I have heard from several people here that once a desire has been launched, it stays in your vortex, meaning you cannot "uncreate" a desire. Last night, as I was watching the TV show Big Little Lies, which is set in Monterrey, CA I caught myself thinking "Gee, wouldn't it be nice to live in such a place?" And then almost immediately, it occurred to me I'm launching a desire for something that I'm not willing to actively pursue. Like, I could envision myself living there in that beautiful setting (maybe a glimpse of a parallel version of me?) but it's not a BIG dream that I would be willing to sacrifice other things going on in my life for.

So my question comes down to, what happens to all those desires that get generated constantly by being exposed to things like magazines, movies, TV shows, books etc that you are not willing to actively pursue? How is it that they stay in your vortex and cannot regress? As an example, would a second-hand account of someone having lived there potentially fulfill this desire so that it's not in my vortex any longer? How do these desires ever find fulfillment?

Thank you :)

asked 16 Mar '17, 22:33

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You can always amend or change a desire by becoming a vibrational match to something else. The first desire is still out there, but when you're not a match to it, you can't see evidence of it. If you think it would be nice to live in Monterrey CA but see no way to move there, and you don't really care if you do (meaning your not resisting your desire with contradictory thoughts/feelings), then LOA might bring you to beautiful neighborhoods/areas near where you live. Eventually an opportunity may arise for you to visit or move to Monterrey, but if you change your mind and decide that you'd prefer to live in a different place, you'll stop seeing vibrational matches to Monterrey. For example, if you decide you like NYC more, you'll notice more things in your day to day life that remind you of NYC.

If you're flipping through a magazine and admiring a celebrities dress on the red carpet, and you feel good, then you'll become a vibrational match to beautiful clothes and glamorous experiences and eventually a walk down a red carpet. If you look at the magazine and think "Why can't I be a celebrity on a red carpet," then you're putting out negative emotion that's repelling your desire. The degree to which you feel good or bad (or any other emotion) determines what the LOA matches you to. If flipping through magazines makes you feel safe and you feel that same sense of safety when you're with your cat, then you'll be matched with more cats because of how you feel. I know that's a weird example, but my point is, that there are any number of ways the universe can bring you to what you desire, and your desire may take a different form than you anticipated. Find thoughts that make you feel how it feels to experience your desire in the present moment. Enjoy thinking them not to make your desire come to you but only to feel what having it feels like. Only think them to feel good. Wait until you're already feeling good to think them, and your emotions will be more intense.

Hope this helps.


answered 17 Mar '17, 06:59

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Drops of Jupiter

try to understand the
affinity of that
desire, for it is
ignited by impulse

and then joined with recall
by brain affirming action
unconsciously if not
consciously chosen

perhaps your mind controls the
switch, so ponder over it


answered 19 Mar '17, 11:23

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