I have heard it discussed in a number of different contexts; making something appear out of thin air, bringing something into your physical existence, creating something in your imagination, etc.

What is it, exactly? If you wanted to have a serious conversation with someone about manifesting, how would you define the term?

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What manifesting actually is, I think, is much more tricky to define than it might first seem.

Yes, we all think it's about getting the new car, the new house, better job, lots of money, loving relationships, supreme health etc etc ...but once you get past all the materially-focused stuff ("yes folks, all the hidden secrets of the universe, online now for just $39.95, for a limited time only"), it starts to become more difficult to pin down.

The issues with defining it include (just off the top of my head):

  • Because someone else cannot perceive something in your reality that you can, does that mean it hasn't manifested? (I think paranormal and alien encounters often fall into this category)

  • We all create our own realities but we are co-creators of this physical platform (for most of us, that means Planet Earth) so where do you draw the line between what I created and what you created?

  • We are all one consciousness anyway, experiencing itself from different perspectives, so is everything you manifest actually my manifestation? If so, can you or I ever really take the credit for manifesting anything by ourselves?

  • The Universe (or God, or whatever your favorite label is) creates the vibrational potential for the thing you want in the instant you wanted it, so is that actually an instant manifestation (that you cannot yet perceive) or not?

  • Life is ever-changing so who decides at what moment a manifestation has occured? Today I might drive in my car down a clear empty road and congratulate myself for manifesting such an easy journey. But a few minutes later, I could encounter a traffic snarl-up and sit in a jam for an hour. Was the traffic jam a new manifestation or was the clear road not a proper manifestation yet?

  • If it's true that you don't have to do anything to manifest whatever you want in your life but Get Happy, where did all the physical effort and hard focus that so many seem to think is required disappear to?

I'm still not sure I can articulate clearly myself what manifesting is in a way that is easily understandable by others. But I've had a few stabs at it on this website over the months, mainly with the help of ideas from reality creation teachers like Abraham and Bashar.

A few of my past attempts at getting close to defining Manifesting are within these answers (or at least the ones I can remember at the moment)...

...and probably many others :)

I guess what I'm driving at is that it seems to me that the words manifesting and manifestation are ultimately value judgements rather like the words good or evil.


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Is "creation" a reasonable synonym?

(02 Nov '10, 13:44) Vesuvius

I think rendevous or culminate would be a better synonym. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6074/is-this-really-my-manifestation/6081#6081

(02 Nov '10, 20:02) Stingray

So Stingray, is it that easy get happy and everything will fall into place?

(11 Nov '10, 16:22) Tom

@Tom - yes, it's that easy. If you make it your dominant purpose in life to find things to feel good about, everything else will just fall into place.

(11 Nov '10, 16:44) Stingray
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Turning an idea or inspiration into reality or working towards that reality or goal. The timeframe from thought to reality can vary from instant to years


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Manifesting covers all the 3 stages below and to me, manifestation is not complete until all stages have been achieved:

  1. Launching of a desire
  2. The universe creates it in the non-physical
  3. Allowing the desire to manifest in our physical reality

So, everytime we launch a desire, the universe manifests it in the non-physical. However, manifestation is only complete when the desire exists in your physical reality.

Refer to my answer here for more details of the manifestation process.


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Pink Diamond

Manifesting is seeing with our physical eyes what has already been created in non physical.


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Here is my opinion on this subject matter: given that thoughts are things, and the idea has to be created in the mind first before it becomes a thing, I see manifesting as the idea created in the mind, a non-physical thing, and I see the LOA energy working in full force to create a physical thing. So manifesting and creating is two different spiritual components based upon the LOA, and desire. Manifesting the idea is more of a non-physical thing, and creating the actual object is more of a physical thing, so although they are from the same source of energy, the role of each aspect is different to bring the physical object to life, whereby you can see it, hold it, and feel it.

So in my view Manifesting is the act of creating ones’ desire from thought, to bring to life in the physical world to enjoy.


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Manifesting IS living in this realm. Its the things and emotions which come accross our paths. It encompases the things we want, and the things we dont want.

Manifesting is the whole process of physical existence. We are ourselves a manifestation.



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Monty Riviera

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