When wanting to expand and brighten your aura, is it enough to just imagine you have done it, or is there something more that has to be done.

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I think our aura reflects our current state of awareness and how we are being in the world. To brighten and expand our aura, I think we need to expand our consciousness and this usually means using more than just our imagination. I think imagination can play an important role if we use it to visualize improve our life.

When we let the life energy that flows through us, express itself creatively we expand and so does our aura. When we are living a constricted existence, it will be reflected in the aura.

Whatever makes you feel good and helps you grow and expand will also help your aura grow and expand as it is really just an energetic extension of you.


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Good answer Micheala...

(23 Jun '11, 04:29) Zee

any tips on being able to see auras

(23 Jun '11, 06:30) evelyn

Thanks Zee. @evelyn...I don't pretend to be an expert but I think everyone can with a little practice see auras.The easiest way is to take a person or even a plant and place them in front of a white background and stare with your eyes slightly out of focus... given time you will eventually see an aura around the person or plant. I think like everything else, it is something that becomes more readily available to us, the more we are willing to open to it :)

(23 Jun '11, 18:41) Michaela
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The exercise I use to expand my aura whenever I need to make a great impression or I want to be noticed etc. is that I visualize that me root chakra is spinning faster and faster and the energy is getting stronger and stronger when I feel that it is spinning as fast as it can and has maximum energy I imagine that all that energy is shooting upto to the sacral chakra and that chakra starts to spin faster and faster adding more energy to the already transfered energy from the root chakra. I continue this process till I reach the crown chakra and then visualize that entire energy shooting up from the top of my head like a fountain and surrounding me. The more energy I have gathered to this point the wider this surrounding area is. When I do this exercise I can actually feel some sensation at the various chakra points usually a kind of tightening sensation kind of like the tightening of the solar plexus when we are nervous or excited. This technique usually works for me.


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I Think Therefore I Am

I will practice using my chakras,I will try to make time.

(06 Apr '11, 06:30) evelyn

by being in harmony and doing god works!stop imagining and experiance! clear youre mind you do yoga achive samadhi! get the crown of life!


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white tiger

As micheala said that positive thinking and happy feelings expands our Aura.When we are full of love,our Aura expands.

Here i want to share an exercise which may help though the exercise shared by I Think Therefore I am is also good one.

Relaxe your mind and body.then imagin a candle burning in your head.A lovely light filling your head then your whole body.when your body is full,it out pours the loving light outside it.now this light is filling your aura.imagin your aura is vibrating,expanding up to many feet in radius.

do this exercise regularly,your will find it very useful.


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