hi,recently i was reading about 'svdharma'.According to vedic texts 'svdharma' is a job which brings you in oneness with god.while performing this work you are utilizing your unique innate abilities and experience being in 'flow'.Infact this is the work which was designed by god for you. As about myself i am just a student though good in studies but not really exceptional in any thing.i havn't even come across any work which provides me bliss .So,how can I know that what are my unique abilities(like ones gifted by god) and what is my 'svdharma'?

asked 02 Jul '10, 08:38

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What makes you feel good? It doesn't have to be bliss, at first. It just has to be pleasant.

Once you identify those things that you enjoy, you can begin the process of building up your skill and expertise. Most people who are good at something are so because they have put effort into honing their latent talent. They experience bliss once they have become expert at their craft, and also on the journey upward.

Consider your learning style. What kind of sensory modality do you most identify with? Are you a visual learner, or are you more kinesthetic, learning primarily through movement of your body? Do you like to read, or prefer working with your hands? Are you a listener?

In time, if you continue to ask the question, "What makes me most happy?" you will find the bliss you are looking for.


answered 02 Jul '10, 14:42

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and don't forget to enjoy the journey as you look for you the answer to "What makes me most happy?"

(03 Jul '10, 07:22) ursixx
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