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Is it possible to attract a group of friends to hang out with? I'd like a group of single friends, guys and girls, that I can enjoy life with, with similar interests, and that also can show me an adventurous side of life. I want new experiences with cool people. Can the LOA help me to bring those people in my life?

What practical things can I do to bring this in to my life?


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Chris 2

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Law of Attraction work is only a part of the job. Of course you could base only on it and achieve good results, but why not boost it up a bit? In the manifesting process, only your mind is involved. Let's involve other parts of youself:

1. Law of Attraction

Judging from your post, you have these criteria for a new friend:

  • similar interests
  • adventurous
  • attractive
  • enjoyable

If I understood you right, you want several, but separate friends matching those criteria. So you can meet each one of them separately. Do I understood you right?

Now, to achieve success, you have to imagine those four qualities in one person. Lie down for 20 minutes and imagine a person matching the criteria. Now imagine how you meet him and what it was like. Or you can write in your notebook about how you meet that kind of person, how did you feel around, what did you do together. You could also draw this person, though it would be harder to do (but if you wanted you could symbolically represent the criteria). Then go on to other friends.

Remember that what really matters is how you feel about your wish, visualization only gives you an image of what you want. Good example would be standing in a queue: you put an item into the basket and wait in a long queue. The line is very long that you cannot see the check-out which is in another room. You have to believe you'll get there soon and be patient. If you get discouraged and quit the queue, you can forget about the thing in your basket, you won't get it. The same is with your wish.

In Law of Attraction, we get what we feel like getting.

If you have problems with Law of Attraction, just browse Inward Quest and read.

2. Personality transformation

I assume you don't have much social skills, because if you had, you would have many friends. Therefore going out to meet people isn't an option for you, right?

You have two choices: autosuggestion and direct action. You can mix them (you even should) for greater success.

  1. Autosuggestion

    This method enables you to reshape your character: eliminate vices and gain virtues. First, think about the virtue you want to get. It could be: I have a magnetic personality that attracts people. This is your line. You repeat it 40 times in bed before sleeping and immediately after you get up. When doing it, you have to imagine that this wish has already fulfilled - see yourself surrounded by a group of people, you can use the friends you created in your mind in the Law of Attraction process.

    Autosuggestion is something different than just affirmations. Affirmation only works on your conscious self. Autosuggestion implements ideas to your subconscious self. If you ever read about or seen people who were irrationaly afraid of spiders/butterflies/etc., it is because of their subconscious self. Probably in their childchood they experienced a trauma linked with the object of fear so terryfing that it implemented in their subconsciousness.

  2. Direct action

    You have Law of Attraction working and Autosuggestion slowly reshaping your character, now what? To give LoA a boost, you have to meet people. You will fasten the process eventually finding friends matching the criteria.

    It is like finding the four leaf clover. You use Law of Attraction to attract it, and then you go out and search for the 4-leaf among thousands of 3-leafs. You could sit in your house and still get it in some time, but with direct action you could get it today.

    Direct action is also needed in the Autosuggestion process. You make your virtue in the mind and you have to pull it down to the body, by taking the direct action.

    Now to the point. There is a program improving your confidence. When you finish it, you will be so confident that you could approach anybody and talk. Just get the "Demonic Confidence" (type "demonic confidence ebook" in google english version and click the first result; I cannot post here the link because it is illegal), read the first day instruction and go out. If you don't succeed, lower the difficulty level even more. After you do the first day, you cannot quit because you will have to do everything again, these are the rules.

    You also wrote about dating before. You can date and self-develop in the same time. How? By PUA (Pick Up Artism). You can start here and then process to the ebooks. There are plenty out here.

I have to admit that I am much like you. Concerning my character, my experience is that a kind, protective, valuable, loyal, respecting you person is a better friend than an adventurous, attractive, but also unfaithful, insincere and not having respect for others person. I have to feel the special connection with a friend, like lover feels the connection with lover.

I also see that I feel comfortable meeting one, two or three friends at once. That applies to the first type of person I've described. The second type of person tended to constantly join up with new companions I didn't know, which made me feel uncomfortable as I don't have much social skills.

What is also important, better understanding of each other is not always the key. I had a colleague that had similar interests and similar character. There was this easiness in talking and being around. Yet I cannot call him a friend for he treated me like a trash; he never had respect for me and never said a kind word to me. On the other hand, I have a friend that has an utterly different character, we don't share the same interests, but thanks to his virtues I treasure him as my best friend. Even the trial of time wasn't able to separate us.


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WOW that you so much for your post...That was awesome and inspiring. The thing is I can be the post social person when I feel comfortable. I was known as the "Mayor" at one of my jobs because I was so social. My social skills don't translate to the outside world so freely and it bothers me. I want to be the same confident person that I am at times--all the time. I'll use your advice and I'll also really think about the friends that I would like and implement your suggestions. Thanks so much!! feel free to respond. :)

(08 Jul '10, 17:55) Chris 2

Also I think i'm looking for a group of friends to hang out with. whether i'm the new person to the group or the group just falls into place. I've never had that core group of friends outside of family(which I love and appreciate) but I desire that now.

(08 Jul '10, 17:56) Chris 2

I really appreciate the fact that you found my post inspiring. We are dealing with similar problems and we understand best how other people like us feel. About the group of friends: you know how the techniques work, just adjust them to your needs. Good luck.

(09 Jul '10, 02:54) Asklepios
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Yes, the LOA did help me make friends.

When you put LOA into work it does change your interactions with others and also how they view you. I do not know anything specific that would need to be done in terms of the LOA but when my consciousness level was raised and I was thinking in terms of social interaction I did notice certain people taking a liking to me and was able to make friends from there. It also helped me to remove the focus from being self-conscious.


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