I am intending to eliminate the word "try" from my vocabulary. It's my belief, that it is of no benefit in attaining goals (operative word: belief. A belief I see as beneficial to increasing my self-esteem and accomplishing goals). I notice that I say it often (it's nice that I recognize when I say it) and would like to eradicate this word completely from feeling, thinking and speaking. Lately, when I say the word "try", I cancel it out and replace with it with words or statements such as: "I am attempting to...", "I am working towards...", "I believe I can...", "I will...", "I am in the process of...".

Any other suggestions? Has anyone successfully eliminated this word from their vocabulary?

asked 08 Jan '13, 13:21

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Stop saying It.Focus on The I Am,I Feel, I Believe,I Know,I Am Who I Am In Communion With The Universal Source.Love and Light.Grateful for the 60 minute edit. :)

(08 Jan '13, 19:59) Roy

Word is an expression of your self. Lets say by hypnosis(possible) you removed that word, you will be the same person as you were and the mind will chose another word to express the same meaning.

(09 Jan '13, 07:45) mastermind2

@Roy - Thanks! Good suggestions. I am consciously moving more and more in that direction of communicating with myself.

(09 Jan '13, 10:08) figure8shape

@mastermind2 - Are you saying by eliminating the word "try" that I could possibly continue to feel that I am "trying" and begin using another word in place of it? - My goal and intention is to eradicate the entire idea of trying and replace it with knowing.

(09 Jan '13, 10:10) figure8shape

@figure8shape Eliminating the word and a idea is just too much. You are focusing too much on something that is comparatively useless. Certainly it is not a way to increase self-esteem. Your intention alone will bear its fruits. My point is don't be too hard on your self, because you haven't yet realized you are using your own mind to fight a part of it self. Altering a few words wouldn't bring about a mass of wealth or success instantly. Work toward success with the intention to succeed alone.

(09 Jan '13, 13:55) mastermind2

@mastermind2 - Thank you for your feedback. Point taken :)

(09 Jan '13, 14:13) figure8shape
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Do this little experiment.

Place a pencil on the table and then I want you to TRY as hard as you can, I mean really ATTEMPT to pick up that pencil!

There is one rule though, do not actually pick up the pencil because then you will no longer be attempting but doing. Remember you are only attempting you are trying you are not doing.

Go ahead and see if you can pick that up by "trying" or "attempting" until trying and attempting cross over into doing it can't be done.

This is why there is a very old martial arts saying, "Don't try! Do..."

I believe you could even find Bruce Lee chiding a student in one of his movies with those same words.

The other form of attempting and trying is actually doing while saying attempting or trying.

But the problem is with trying or attempting is g that you have an excuse to stop any time you feel like it and say, "Well you can't say that I didn't at least try.", "At least I tried."

I can enter a race saying, "I'll try my best." That was bore from modesty actually in words but in deeds I actually DID my best and won. So the words may say try but the deed if you really want it must go beyond try to do.


answered 09 Jan '13, 13:09

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Wade Casaldi

edited 09 Jan '13, 13:24

@Wade Casaldi - Nice feedback. Thank you!

(09 Jan '13, 14:14) figure8shape

@figure8shape You are very welcome, I am glad to have given you best answer. Thank you. :-)

(09 Jan '13, 16:11) Wade Casaldi

When I say, "I will try", I believe that I will make an effort, but underneath, I am giving myself a little "squeak room" in case I fail, or come up short. So, to eliminate the word, "TRY", I must first eliminate that idea that I need that little bit of cushion...just in case of failure.

This is a test of commitment. I have found that if I cannot be sure that I will do something, then I do not even say, "I will try." I say nothing, but make mental note to commit or not. I pray on it. I must sound like Yoda..."Either do, or do not. No try."




answered 08 Jan '13, 21:01

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Do not, does not exist, WE DO..Love and Light.

(08 Jan '13, 21:23) Roy

@Jaianniah & @Roy - Thank you :)

(09 Jan '13, 10:11) figure8shape

Eliminate it or don't eliminate it. There is no try.

Okay, seriously. I'm like this on the word "should." Despise the word / concept. I think it takes years perhaps to change a habit that took years to instill. And doesn't help that everyone around you will use the word freely as if the concept behind the word is of little consequence.

I say, have fun with observing it rather than being over serious about its use. Just observe in others the context they use it in, and laugh a little each time it comes up. And then laugh at the context you catch yourself using it in. But develop keen sense of awareness around context that justifies the use. And seek to change that.

Also may help to proofread text you write and start by eliminating it from there. I had 'try' once in previous paragraph but found eliminating it didn't really change anything.


answered 11 Jan '13, 02:39

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@Jman, Being light and easy toward things is always great advice. Thank you. Feels good to recognize shifts taking place in my life. Effortlessly yet consciously.

(11 Jan '13, 16:35) figure8shape
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