According to the LOA we attract everything that we experience. If we attract certain behavior from someone, how is that different than controlling them? Also, can we attract behavior from someone that is against who they are? Thanks

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Attracting is a natural response to the vibration you're emitting...when you're feeling good what you attract from others will be completely in alignment with that and those who aren't will clatter (a term Stingray used, I think) out of your life.

Trying to control another's behavior,on the other hand, goes totally against all the natural laws of the universe and will never produce the result that is desired. There is way more power in accepting and allowing everyone to be just exactly who they are. If they're meant to be part of your life experience it will happen naturally without any form of control being enforced. True relationships can only endure when there is a complete allowance and acceptance of the other person, just as they are, without a need to control or change them, trying to do so is futile :)


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you have to sometimes learn that the hard way! :-)

(03 Mar '12, 16:45) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty...Yes personal experience is usually our best teacher. The only thing we can ever 'expect' from another is that in that moment they are being the best human being they can possibly be, while acknowledging at the same time what we are willing to tolerate. And those behaviors we're no longer willing to tolerate will eventually cease to come calling :)

(03 Mar '12, 19:51) Michaela

If we are attracting behavior from another person, is that not a type of control over the other person?

(04 Mar '12, 08:31) Fairy Princess

@Michaela-great answer that's got me thinking.I like to focus on the positives in someone but by doing so am I doing it so more positives will be shown.I suppose in a way this would seem like I'm trying to control the persons behaviour? Is it better to focus on someones good points or just accept people as they are?

(04 Mar '12, 09:09) Satori

@Fairy Princess...we are always "attracting" things or behaviors consistent with what we ourselves are putting out. "Control" on the other hand is dependent on a person trying to 'force' something which has nothing whatsoever to do with attraction:)

(04 Mar '12, 15:01) Michaela

@Satori...When we focus on the positive or good in someone else we are just allowing them the opportunity to showcase those 'positive aspects' in our presence. It really is nothing to do with controlling the other person because what I've come to realize is that those 'positive aspects' were really always there but just not within my awareness. So it's really not the other person that's changing but in fact it is my own perception of them that has changed :)

(04 Mar '12, 15:05) Michaela

@Michaela-"it's not the other person that's changing but in fact it is my own perception of them has changed",fantastic, I get it, thank you:)

(04 Mar '12, 15:52) Satori

@Satori You're welcome,happy it helped. And thank You :)

(04 Mar '12, 17:07) Michaela

Love the answer

(06 Mar '12, 00:39) Perfection
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What I understand is that when we say we are expecting a certain behavior from somebody else, we are actually expecting a certain feeling - we want to feel a certain emotion. Therefore, we actually want to manifest "to be felt in a certain way" and this then gets manifested through any individual around us. If the certain individual we are expecting from cannot give the feeling, they stay away and it is quite possible that some other individual delivers the package from universe that we had ordered!


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To know and to not know is the difference. Equality is the fundamentals of society and control is the order of our work. Between the two lies the morals of manipulation.


answered 04 Mar '12, 10:44

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