I have a friend who just found out that she has abnormal cells in her Pap smear. I wanted to really help her, really and truly give her something that would not only make her feel better, but possibly affect any future problems for the good.

We are often faced with this situation, so I thought I would ask the question.

How do you help someone wait for potentially devastating news?

Blessings, and a big "HI!" from Jaianniah

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Hi Jai. The best advice I would give her is not to "wait for potentially devastating news". Even if the news comes back as seemingly devastating continue to offer your friend hope. When we take away hope, the person often gives up, and I truly believe that "where there's life, there is always hope" and it is from this place that miracles are born.

Be there for your friend as the loving presence that you are, continue to support her and offer her that hope because it is from that place of hope that faith arises and faith truly can move mountains.


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Such great wisdom! Thanks, and "Hi to you!" Jai

(09 Dec '10, 17:14) Jaianniah

You're very welcome Jai :)

(10 Dec '10, 02:33) Michaela

According to the book The Way Toward Health (A Seth Book), whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation, these steps will bring an immediate sense of ease and a peace of mind while the inner reserves are being release and activated.

  1. Immediately begin to live in the present as much as possible. Try to become as aware as you can of present sense-data-all of it.

  2. Refuse to worry. Resolve not to worry in the present moment.

  3. When your thoughts do touch upon your particular problem in that present moment, imagine the best possible solution to the dilemma. Do not wonder how or why or when the ideal solution will come, but see it in your mind accomplished. Or if you are not particularly good at visual imagery, then try to get the feeling of thanksgiving and joy that you would feel if the problem was solved to your complete satisfaction.


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Big Hi to you Jaianniah

First read that question to her. Sometimes people have their own answer. A lot of times we are afraid to ask.

Most of all I suggest that you let her know that you are always available to her for any reason. Even if that reason is nothing at all, tell her thats ok. In the restaurant business we used to call it silent service. A server would just make them self visible to the customer but wouldn't keep asking "everything ok?"

Like that, let her know you are there.

I say this because last year I found out I had to have spine surgery and it worked on me.

You will do wonderfully in your situation I know it.

Big Love



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jim 10

Well my sister had a lump in her breast, and she was scheduled for further testing. Of course, she was panicking, and was extremely worried. I was worried for her too, but I had to find a way to help her while she waited to be tested to see if the lump was Cancerous!

So, I advised her that it is not practical for her to get all worked up now, especially since she has not done the testing yet, and she does not know what the results will be. I suggested that she should do some research on lumps in the breast, and get as much medical information on her health problem, so regardless of the outcome she would be better prepared to handle , and cope with the result. I also said to her that just in case the result is negative, she still has the option of getting a second opinion.

I continued to call my sister daily, and to encourage her to pray, and to have faith, because in truth she does not know what the result will be, so she needs to believe that she is healthy, and that all is well with her! To make a long story short, she still has the lump in her breast, but it is not Cancerous, and her family doctor is continuing to monitor it yearly. I hope this helps.


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I don't trust such tests. The best way to deal with this is to focus and do things that she likes and enjoys. You don't want to manifest an illness by focusing on it. Fear is a powerful emotion which needs to be shifted. I would pray for her to be healthy according to her will for you can't take away from her an experience which she might need. Anyway love is a miracle drug so shower her with lots of it!

Sending out prayers of health and love, namaste


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