I saw a comment (see below) by user Wade Casaldi posted 4 years ago of how he effectively used fear to manifest what he wanted to happen but gave no details exactly how to do it. Does anyone know?

Personally I have done the Release Technique, EFT, Silva Method, etc. and while they may make me feel better for a while they have done nothing to help manifest what I do desire which is financial improvement/prosperity. In fact things have gotten far worse. No improvement, no doors opening, nothing. I now have intense fear and worry with a tightness in my chest. If I can't get rid of the fear I want to know how I can turn it around and use it to manifest what I do desire like Wade says.

I have tried experimenting by pretending to fear millions of dollars coming to me or winning the lottery, letting any path of wealth to happen to me. I really don't know if that is an effective way to do it. So if anyone has successfully done this or if Mr. Casaldi is reading this I really would like to know the exact details of turning fear and worry into an ally to manifest what I do desire. Thank you.

For convenience here is what Wade Casaldi wrote four years ago:

This question relates to a question I asked about using fear for you instead of against you. Fear and worry are easy and natural, they are also very powerful attractors because they have a lot of feeling attached. This is key to manifesting: (thought, belief and feeling), all of these are natural ingredients in fear and worry. So now this is where we can say well if fear and worry are powerful I'll reverse this negative tool and use it for positive. So instead of fearing and worrying about what I don't want I'll fear and worry about what I do want happening. It works I have done this myself.


For some reason I cannot comment after the 4 answers kindly left so I am editing and adding this to my original post:

Thank you for your replies. I know the theory. Release the fear and feel joy, love, peace. Focus on what the things that I do desire that makes me happy. Take inspired action. And the universe will deliver what I desire sometimes in ways I cannot imagine. I can do this and feel good for a few days or weeks. Maybe a month or so where I just know something great will happen. I can feel it. But then nothing good happens. Monthly or unexpected bills roll in and I am faced with the reality nothing has changed. I am worse off than before.

There is someone on ripoff reports webpage who said for 10 years he went to every retreat and bought every course for the Release Technique. He even help set up some of the seminars. He admittedly felt better but his financial situation never improved which was his original intent from the start. So after 10 years he gave up on using RT. There are similar stories elsewhere where people have done every course for 5 years, feel better, but end up in financial disaster. They were told essentially release all the negative and good things will fall into your lap. But it never happened for them. I feel I am on the same track as them.

I know that using fear and worry is an unconventional approach. But if Mr.Casaldi has actually done it successfully without any negative repercussions I would like to learn how to do it.

Thank you all again.

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You cannot get into a high vibration consistently and not get what you want. That really is the only 'work' you have, to reach for thoughts that feel better. Does it feel good to focus on others that have tried for 10 years to achieve financial abundance and failed? Is that a thought that feels good to you? Does it feel good to imagine having to try and struggle using fear to acquire a few dollars. Are those thoughts that feel good to you? Just focus on things that feel good and money will come.

(24 Jul '14, 12:41) Yes

And, as we so often say on IQ, think about why you want the financial abundance. I presume you want it because you believe you will feel better once you have it. The great thing is you have the power to feel better right now, right now. You don't need money to feel good, you really don't. The paradox is if you learn to feel good consistently you will get the money. The Universe has a sense of humour. :)

(24 Jul '14, 12:44) Yes

Just to clarify my first point regarding a high vibration, if you are in a high vibration and feeling good and you desire money, your inner being will lead you to money in an effortless and easy way, your inner being will lead you to whatever you want if you're in a high vibration because you will be vibrating right up alongside your inner being. You're not in the vicinity of your IB at the moment because you're not feeling good so what you want today (money) will be invisible to you....

(24 Jul '14, 12:55) Yes

It is completely possible to manifest money from a lower (feeling bad) vibration but in that case you would have to have your beliefs on money set to abundance. For example, maybe being raised in a wealthy family where your parents told you constantly how easy and free flowing money is, money grows on trees etc., then people often manifest money automatically through observation. But, if you don't have those beliefs in place then the fastest way to money is to raise your vibration and feel good.

(24 Jul '14, 12:59) Yes
(25 Jul '14, 01:07) Zee

Thanks for this question, I had forgotten about my question on this but this helps clarify this experiment in using the built in tools of consciousness experience for rather than against us. Welcome to Inward Quest.

(25 Jul '14, 11:05) Wade Casaldi

@Yes, thanks for comments. I have read that many times before and it sounds so attractive. Get in a high vibration, focus on things that make me feel good, just be happy and the universe will deliver. But my point was there are people who tried that for many years and ended up in financial disaster. So far it hasn't worked for me either. I thought I was happy but nothing changed and now need a solution fast. I now feel I just wasted all that time. Is there a missing ingredient being overlooked?

(25 Jul '14, 12:11) AA777

@Zee, thank you for link. I will take a look.

(25 Jul '14, 12:15) AA777

@AA777 It's not possible to meet with disaster if you are in a high vibration. The LOA will match you up (all day every day, 24-7-365) with things/people/experiences that match your vibration. If you are vibrating at a high, positive level you won't be able to see disaster let alone attract it into your reality. It will be invisible to you. You will only have access to the love, the good, the positive, the freedom, the abundance because that will be a match to you....

(26 Jul '14, 07:43) Yes

... You can't 'waste time' all you can do in this life is move closer or further away from the good things in your vortex. You have put a lot of things in there that you want and you can tell by how you're feeling how close you are to them. if you leap up out of bed in the morning because you're excited and enthusiastic for life and life tastes delicious to you then you will be in close proximity to all that you want. A good way to that for you might be following Bashar's method...

(26 Jul '14, 07:47) Yes

... of following your excitement moment by moment. It's not following what you would like to do that is exciting but out of reach for you at this tme. You just choose, out of the options you have available right now, the most exciting option and then the next, the next, the next. This is how children live if you observe them. They lean towards fun and stop things when they are no longer fun. If you do this in your day to day life you will be, by default, keeping yourself in an excited state...

(26 Jul '14, 07:50) Yes

.. From that excited state you will be able to see things that are vibrating up at the excited level also. It's as if you are feeling excited within so that feeling tunes your eyes to be able to see other things that are exciting. In reverse, if you are feeling doubt, frustration, worry within, then your eyes will tune to see people and experiences that match the frustration and worry signal. It's always inside out. The feelings you generate within will dictate what you experience in your world.

(26 Jul '14, 07:53) Yes

@Yes Has this worked well for you to create money quickly? How would you suggest getting and staying in a high excited vibration when daily reality and bills tell you otherwise? Every day a lot of financial pressure says there is nothing to be excited about.

(27 Jul '14, 10:54) AA777

It's so hard to explain to you as you are a little further down the EGS from where your vortex is. Once you're in a high vibration and in the vortex you won't even care that you don't have money. I promise you it is possible to feel so good that you don't care about money. After all you only want the money because you think being over there with the money will feel better than where you are now. I think it's probably best for you to start with some focus blocks. Stingray has many examples....

(27 Jul '14, 18:31) Yes

of how to start and complete one. You need to clear some of those thoughts about money that are blocking you from seeing all the good things in your life presently and those in your vortex. If you have limiting beliefs around money (which you must have or you would have plenty of it) focus blocks can help you to soothe them away so that money can come in. I wish I had done it the easy way, just feeling good and being happy, but it seems you want to do the 'work'. I did that too, focus blocks! :)

(27 Jul '14, 18:40) Yes

This is ultimately what you're after, really. It's this feeling you want again not the money :) Abraham: 'As you begin to play with this have you ever noticed, have you ever known someone where as the longer you talked to them, the better you felt? It was just this friend, that when you got together, you always got feeling good. You got silly, you had fun have you ever been with anyone, usually it is when you are very young, usually about teenage years is when this all stops....

(27 Jul '14, 19:42) Yes

... you get together with that group of people and they are all in that happy vibration and you just play and play and play and play, until you just parlade into an higher and higher vibration, until you feel that there is nothing that you cannot do?' There are people walking around with piles of money and they haven't felt like that since childhood. Imagine having wealth and still waking up worried and depressed. Many do. Chase the feeling first and the money will come along for the ride.

(27 Jul '14, 19:53) Yes
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...pretending to fear millions of dollars coming to me

You don't come across statements like that very often :)

I know your question is directed at @Wade Casaldi, and I'll leave it to him to tell you exactly what he does and how it is working out for him.

But I think I ought to point out to you that the result of this fear-and-worry manifesting approach is unlikely to end well.

Abraham have a saying:

An unhappy journey leads to an unhappy destination.

What they mean by this is that your emotional state permeates your physical manifestations.

What fear and worry really are, are strong desires clothed with resistance. Compare this with positive emotions like joy and passion which are strong desires without resistance.

So what's the difference between the two? What actually is this resistance?

When you desire something, in the moment that the desire is launched a part of you literally becomes (vibrationally) the thing you desire.

alt text

It then continues to pulsate at that vibrational frequency, shining it brightly like a lighthouse light in the dark, and providing a target for you to vibrationally aim at. This allows your conscious mind to guide your physical self to gradually align with the same vibrational frequency. Admittedly, the point of a real-life lighthouse is to stay well away from it, but you get the idea :)

When your physical self dominantly aligns with that original frequency, you are now living with the results of the physical manifestation of your original desire. And there is great value to you (beyond the scope of your question) to engage in this process of deliberate alignment....the physical manifestation is actually just a fairly insignificant by-product of this process.

If you ignore the joyful emotional aspect of this process - in your case, you want to deliberately oppose it by using frequency targets of fear and worry - you are effectively rejecting the guidance from your broader non-physical self towards a vibrational frequency that will be pleasing to you when it manifests.

You will still be able to manifest Something because energy is flowing and being condensed into that Something. These are natural, universal laws and will always work consistently. But because that Something is not a frequency that is being broadcast by your broader, non-physical self, that Something is not going to make you feel good when it comes. There might be a brief moment of pleasure about the physical result itself but, as it continues to unfold and reveal itself, you'll see it's not what you really wanted.

This is because feeling good is nothing more than alignment with that broader, non-physical self. Without that alignment, you just have Something, but not a pleasing satisfying Something that makes you feel glad to be alive.

To sum up, you can certainly manifest in a brute-force fashion using whatever kind of energy you want - people have engaged in various questionable manifesting processes for years...human sacrifices generate plenty of fear and worry for those kinds of activities.

The energy itself doesn't care what you do with it or how you condense it into physical reality. But without the guidance of your broader self (through positive emotion) to guide you, it's not going to be a fun place you end up.

Considering that every physical manifestation you want is because you want to feel better when you have it, then using negative emotions to guide (and eventually permeate) your manifestations seems a bit of a self-defeating approach, don't you think? :)


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I can tell you what I do - interesting, I was just doing it and thinking about it, and I come here and see your question. :)

  1. I think the matter with manifestation is to soothe yourself, to find a way to feel better. If you can do it in a more powerful way using the fear you already have - it's better, than if you blame yourself for having fear, try to get rid of it or become even more afraid that fear means bad manifestation.

  2. Great fear helps me to feel the magnitude of the energy of the solution, that already came to me - or I wouldn't feel the discord of what I call, pre-alignment (instead of misalignment), pre-joy, pre-harmony, pre-happiness.

  3. Bashar said, that fear is excitement + negative judgement. I personally love to dig out the excitement from under it and enjoy it fully. I used it with my fear to fly, for example - under it I found huge excitement of flying.

  4. There is huge joy in realizing I don't have to fight my fear, I can enjoy it - as human experience, as all said above, just flying in this energy. I think, all this joy, besides being delicious in the moment, is also aligning, alignment, which does produce the enjoyment-feeling manifestation.

Thank you for the question. :)


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Olga Farber


@Olga Faber Don't know if anyone has said hi and welcome to IQ. sp Hi amd welcome! Enjoy your answers. Thanks for finding IQ

(25 Jul '14, 04:54) ursixx

I like this answer. Welcome to Inward Quest.

(25 Jul '14, 11:00) Wade Casaldi

@ursixx thank you! some already told me, AND it's always fun to hear more of that :) I'm glad I found IQ :)

(25 Jul '14, 15:48) Olga Farber

@Wade Casaldi, thank you! I do feel welcome here. And it will be interesting to hear your answer to the question in topic.

(25 Jul '14, 15:49) Olga Farber
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Hi AA777 yes what you truly fear is drawn to you however you can't fool your subconscious in pretending to have fear :) ... fear and faith are polar opposites,fear is on the same continuum as faith, worry is on the same continuum as calm ... when you feel fear and increase it's vibration the feelings of fear and uneasiness gradually becomes pleasure and calm ... when you feel worry and increase it's vibration the feelings of worry and anguish gradually transforms into certainty and trust.

Birds of a feather flock together, like attracts like ... fear can only be used to attract things that you truly fear, only things that you consider as negative.

How to improve financial prosperity? if you're not as rich as you wish then it's because you're feeding your subconscious with negative beliefs that automatically prevent you from succeeding, here's a few words by Karim Hajee

"I can't make more. I've tried everything.  I just can't make more money." 

That's what Lisa, an old friend, said when we spoke a few months ago. Lisa wanted to make and have more money. She really needed to make more soon. She's been going through a tough divorce, lost her job at the start of the year and hasn't been able to get any consistent work. She has 2 kids to care for and was really struggling to make ends meet. 

She needed to get into an new home or find a good apartment. She had to get a car so she get her kids to school on time. She had to feed her kids and pay their health insurance bills. She had a list of things she needed the money for. She didn't need more to live the good life, she just need to make more money to be able to build a life for her and her children. 

But despite all the setbacks there was really only one thing stopping her from making more money - her own limiting beliefs about being able to make money. 

After a long conversation, Lisa finally realized that she had a number of negative beliefs about money. She also discovered that these negative beliefs were preventing her from making more money. 

I explained how these beliefs get planted on her subconscious and once there, her subconscious just followed her beliefs, making sure she didn't make more money - because she believed she couldn't. 

Lisa started working with some techniques I shared with her. At first she resisted, thinking they wouldn't work and that she was just wasting her time. But I asked her to have some fun and just see what would happen. She changed her approach and worked with my material.. 

There were times when she felt like giving up and almost quit. I urged her to continue and trust that things would work out. That was hard for her to do, but after a while she let go of her doubts and fears and started to apply the exercises I gave her everyday. 

That was back in March. Last month I got a call from Lisa, her mood was completely different. She was upbeat and excited. She had landed a  permanent job that was paying her 30 percent more than what she had been making at her temporary jobs. Her pay would be re-evaluated every year and she had performance bonuses that would increase her salary. She also was close to home so she could take care of her kids and not waste hours commuting. 

She got rid of those negative beliefs and now fully believed that she could make more money and she would always be able to make more.

have fun :)


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IQ Moderator ♦♦

This is my original question

Thank you first of all.

You do not pretend, fear is based on facts of what could happen. It is a worry of potential of a negative occurring.

When I worried myself healthy it was because I identified the fear that was making me sick. So I turned the tables and said if I am getting sick because of a fear of teaching that day. Then what I should really fear is getting healthy because then I'll have to teach that day.

I didn't pretend to fear health, it was a fact, if I became healthy, I would have to teach that day. So instead of fearing having to teach which made me sick in the first place, I feared getting healthy, which if I did get healthy I would have to teach.

In other words I used logic to deduce what the fear really was then I could easily switch the fear to the opposite but related fear.

If my fear was teaching that day then the last thing my unconscious mind wanted was health! Then I started running facts about how health is much more common than sickness. More facts, we have antibodies and white blood cells fighting sickness all the time! As a matter of fact right now I am getting healthy and there is no stopping it!

So with all of these thoughts that are facts, not pretending but actual facts to fear if you subconsciously do not want to teach, you can work yourself into fearing health, which of course brings you health. When we fear or worry about something we are placing attention on it, it will grow. What we place attention on grows, this fear and worry is expectation, attention and feeling all tied into one. That is some powerful soup there!

Thank you for reminding me of that question, I had long forgotten about it.

If I wanted to do that for money, I would need to find my fear of money. It is about finding the core belief and then finding the fear that would make that fear inevitable.

In other words two negatives make a positive.

For me is fear of not being able to pay bills. If I had money I would have much more things and much bigger bills! So the thing my subconscious really fears is wealth. Now I can expand on this, a fear based in fact, not made up or pretend but really based in fact. So a fear of lack of money is because of a fear of bills that need to be paid, debts, how we get these bills and debts is from spending. So there is an underlining cause of these debts and that is spending! If we had more money we would be spending more so to keep that from happening we need to have less money therefore we fear wealth, not lack of wealth.

We attract what we place our attention on, but more so with expectation and feeling.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you Wade for reply. Please give more examples how to use fear to manifest wealth. How do I convert or shift current big fear of not enough to a a real fear of wealth to manifest it quickly?

I can't think of any real fear of wealth. If I had vast money I would save most of it after paying current bills and not foolishly spend it and incur more bills. Some people above say using fear will always lead to unhappy results. How were you able to avoid anything negative happening?

(25 Jul '14, 11:42) AA777

I haven't tried using it for manifesting anything other than health. The example I gave for wealth is hypothetical. An experiment to give a try. It worked for health for me because I could find the cause.

There has to be a worry or fear associated with wealth, it can't be lack of wealth or we would be doing everything we could to get it.

That is the key, finding what that must be.

Fear can freeze us and shut us down or it can awaken us and get us going.

(25 Jul '14, 12:35) Wade Casaldi

very interesting attitude, I want to think about it.

(25 Jul '14, 15:52) Olga Farber
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@Stingray summed up my thoughts very nicely, but there is one thing I would like to add.

This whole pretending to fear millions of dollars coming to me can work, and this is why it does...

We know that the law of attraction will bring about whatever we expect it to. And if we think that deliberately being scared of money coming to us will bring money to us, then that expectation will bring about the physical manifestation. When you expect something, it must come about, there are no vibrational discontinuities in this universe.

However, you still continue to attract what you dominantly feel as well. So by holding a feeling of fear, manifestations that cause that emotion within you will begin appearing. So, after you get all that money, you may begin to feel fearful of losing it, or you may begin to feel fear on unrelated topics.


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so, by fearing money into our lives one live happily ever after

(24 Jul '14, 20:48) fred

We can't fear two opposing things at the same time. So my approach was to switch the fear. You do have a point about paying the price of the fear, I did have to teach that day because I became healthy. But I wanted to even though deep inside I feared it.

But I believe if we live through it we can deal with that when it comes just as we dealt with this, hence learning to control where we place attention until we realize total control and thus eliminate any automatic feeling response.

(25 Jul '14, 11:28) Wade Casaldi

Nothing good can come out of darkness. why hide in darkness out of fear and try to make other people fear? there is nothing to gain there except make your self miserable. Why worry and let your heart be trouble? Why do all those things to other for your little desire? What you do to other will also be done to you. Is it not short sighted to feel good when you make other people fear and worry for your own little desire? You see eventually what you did go around and come back to you.

you said it your self: I now have intense fear and worry with a tightness in my chest. If I can't get rid of the fear I want to know how I can turn it around and use it to manifest what I do desire like Wade says.

If you want my advice get out of darkness learn the truth to be set free. you know what people fear the most? it is what they do not understand the unknown. If they do not understand them self how can they understand other? the first step is to get to know your self. learn the truth about your self, out and in and in and out. that way you will know the truth about the interaction between you and the outside world how you are affected by it and how you affect it you see you are the one between those two part that can make a choice. Then go more deep in and in to solve your last division. it is a long meditation process that last more then 40 days. Jesus did it, Buddha did it. we speak about what we know and report what we have seen.


again I tell you do not use fear to get what you want. if you sense fear it is good to protect your self from it as long as you do not get use by it, rather use it to detect the problem before you learn the truth from it so you will know what to do. if you remain in ignorance you will always fear everything that you do not know the truth about.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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