If we are to constantly maintain our positive vibrations for LOA to manifest positive experiences in our life then is there a chance that we may shut the door on other people's pain and misery so that we dont lower our vibrations? Doesn't that make us selfish and even callous?

asked 03 Jul '10, 19:14

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I Think Therefore I Am

Personally, I have actually found the opposite to be true. I am more aware of the suffering of others and empathize more than I previously did.

Someone else's vibration cannot affect mine unless I allow it. The more I can utilize LOA to empower my own life, the more I feel empowered to help others. The higher my vibration is, the more beneficial I am to those around me.

I do get where your coming from as it is hard at the beginning to maintain a higher vibration when you are surrounded by negativity. It is probably wise to avoid those people until you become practiced at maintaining that vibration irregardless of the people and circumstances surrounding you. You will reach a point where you will be able to stay centered no matter what. Occasionally we all slip but as with everything else - practice pays off.


answered 03 Jul '10, 20:00

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Michaela, I feel that if we are attracting people with not so good vibes then it must mean that there is a vibrational match between those people and ourselves. According to Abraham's teachings and I also believe this to be true, you can only have a vibrational matach with people who have similar thoughts or vibrations. All we have to do is look at the people we are attracting into our lives and we can tell where we are. Its like looking in the mirror.

(03 Jul '10, 22:41) Drham

@Drham - No matter how adept we become at using the LOA, there will still be times that negative people come into our experience, however they do not have to affect our experience unless we choose to let them. Most people have someone within their family or immediate circle who leans toward negativity,does this mean you ostracize that person or cut them from your life? I prefer to let that person become part of my spiritual practice and then rather than lowering my vibration, they can actually help raise it. Isn't it possible we're attracting those people to aid us in our own spiritual growth?

(03 Jul '10, 23:49) Michaela

I definitely agree with Michaela.

I like to think of negative people, places, or things as challenges to face, and facing the challenges makes us better people. I would be very nice if we all just were surrounded by only the people, places, or things that we want, but unfortunately, that is not part of the real world.

As an example, if a driver cuts me off, I usually used to make a nasty comment, but now I try to stop and think about where that person might be placed at that moment in his/her life. Is s/he rushing to the hospital because of some bad news about a loved one? Is s/he just having a bad day and is distracted? That's why we are supposed to practice defensive driving. Now I make up stories about the bad drivers, and try very hard- and I am by no means perfect at this-I try to imagine myself in the other person's shoes.

The LOA does not guarantee us perfect lives. It does not guarantee us perfect anything. What it does do is make us aware of our own levels of vibration, and encourages us to make progress towards growth as a person.

Blessings, Jai


answered 03 Jul '10, 22:31

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Hi Jaianniah, there are all sorts of people in the world but they cannot impact our lives unless there is a vibrational match. It does not matter if you are in the same office or the same building. If anyone is impacting your life negatively, it means that you are allowing it. The way we allow it is that we allow ourselves to accept the bad feeling rather than moving to a better feeling place and changing the experience to something more pleasant. It does not mean that the people will go away but the experience will be different if you alter your vibrations.

(03 Jul '10, 22:47) Drham

But Drham when we see the horrors of a terrorist attack or an earthquake etc we can't really just shift back into a positive vibrational gear if we did then doesntthat make us insensitive. And we don't have to be a vibrational match for these things to occur - they just do.

(04 Jul '10, 00:19) I Think Therefore I Am

I think that we have to be careful about how we judge other people's lives. I think that everybody have their own path mapped out and they are somewhere on the jouney back to the source energy. I also feel that everyone will reconnect with that energy at some point. I do not believe that anything happens to us by accident. I feel that we choose our life experiences sometimes by refusing to take control of our thoughts. So whether we are choosing "Source" or not, we are still choosing and its still a matter of choice. For me its not so much as being insensitive to others but about not being too judgemental because you never really know what is going on with someone else. Sometimes we do not even know what is really going on with ourselves.


answered 03 Jul '10, 22:37

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By its essence, Law of Attraction cannot make us insensitive. It is the character of LOA's user which could operate an accentuation of the previously existing selfish or insensitivity.

But it is very possible that we lost the ability of manifesting what we want, by using the results as "food" for selfish or in somebody' detriment (for example - revenge). Selfish, haughtiness and lowering of compassion will fail our power, by their low vibrational frequency.


answered 03 Jul '10, 23:09

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