It is two feelings, really.

The first is a feeling of dislocation. I sit for a while in the kitchen perhaps. Then I go on to another place. Once there, part of me still feels like it is back where I was- in the kitchen. It is as if the two places overlap in my mind. I still have this sense of being in the kitchen even though I might be elsewhere altogether. It bugs me and scares me. I have been wondering what is going on in my brain to make me feel this way.

Perhaps the second feeling is more telling, and more eerie. I occasionally get this strong feeling of separation from my body...I feel like a soul dragging a body along behind it. It is not a good feeling at all. I would not call it depression, exactly. It is much more like a great fatigue in my very being. I have NO reason to feel this way at all. I am happy and very busy with Wade, and my new life.

I was a little hesitant to write of this, but I began thinking that maybe you folks could toss this around and help me to understand myself.



asked 21 Dec '12, 21:09

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Do you have anxiety often? Sounds like depersonalization to me.

(21 Dec '12, 21:24) releaser99

You are on quite a few meds - perhaps a negative interaction between one or more or a side effect from one.

(22 Dec '12, 04:44) ele
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where is your heart also your mind will be. is the conflict and duality solved in you? or are you still a separated being? do you know who you are? experience and enjoy.


answered 21 Dec '12, 21:43

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white tiger


Good question! Something to really ponder. Thank you, @white tiger!

(21 Dec '12, 23:46) Jaianniah

Hello Jaianniah

The feeling sometimes of being separated from the physical body ... i have experienced it many times since childhood ... many years ago when i was imprisoned i was "outside" of myself for about two weeks and had great difficulty getting back in, i really thought i would stay separated forever ... nowadays i can do it almost at will ... be reassured these are "growing pains" ... have fun :)


answered 22 Dec '12, 05:10

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blubird two

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