Based on the information here and some of my own experiences, it seems like there are mainly three schools of thoughts when it comes to manifesting or getting the things you desire in life:

1) By changing your beliefs (especially limiting ones). The famous quote: "The world around you is a reflection of all your current beliefs"

2) By getting into the "Vortex", or trying to stay positive and happy all the time.

3) By seeking relief and slowly getting back into the "Vortex" through certain ways like Focus Blocks (Manifesting Experiment 2).

So I was just wondering, since these 3 things are supposed to get you to the same end point, how do they actually interact with each other? Logically speaking, if you get into the "Vortex", then some of your beliefs would have to be changed in order for your life around you to change, if not point 1 would not hold valid anymore.

But is that really true? And if it is true, how does getting into the "Vortex" and using Focus Blocks actually change your beliefs in a subconscious way?

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I think it all comes down to one principle if we consider how manifestation works.

Here is how Abraham explain manifestation.

The Creative Process is conceptually a simple one. It consists of just three steps:

Step 1 (your work): You ask.

Step 2 (not your work): The answer is given.

Step 3 (your work): The answer, which has been given, must be received or allowed (you have to let it in).

You ask every time you have a moment you don't like in life (i.e. you feel a negative emotion in life). So let's say, as a child you fail at a math test.

You don't like that failing experience (i.e. Step 1) so you automatically ask for being better at math (even if you are not aware that you are asking for it by feeling negative emotion). That's Step 1. In Step 2, source answers in that very moment and "being better at math" is now done vibrationally. Now in Step 3 you just have to let that physical manifestation (i.e. "being better at math") in by allowing the result to come to you automatically. How do you allow? Allowing happens by vibrating at a frequency that allows the manifestation to present itself.

So ultimately our only job is Step 3. Because we ask automatically through living life. And source answers in every moment automatically.

We just have to allow (i.e. Step 3) by feeling good about that very subject or by forgetting about that subject and dominantly feeling good about other subjects in life. Because either way we vibrate at a frequency that allows manifestations, that are already done, to physically present themselves.

So Focus Blocks can be a tool to generally feel better or to feel better about a specific subject... to then allow manifestations, that are all already done, to present themselves in physical reality.

Logically speaking, if you get into the "Vortex", then some of your beliefs would have to be changed in order for your life around you to change, if not point 1 would not hold valid anymore.

Some former beliefs will change by experiencing new references for new beliefs when being in the Vortex and others won't. It doesn't really matter because we don't have to transform accumulated beliefs to manifest what we want (although we could). But we can also just think other beliefs or thoughts to vibrate at a frequency that allows the things, that are already done, to come to us.

Yes, it is true that "The world around you is a reflection of all your current beliefs". But what is a belief? It is just a thought that one keeps thinking. So if one stops thinking a particularly negative thought and focuses upon other subjects that feel good, then by definition, that one thought is no longer a belief. Of course, one can also re-define a negative thought that one keeps thinking into a positive one. Then it's still a belief. But it becomes a positive thought that one keeps thinking.

So one doesn't have to "keep thinking" one particularly thought over and over again throughout the day. One has the choice to focus on that or that or that... in every moment in time.

For example, I could keep thinking the negative thought "I suck at math" in my everyday life again and again here and there and we could call this thought a belief because I would keep focusing on it in my daily life (and that would be "Step 1-ing" regularly for that math subject). Remember Step 2 is automatic?

Now to manifest "being good at math" I either have to mold that specific negative belief and change it to, for example "I am good at math" (i.e. Step 3). Or I can just stop thinking "I suck at math" completely by focusing on other unrelated things that feel good in life (i.e. Step 3 too).

Either way I would be in "allowing mode" (i.e. Step 3) so "being good at math" or implications of that would have to manifest/present themselves in physical reality eventually.

"Does Focus Blocks or Getting into the "Vortex" change your limiting beliefs subconsciously?"

So let's take the "sucking at math" example. If I choose to forget about that negative belief and focus on being in the Vortex, this belief could change on the way. The Vortex could manifest thoughts and references into my thinking process that show me that I'm good at math, or it could manifest inspired and good feeling math learning situations etc. There are endless ways how that particularly belief can change on the way.

But it doesn't have to change. Sometimes it doesn't. But the Vortex always knows best what's best for you. Maybe you thought the problem was "I suck at math" when the real problem was just wanting to feel worthy and loved by classmates, teachers and parents. So the Vortex could manifest the "real thing" without changing the belief "I suck at math".

But either way, one can do no wrong by getting into the Vortex without changing specific beliefs.


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Focus Blocking? Is this not a term and intention for focusing on what one does not want? If one is focusing on blocking what one does not want, one is not focusing on what one DOES want.

Being in 'The Vortex' does not mean changing one's belief system, it simply means being intune (aligned) vibrationally with one's preferred state of being. And when I say 'one's preferred state of being', I mean our Oversoul's or Higher Self's preferred state of being, which we are but an aspect of.

Belief systems, illusions, machinations, etc. are all perceived, manifested, and developed through the conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is a sort of 'meeting place' between the Higher Self and and the conscious mind; it is not influenced by beliefs, illusions, or machinations.

In a sense, the sub-conscious is an unbiased reverberate platform relay, relaying the experiences of the conscious mind to that of the Higher Self (Oversoul), and simultaneously receiving and delivering instructions from the Higher Self to its individual conscious fractals (or fragments, depending on one's point of view).


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@TGunn Focus Blocks are a tool to help you to feel relief in your everyday life situation, you can read more about it in the link in the question "Manifesting Experiment 2"

(17 Aug '14, 21:10) kakaboo

and "Being in 'The Vortex' does not mean changing one's belief system, it simply means being intune (aligned) vibrationally with one's preferred state of being" - That is exactly what I am confused about, as some people claim that the world around you is a reflection of all your beliefs (which I think is true too)

(17 Aug '14, 21:11) kakaboo

Good question.

Yes, a habitually positive (: or negative :) perspective will have a spillover effects. A belief is the result of chosen perspective and a habitually chosen perspective will eventually affect the overall state of mind. I have seen irrefutable evidence since I had a very strong deliberate negative perspective and it would eventually spillover to affect the more positive aspects of life. It's something like this, if you analogize your "journey" or "life" (: which is really the stream of who you are :) to a road with a divider line that separates positive and negative realms, then the direction in which you drive will determine your experiences (: let's call them truck stops or rest stops because everything is moving :) i.e. going on one side or the other will determine whether you have generally positive experiences or negative experiences. If you go in a direction opposing traffic on the positive road traffic I'd say you're an optimistic competitor (: like those who prefer to be in contests, competitions, sport and the like :) or perhaps one of those old fashioned "noble warriors", so you'll have some crashes or "losses" because you've chosen a competitive environment but if you stay positive you should do well overall; likewise on the negative side is negative competition where both sides will have to suffer long term consequences regardless of "winning" or "losing". Best way - drive with the traffic on the positive side of the road.

However, in some cases a "deeply entrenched" (: nothing's too deep, it's just how hard we're clinging to it :) belief is best detected by a combination of doing our best to stay in the zone or the Vortex + meditation and self-transformation techniques like ritual and the like. Meditation is particularly important to learn stillness, allowing and non-resistance. I recommend meditation in addition to the "find the better feeling thought" thing.


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