... best thing would be to just go ahead and focus on what you want in life feeling wise ... not with respect to this part of body but in life in general and go with it.. and everything will be perfect !

(18 Oct '13, 17:54) abrahamloa

I don't really see why anyone would regard this as important but I'm not the values dictator nor do I know why he cares. I do agree that it makes more sense to focus on being happy with your life as a whole. However, did he say he wasn't? Did he say he was suffering from major depression because of this? No, he just asked for ideas on how to address it in the way he prefers to address it, which is simply to return to the original settings. People claim it causes a loss of sensation.

(18 Oct '13, 18:32) flowsurfer

@abrahamloa I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I totally agree with you. Did you see my answer? "When I said "with no disrespect intended", I was speaking to Ross. When I mentioned 'support groups' ~ I was thinking "who knew" ~ I guess there is a support group for any "affliction" aka mindset. I meant what I said about seeking counseling also. Hey @flow - great to see ~ being you were here the last 2 Friday nites ~ kind-of sort-of expected to see you.

(18 Oct '13, 18:41) ele

@abrahamloa Yes performance & sensitivity would be a huge concern & why medical professionals do not recommend plastic surgery. Again, I agree & thanks for sharing.

(18 Oct '13, 18:44) ele

Well only cuz you used the tag of 'sexuality' it reminds me of the benefits I had since abstaining from sexual practises and consciously living celebate for periods of time. I have more energy, need considerably less sleep and it wakes me up easier, I have better dreams and maybe you'll want to google the 5 Tibetan rites, there is a 6th rite as well.

Apparently its the fountain of youth so I've heard. If youre willing to try on anything id give it a go for a week or so.

(20 Oct '13, 09:00) Nikulas

@Nikulas - but being celibate and getting the benefits is nothing to do with whether you are circumsized or not.. you could either way be celibate...or not.. normally whether you are circumsized or not and trust me i have been there both ways as an adult... it does not stop you from fully functioning.. i did not have any problem and i could have gone either way...

(21 Oct '13, 21:01) abrahamloa

@flow - i never said he was suffering from depression... infact earlier i asked what is the actual issue he is having - meaning is it any physical issue or mental issue.... i just in general said that it normally is not a phsyical issue... there are millions who are circumsized and millions who are not.. no one has phsyical issues unless that operation was not done right etc.. and if its only mental issue i said we really dont need to make it one...

(21 Oct '13, 21:04) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa Nikulas is a normal healthy virile young man who like to talk about sex ~ got to love him. @Nikulas lol Could go either way ~ what gives one man the edge can make another man very edgy.

(22 Oct '13, 00:18) ele
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I would, and am, focus on mastering a simple skill: lucid dreaming. Let me give you some more background. Your sensory experience, including this that you are having right now, is generated "within" you; a neurologist would say "in your brain". During our waking state we receive signals from the world with which to build this experience. One might say that the world (our life) is a very long and stable dream. During our sleep we ignore those signals for the most part allowing us to build a sensory experience that is dramatically different from that of our awake state; usually memory fragments are used and we drift aimlessly. If we learn to control our awareness so that it is not dependent on being "awake" to function we can experience anything we can imagine during sleep in more vivid detail than we do in our awake state.

By doing this we can suspend the hold that the "physical world" has on us and attempt to transcend its limitations. In that state you could experience (I would say imagine, but the word connotes a weak thought, not a full-blown experience) energy/light being used to heal, or even the healing itself already done. Will it work in this case? I do not know. Is there evidence that it could work? Absolutely. If Joseph Pierce Farrell and other faith/energy healers can do what they do, I don't see why doubt the power of our imagination to heal the body. I would maybe shy away from giving an amputee hope of recovering a leg but who knows, maybe even that can be done.

Two key things to focus on:

  1. Allow yourself to have regular sleep for the first half of the night. Wake up, be actively awake for about 45 minutes and then return to bed. Some people simply break up the sleep cycle by falling asleep for only an hour. This allows REM sleep to come more easily from an awake, "meditative" state.
  2. Relax the body while focusing the mind. I find that -trying- to relax the body just makes it more tense so I just focus the mind. One simple way to do this is counting. Lay there and count up to 1,000. When you catch yourself neglecting the count (your thoughts begin to wander) bring yourself back to it.

At some point you will either fall unconscious or shift to a dream state. You will likely notice the shift by hearing a buzzing sound and/or vibrations through your body but sometimes the shift happens without any fireworks.

I am a big fan of Neville and while he does say we do not -need- to go into a trance to use our imaginative power, he also frequently spoke of this (in his own words) and gave a variation of this technique. See for example the "Essentials" chapter in The Power of Awareness.

If you fail to regenerate tissue, at least you found a way to have a lot of fun!


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@flowsurfer: I don't know Neville and I'm not sure what I found online is "your" Neville... could you please give me a pointer? Also, any other info that can help getting into lucid dreams? I've been trying for very long without success and I get very confused by the contrasting techniques I've read about. Cheers :)

(08 Oct '13, 06:21) maugi

@maugi Flowsurfer is a big fan of Neville Goddard.

(08 Oct '13, 06:29) Catherine

As an alternative to counting or doing something to 'mentally' distract you, I like to do things that physically distract me from any thoughts, words, images or sounds in my head, even if they're repetitive like numbers or things jumping fences. I do this by focusing on senses throughout the body by activating fine motor control. Slowly stretching up taller and taller. Putting attention on the surface of your skin. Doing physical movements to consume focus, etc.

(08 Oct '13, 07:13) Snow

@maugi Neville Goddard, many of his lectures are on youtube and all his material is free online. As far as other info, the single biggest advice I can give besides the standard stuff is to experimente with supplements (the core one being galantamine). A good guide for that is Thomas Yuschak's book, Advanced Lucid Dreaming. @Snow Is that an induction technique or general meditation? I would think focusing on the body would keep you awake as well as make it easy to slip into unconsciousness.

(08 Oct '13, 07:30) flowsurfer

Either, depending on how you do it. I'd suggest doing this kind of meditation even when not intending to sleep or lucid dream at the time. Before sleeping just do it much softer and more relaxed.

But in general I find my ability to recall lucid dreams more dependent on me having a routine of training my mental acuity, whether it in waking life or just before sleep.

I find binaural beats useful while I'm doing either but only because the sound seems to (if I allow it) subconsciously trigger~~

(08 Oct '13, 08:43) Snow

~the effect I'd gain anyway from doing related techniques. Though I can say there definitely seems to be a stronger result from both simultaneously, so I suppose this means I believe the beats 'work' in the same way supplements work. The reason I note "if I allow it" is the beats seem to 'suggest' to me a particular type of meditation or sensory activity, and if I don't the expected result is less noticeable.

I imagine certain music produces a very similar result if you engage it.

(08 Oct '13, 08:44) Snow

@maugi You say you have been trying for a while. How often do you do WBTB? Have you tried any supplements at all?

(09 Oct '13, 00:21) flowsurfer

@flow - i liked your answer! i once did some exercises with Seth program and they had something like Psi time which is not lucid but quite imaginative etc.. was lot of fun..

(22 Oct '13, 00:08) abrahamloa
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I think this would depend how experienced you are in operating or working with the laws of this reality. I assume because of the question that your a little new to this.

I will explain it like this :

If you were new to driving a car and wanted to be able to pilot a Formula One car around a track at say the pace that Sebastian Vettel does I would think it a waste of time trying to explain how to do it. You would need to have done what he has and started of small and worked your way thru the various Formulas and gained skill and experience along the way.

Manifesting changes like change of eye colour, height increase and growing back tissue are not things that many people can pull off. Just like there arnt many drivers who can do what Seb Vettel does and pocket 20 or 30 Million a year for the privilege. BUT it can be done, its possible but would require some work.

If you are new to deliberate manifestation I would start of with something small and work your way up. To try right away for the biggie and fail would discourage you. I would hang around this site and get some recommendations for reading material and start from there.

Perhaps look up some of Stingrays posts and follow the various links contained there.


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Monty Riviera

Since the early weekly lesson on saying to yourself that you are healthy, whole, perfect, etc I have been practicing the repetition and - whether this is attributable to it or not ... something has happened and my hair (silver and thinning for quite some time) is now regenerating ... growing back as fine as baby hair at the temples the same colour as it was 50 plus years ago! My hairdresser took photos - could hardly believe it - and my Dr has no explanation!


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thats something just superbb :))

(08 Oct '13, 10:59) supergirl

It sounds like you believe there is something wrong with you because this skin was removed.

You're NOT your genitalia , Ross. Time to change these false beliefs which do not serve or define you. You're perfect just the way you are.

... to quote Wayne Dyer

alt text

Wishing to be someone else is a WASTE of the person you are. ~ Kurt Cobain

..or in your case, wishing to be a person who is au naturel, is a waste of the person you truly are.

Love the one you 'is'.

You view the removal of this skin as a violation. Forgiveness will liberate you. Don't allow yourself to be a victim of circumstances which were out of your control. You aren't responsible for what happened; but you are responsible for how this experience is affecting your life now. Take your power back.

"I can only act on the physical body I have now in this present moment of existence"

You are NOT living in the present - the NOW. For whatever reason, you can't let go of what happened to you in the past. In addition, you're focused on the future. Don't allow what happened in the past to control you today or dictate your tomorrows.

Letting Go will Free You. Letting Go of What is Holding You Down Allows You to Soar to New Heights.

Last but NOT least - Love Yourself.

"If we really love ourselves, everything in our lives works." ~ Louise Hay

I believe you can resolve these 'issues' through acceptance, forgiveness & letting go. Let go of the beliefs which no longer serve you. Start living in the Present & Begin by Loving Yourself.

You're worth it & you deserve the best life has to offer ~ start living Now.


Ross, I am sorry this happened to you. I am opposed to this unnecessary and barbaric practice done on infants. If one chooses to do this an adult, great. The only time I believe this is a necessary procedure is in some 3rd world countries where disease is prevalent & clean water scarce. Best Wishes..

Adding a video which may be of interest ~

link text


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I am not trying to be flippant here, but have you considered plastic surgery for fore skin restoration? I have heard that it is possible, and it would be the quickest means to regenerate your fore skin, in my opinion.


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Beach Baby

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quoting from wikipedia

"Surgical methods of ######## restoration, known as ######## reconstruction, usually involve a method of grafting skin onto the distal portion of the penile shaft. The grafted skin is typically taken from the #######, which contains the same smooth muscle (known as dartos fascia) as does the skin of the #####. One method involves a four stage procedure in which the penile shaft is buried in the ####### for a period of time.[7] Such techniques are costly, and have the (A)

(17 Oct '13, 19:24) ele

(B) potential to produce unsatisfactory results or serious complications related to the skin graft.

I would certainly do my research first.

Seriously @Barry These 2 words describing 2 parts of the male anatomy are off limits? What word would you suggest I use for the male genitalia which houses the male testicles? Penile is ok - but put an "s" in place of the "l" & its not. White list?

(17 Oct '13, 19:28) ele

If @The_Ross cares to use Google, he can find numerous stretching techniques which may assist him. Again, do your research if you decide to do this. There may be some very undesirable side effects.

(17 Oct '13, 19:39) ele

Again from Wikipedia

Results of surgical ######## restoration are much faster, but are often described as unsatisfactory, and most restoration groups advise against them.

Perhaps you should check out one of these restoration support groups @THE_ROSS

@Barry the word "skin" with the word "fore" in front of it ?

(17 Oct '13, 20:25) ele

Ross, I am sorry you have been circumcised. I personally feel that circumcision is male gen it al mutilation, and if you wish to undo it, there are methods available to do so. As for those who do not agree with his desire to restore his fore skin, I ask you this: would you try to dissuade people who have had their faces mutilated from seeking restoration through plastic surgery? Or women who have had breasts removed due to cancer from seeking restoration?

(21 Oct '13, 20:35) Beach Baby

Those surgeries have risks as well. What about other surgeries, such as lap band surgery? That's not really necessary for weight loss, since calorie restriction works for obese individuals as well.

(21 Oct '13, 20:39) Beach Baby

We agree on one point @Beach Baby. As I said in my answer, I too am sorry this happened to him. He should have had the right to decide what happened to his body. This right to choose was taken away from him. You cannot possibly compare the surgical loss of a breast due to cancer or someone disfigured in an accident to a male circumcision.

Mr Webster defines mutilate as:

1) to cause severe damage to (the body of a person or animal)

2) to ruin the beauty of (something)

(Part A)

(21 Oct '13, 23:46) ele

(B) 3) to severely damage or spoil (something).

The procedure is unnecessary; it does NOT mean he is ruined, damaged or spoiled.

A circumcised phallus is a 'thing' of beauty as much as one which wasn't ~ a thing of beauty is a joy to behold and according to Keates ~ a joy forever & I believe most ppl share my view. I'm sure when he finds a partner, they will not feel this is an issue. Ross asked for metaphysical ideas; I'm sure he knows about plastic surgery as well as the risks.

(21 Oct '13, 23:48) ele

@ele, i agree with you totally.. i am not sorry it happened to him.. but more sorry he feels that way ... its definitely his total right to undo that if that is what he wants.. again here the advise is the same... its hard for people to imagine the skin will grow on its own although it very well can... so he can use both metaphsyical imaginations and also other physical means too to get it back..

(22 Oct '13, 00:00) abrahamloa

again as with anything life dont make any issue way bigger than it is... focus more on your own joy while this also could happen .... but work on being unattached to specific desires too much...

(22 Oct '13, 00:01) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa I agree, I do believe it is possible; but it will NEVER happen as long as he views this as something negative & as a problem which needs a solution. If this is going to manifest; he needs to stop focusing on it & direct his energy elsewhere and like you said ~ focus on joy.

(22 Oct '13, 00:08) ele

I believe just about anything is possible; but probable, no, especially with his mindset or view.

(22 Dec '15, 19:10) ele

Happy to see the word penis has been white-listed since I used it :)

(22 Dec '15, 19:18) ele
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