I keep having deja vus every day, at least one per day, but sometimes there are many and they all seem so real! I understand that in theory deja vu is intertwining of realities caused by living in the present, for the time dimension of our existence does not really exist. Ohh, and another thing. After every deja vu I have that strange feeling that everything I desire wont happen. In other words- I feel something bad is about to happen in my life.

So, basicly, my question is HOW TO BENEFIT FROM those deja vus(read their meaning or similair)? What are they exactly, why do they appear and is their appearance a good or a bad thing?

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@Balrog6236, I've altered your question title to bring it in line with what you are asking in the body of your question. The previous question title would have been too similar to an existing question

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okay, thank you!! :D

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usually the deja vu are markers per say in our lives to be unconsciously recognized so that we can choose to make different choices in that particular situation, in doing so we choose to either take the lesson or not at the time it is presented. most souls do not want tough lessons so they choose not to do the lesson in said time and space, perhaps this is where you' r feeling that something bad should happen, because you have chosen not to experience the particular reason at that point.


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