I just got back from the chiropractor. I have been suffering from an intense migraine for two days. She suggested that my Bluetooth may be the culprit.

Okay....Is this true or false?


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Teasing you here , but which do you want it to be ♥♥

(21 Feb '13, 19:49) Starlight

Are you sure you have migraines? Sounds more like a tension headache being a chiropractor helped.

(22 Feb '13, 02:02) ele
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Here we enter into the world of subtle energies, there are those that from a scientific point of view deny the existence of these energies, there are those that fully believe in them, and there are those in between ... science however is after all a human invention, it's yet another belief system, so in the end it all boils down to "belief" ... if you believe an earpiece has an effect it will, in this kind of situation mostly we unconsciously follow the general consensus unless we choose otherwise :)


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ru bis

Subtle emanations from electrical equipment can seriously damage the biomagnetic sheath. Kirlian photography shows that the emanations from a mobile phone create gaps in the biomagnetic sheath around the head and neck and also around the reproductive organs where the aura virtually disintegrates. This occurs when the phone is simply switched on - you don't have to have the headset right up against your head for this to occur. A laptop computer has the same effect.

The solution is to tape a Green Aventurine to your phone or computer to block these harmful emanations. You would have to cleanse and dedicate the crystal initially and then on a regular basis thereafter. From memory you have worked with crystals so don't need further info on this - just flagging it up for anyone else interested.

It might also be worth looking into other crystals - I think black tourmaline might have similar properties.

I hope this helps - migraines are highly uncomfortable.


answered 23 Feb '13, 03:43

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