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Are you Accepting what Is or resisting it? Resistance to something is basically a Non-acceptance of what IS. Many of us, myself included when working with these processes build up a lot of desire for something on top of a Non-acceptance of What Is. This underlying vibration of Non-Acceptance is what the Universe responds to. Then we wonder why things are not changing for us.

So what is happening here. Well while your desiring and imagining your life or a certain aspect of it as you want it to be, your underlying vibration maybe "what I have right now isn't good enough". This underlying vibration is usually the strongest and we know the Universe reflects back to us what we most strongly believe. So you get more "what I have right now isn't good enough".

As Michael Losier says "if you want to see what your vibrating in a certain area of your life, take a look at it and see what your getting, its always a perfect match".

Until there is some kind of Acceptance of what IS in some way, the changes can not come about. Have you ever really wanted something badly for a long time and then finally given up on it. You felt a lot of relief and then the next thing you know you've gotten what you wanted for so long. This is you letting go of your Non-Acceptance of what IS :)

Are you desiring things to be better in your life or a certain area of your life while simultaneously holding judgement over it as "not good enough". Let go of that judgement of yourself, your life and how your living it . Be easy on yourself. Your probably living your life the best way you know how to in that moment.

Accept What IS first any way you can. You will make things a lot easier for yourself. The Universe is then getting the signal "All is well Right Now" here and responds appropriately :) If you study the processes by Stingray or Abraham you will see a lot of them are geared towards getting you to accept what Is. Or better still feel good about what Is.

So what Is the best way accept What Is, Feel Good and live in the Now?

Get in the Vortex :)

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@Satori - "Until there is some kind of Acceptance of what IS in some way, the changes can not come about" - Nicely said...and a very important point :) I think it's the number one stumbling block to people getting what they want. Law of Attraction doesn't allow you to get to a good destination from a bad starting point. Too many people label where they currently are as bad and then wonder why they don't end up somewhere good.

(28 Dec '12, 09:08) Stingray

In being a guest and your own host, all desires to be invited or invite others will be lost. Through good deeds that hurt and sins that goodness brought, escaping maze of the mind in which you are caught.

(28 Dec '12, 09:12) CalonLan

@Stingray, paradoxically, if what is, is no longer bad. Then desire for any better is also dead. :p

(28 Dec '12, 09:24) CalonLan

@Stingray- Exactly. Thanks. If you want to add to this please do. You could explain it a lot better than I can:)

(28 Dec '12, 10:21) Satori

@Satori - I think you explain it just fine :)

(30 Dec '12, 06:33) Stingray

For me, accepting no longer feels like I'm stuck, it feels like I am only still on the drive to my destination and I am appreciating all that I can along the way. ANd basically, to always try to look on the bright side when I get the "poor old me" feeling.

(31 Dec '12, 00:02) clearheart
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Alterantively, following Essassni philosophy (Bashars race), you could do this trick, and view everything as only a good thing:

  • You stumble across a situation, circumstance, or event that appears not to your desire or liking (for example, let's say you book a really, really nice car you've always wanted to drive at a rally course, and you rock up to the track, and they inform you your Mercedes battery had gone dead)
  • you are aware that your physical mind is doing it's job in analysing the current good/bad of the event (eg: you would normally start getting frustrated, because the car you booked is somehow unavailable)
  • You make the conscious decision that the circumstance is going to be for an even better good than you could have preiviously imagined (you relax your physical mind and let your Higher Mind do its job)
  • A greater circumstance manifests (they let you do 10 laps in a Ferrari instead)


UPDATE- in the link, the majority of the information that really 'clicked' for me were all the long posts by the user 'I Love Rainbows.' Scroll down the page a bit.


answered 28 Dec '12, 09:46

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@Nikulas, I tried this technique..and here's how it went. I imagined...

...a fully loaded bomb terrorist running towards a group of children and my first reaction was -

Upon massive explosion I couldn't help but -

Well, this always feel good technique surely works wonders! Better than weed. ;>

(28 Dec '12, 10:05) CalonLan

@Nikulas Thank you for the link. Love it.

(28 Dec '12, 10:48) releaser99

I agree, the mind is here figuring out what must be done the car repair shope 2.decide if it's going to be cash or charge. 3.wait till they reopen after the it won't rain so I don't need my wipers that abundance will continue to flow and this is a drop in the bucket.5.relax and enjoy today even though the car needs repairing.6.appreciate my car for all it's good service to me, all my repairs are affordable and my car never left me stranded :)

(30 Dec '12, 23:56) clearheart
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My experience is that this is nonsense.

I was fat. I did the complete opposite of accepting things as they are. I got angry. I got lean. Fast.

Maybe the "problem" of not accepting things as they are is actually the problem of being attached to what is. If you don't think you will change, accepting things as they are means you not only keep the undesirable state but you give it permission to stay.


answered 28 Dec '12, 09:17

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Accepting things as they are mean taking labels off of them.

You don't accept unacceptable (undesirable) state. But you accept things as they are without calling them unacceptable or acceptable. Simply you accept you are fat right now. It's not longer I'm fat - and that is bad. But simple - I'm fat. And from there no resistance, metaphorically speaking, is there. Thus you are fat today, and tomorrow you may be lean.

(28 Dec '12, 09:33) CalonLan

I did not withdraw judgement from my fat. It never stopped being undesirable. It never became acceptable. I literally looked at the fat and thought "This is not acceptable"; and felt this non-acceptance on a deep level. Every fiber of my being screamed "No!", it screamed "I cannot be this person!". Being lean tomorrow was not a "may be". The alternative was not acceptable.

(28 Dec '12, 09:40) flowsurfer

Judgement makes you prisoner, longing to be free. 'twas always thus, and always thus will be.

But don't mind me, I'm just passing by ;-)

(28 Dec '12, 09:49) CalonLan

Can an artist create without making judgements? I suppose, he just can't create anything good. Which makes sense, since without judgement there is nothing good.

(28 Dec '12, 09:54) flowsurfer

@Flowsurfer- I felt this non-acceptance on a very deep level. It still sounds like you accepted / acknowledged your non-acceptance of the situation. This then allowed you to become angry at the situation which made you feel better and then you took action from there. Good for you.

(28 Dec '12, 09:54) Satori

@Satori- I commend you on your scan on the situation you have grown soooo much, soon no-one will be listening to Stingray anymore with you still around :P

(28 Dec '12, 10:04) Nikulas

@flowsurfer, of course artist can, just like anyone can be in the moment without analyzing it.

(28 Dec '12, 10:06) CalonLan

@Nikulas- Lol. Whatever do you mean? I get all my best stuff from Stingray;)

(28 Dec '12, 10:17) Satori

@Satori - "I get all my best stuff from Stingray" - I get all my best stuff from Abraham ;)

(28 Dec '12, 10:24) Stingray

@Stingray- Lol. Brilliant. Now we will wait on Abraham to come back with something;)

(28 Dec '12, 10:31) Satori

@All Abraham get all of their best stuff from me :D... and i get my best stuff from Stingray!?!? Weird, huh?:D

(28 Dec '12, 10:45) releaser99

@CalonLan "anyone can be in the moment without analyzing it." I thinks that's called jammin ;)

(28 Dec '12, 17:00) ursixx

Nice to see you guys having fun , we do get pretty heavy and serious in here ;-) ♥♥♥

(28 Dec '12, 19:20) Starlight

For me, anger is a great inspiration to change. So I accept my anger and move on to change my perception or I speak up, or I change something physically. It's still allowing what I want.

(30 Dec '12, 23:59) clearheart
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as we prepare our present
from the past, there are yet
effects of volition
combine the two together


answered 29 Dec '12, 22:04

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