So I was watching "Pawn Stars" with my mom and sister (nominally, I was the only one awake), when suddenly a beer commercial came on. I didn't catch the name, but it involved a Christmas-tree shaped stack of the drinks, each with I think a candle in it, and it was unveiled by a young man with a French accent, and everyone was dressed elegantly.

At seeing the scene, I suddenly felt like I was mentally some place else... like I was remembering some distant memory of some other place or time I can't seem to fully recall...

Any opinions on this?

asked 27 Nov '12, 22:12

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@ExistentialLux- evn,i have experiend this sort of, many times.., infact wht happens with me, wen i am watchng tv..,n if i saw some hilly area /water (i am very much attracted to these two things).., i completely feel as such i am there, infact..,i even start feeling the whether the.., the humidity ..evythng, i am just physicaly present here..

(27 Nov '12, 22:47) supergirl

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(28 Nov '12, 01:09) Barry Allen ♦♦
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Yes. It happens to me from time to time because I partied hard and I partied often when I was a teen, and encountered a lot of stuff that messed up my brain a bit...Including the alcohol. Flashbacks are an odd feeling, and can be triggered by just the very situation you found yourself in...

The question is, what caused you to flashback? Did you do what I did, or did something bad happen to you way back when?

Interesting and provocative question!




answered 27 Nov '12, 22:23

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I'm 19 now and can't legally drink yet, so there is no way I did what you did... in this life, anyway.

(27 Nov '12, 22:34) ExistentiaLux

That is clearly deja vu, I think, or at least what my moments of deja vu have felt like. Very strange, isn't it? And yet, I always found deja vu oddly comforting, with almost a longing behind the feeling. As to why it happens, I honestly don't know. Is it flashing back to a past life, past impressions? I wish I had more insight. The whole area of reincarnation and past lives is rather hazy to me. I am just not very clear on it at this point in my life!


answered 28 Nov '12, 08:28

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