Before learning about the law of attraction, I never used to worry about the consequences of negative thoughts. I had no idea that they "created" my life. But with this knowledge and now looking back I see that many of the things I worried about eventually came true, but they were mostly the lack of things in my life e.g. I worried about not having some things and that became a self-fulfilling prophecy as they say.

But here I'm talking about an actual negative thing happening because of a negative thought. I'm going through a rather busy and challenging time with my life, moving country and looking for new work and so I'm not surprised that my thoughts have become more negative, but recently a long-held worry has come to the forefront and I keep worrying now that thinking this negative thought might make it happen - it involves my health.

Previously if anyone had said that thinking a negative thought might attract something negative to you I would have blown it off as superstition, but now after hearing about the law of attraction, I'm worried it's actually going to happen. Now I know from previous questions and responses here, that positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative thoughts, but I still feel a strong negative concern that this thing is going to happen to me which I dread.

I've become fearful that talking and writing about it here might make it more concrete. I've tried tapping on it but it's still worries me. Should I keep trying to tackle the fear or maybe I should just ignore it and try to focus on otherwise being happy? Would appreciate some help with this. I did try to search 'negative' thoughts on IQ but couldn't find an exact reply to this although I'm sure there must be many answers that address this. If so if you could share the links that would be great. Thank you!

PS I actually do research on this medical condition and can't get away from thinking about it at least for several more months now!

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I do agree partially with @Stingrays answer... But I think it's also important to add that the manifestation doesn't match the thoughts, it matches the vibration of the thoughts. So worrying about getting cancer (for example) isn't necessarily going to give you cancer.

First of all, something as serious as cancer is a huge manifestation, and there are usually going to be deeper underlying issues connected to the illness - deep feelings of sadness, repressed anger, or the like (according to some schools of healing, different suppressed emotions show up as cancers in different parts of the body - lung cancer is connected to sadness, for example. Check out this page for more emotional causes of illnesses).

If you have the underlying vibration which matches your illness, then worrying about it will manifest it quicker. On the other hand, you might be really afraid of cancer, but not match up with the vibration of cancer. So the worrisome thoughts might manifest as a harmless growth on your body, for example.

This goes for other manifestations too. If you have a bad daydream ("daymare") about being in a serious car crash, the extent of the manifestation of those thoughts might be that you trip while walking and hurt your shin a bit.

I mean, sure, if you worry about cancer for decades, it's possible that your vibration may eventually shift to one which is conducive to cancer, even if it wasn't before. But what I'm saying is, it's not usually that straight-forward or quick. You'd most likely get other, smaller manifestations first. If you ignored the smaller manifestations, they'd get bigger, and eventually you might manifest a serious disease like cancer. But since you're a LOAer, you'd probably try to pay attention to the smaller manifestations, and sort your vibration out before it came to that :)

Edited to add: I too used to be obsessed with a particular medical condition, for years and years. I used to do research on it too, and read stories about people who had it, and I just stressed about it a LOT. And it didn't manifest. I did manifest other health issues at the time, which I now believe were connected to my negative obsession, but my vibration was never really a match to the serious illness I was so worried about. And now it's even less so, so I hardly give it any thought any more :)


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Thank you so much @cassiopeia. Very helpful answer! :-) Still trying to understand what kind of 'vibration' might then lead to illness or not. Is there a way to measure it? Do you just need to be at the low end of the vibration scale the whole time?

(14 Mar '15, 17:43) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - That depends on the illness - the link I posted has a list of illnesses and their suggested emotional causes, and if you want to know more then I suggest you read Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, where the information is taken from.

(14 Mar '15, 20:58) cassiopeia

I realised I posted the wrong link (although the one I posted may be relevant as well). Here is the one I meant to post:

(15 Mar '15, 19:21) cassiopeia
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  • The Law of Attraction will physically manifest anything you focus upon, whether you want it or not.

  • Every 17 seconds of PURE focus on a thought gives that thought a boost towards condensing into physical reality, whether you want it or not.

  • A negative emotion is your Emotional Guidance System letting you know that you are currently flowing energy towards (i.e. thinking about) something you don't ultimately want in your physical reality

  • Therefore, keep worrying enough about anything (including an illness) purely enough and long enough and you'll be sure to experience it physically...sooner or later :)

On the other hand, the good news is that Positive Thoughts (thoughts being thought in alignment with Higher Self) have dramatically more attracting power to them than Negative Thoughts (thoughts that only your Physical Self is thinking).

alt text

So you can easily turn around any negative trail of thinking by riding the coattails of Higher Self ...and that just involves predominantly thinking thoughts on that subject that feel good instead :)

A "belief" is just a predominantly-thought thought (a habit of thought) so changing your beliefs about a subject to something more empowering is an effective way to turn things around with minimal effort.


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Thank you very much Stingray! That is helpful, although not entirely what I wanted to hear. :-) So now I'm thinking about how I can think predominantly positive thoughts on this pretty morbid as I see it subject.... so one thought that comes to mind is that if I look after myself, exercise, eat, healthy and be relaxed it's less likely to happen.... so I guess I can start to think this way... I'm still thinking about the condition, but thinking constructively about it. Does that count?

(07 Mar '15, 06:43) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - "thinking constructively about it. Does that count?" - Yes, that helps powerfully because you are now leaving your default vibrational setpoint (the thought to which LOA responds) in a different better-feeling place. This idea of Shoring Up Beliefs lies at the heart of many belief-change processes and it works because your vibration stays where you leave it

(07 Mar '15, 07:00) Stingray

"......the good news is that Positive Thoughts (thoughts being thought in alignment with Higher Self) have dramatically more attracting power to them than Negative Thoughts (thoughts that only your Physical Self is thinking)."

I love this! It may be the reason I came here this morning!

(13 Mar '15, 07:56) Dollar Bill
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Perhaps you will find this video useful;


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wow, thank you so much!

(07 Mar '15, 10:40) Inner Beauty

From a manifesting perspective, no. Successful manifestation depends on minimizing beta brainwaves, which correspond to ego, anxiety, muscle tension, unrest, etc. You need to reach the silence underneath that noise.

If you're anxious, as with health anxiety it's like a built-in filter to prevent that from manifesting.

As a side note, chronic stress and chronic anxiety aren't great for you, so you should seek out strategies to help mitigate those. But if you're worried about accidentally manifesting your fears, you needn't be.


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