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I know this may be too personal. We don't always want others to know our weaknesses. Who is your favorite personal development author? and what subject did you want to improve?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

At this point, Frank Kinslow. I have read The Secret of Instant Healing, The Secret of Quantum Living and am now reading his first book, Beyond Happiness.


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Fairy Princess

Steve Pavlina, even though I know many aren't too fond of him. A lot of what he has written has truly helped, inspired and pushed me, even when I was feeling low. There are, however, things he's written I don't agree with, but is there really ANY teacher we will all agree 100% with? The only person we will ever 100% agree with is ourselves.

My biggest 'weakness' I've tried solving in my life is the way I see myself. Learning to love myself and find value in my life. Beating depression, anxiety, and autism. Just a big self confidence battle for me.

I think the reason he's been such a help for me is the way he describes how he used to be sounds a lot like what I use to be like. So maybe that helps me follow his advice more easily, because I can relate to it. I remember something he wrote about 'introverts' and said "Pretend you were in a virtual word, and you were all that was real... how would you act?" Something like that. Really "clicked" with me.

I also love how he describes subjective reality... some of his law of attraction and manifestion articles were really helpful too. I love so much of his stuff, its hard to pick and choose from it. I also love that hes written so much content and that hes purely honest in all of it. Hes just giving you his flat out opinion and think we should all be that way... we all have our own voice that we should express :)


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For me there are many but if I have to choose just one than I'll say its Anthony Robins. This guy is amazing and he performs what we would call miracles in minutes sometimes. Nothing occult here just an excelent knowledge of people and what makes them tick and what causes problems in their lives.

If you need to overcome certain things in your life do yourself a favour and look him up.


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Paulina 1

The most influential author to me doesn't bear any specific name. I mean, to me, it's the one who hides behind various masks and names only to make his point in millions of different ways - life.


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Richard Bach - The best book for me is "Illusions! Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah", but also "One", "Bridge Across Forever".

I want to flow more, to allow, more, to listen better and to understand my conscious mind place in the integration of mySelf.

EDITED @Paulina 1 - I also very much like and respect Tony Robbins. Here is a picture of us in 1989 in his Master Training Seminar in Hawaii. He and I were close. He referred therapy work to me in Atlanta, where I used his techniques.

alt text


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thich nhat hanh - a vietnamese Buddhist Monk. He is very wise. And of his writings, especially, Peace in Every Breath and Teachings on Love.


answered 27 May '12, 13:29

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thich nhat hanh - Teaching on Love, and Peace in every Breath. Thich Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist Monk, wise, compassionate and spiritually enlightened.


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